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    Eblis, The Black Wind

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    Eblis, The Black Wind

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    Eblis, The Black Wind




    In a world where dragons rule. Four beasts were born to the emotions within heart. One born from flames, one born from tears, one born from flesh, and one born breathe. Eblis didn't know when he awoke, nor did he care. He knew what he was, and his place within the world. He was to flow on the wind to places near their ends. He was to birth the tools of their destruction, and scour away their trace. Some times he was thwarted by the dragons who ruled. Yet, other times he brought down slaughter and destruction upon the races of the world.

    Eblis began to hear whispers within his essence. Whispers of change and joy. He kept these whispers to himself, and spoke not if it to his siblings. One journey through a town he saw a young child playing with her parents. This place was ripe for the winds to blow, the flames to burn, the waters to flow, and the earth to crush. Yet, he found himself hesitating. His siblings waited for his role to begin. They waited to fulfill their purposes, but his hand would not lift. His being could only feel the feelings of that child and her family. Such was not normal for him. He tore himself apart.

    Raging within the winds and magic that made up his flesh. He tore at his essence until he was sure he would sink into nothingness. Yet, when he opened his eyes, he found himself to be alive still. His form no longer intangible. He looked up to see the town in ruins. His raging had turned the town into a pit of indistinguishable rubble. He looked down at himself, and reached his hands up towards his face. When a hand grabbed onto his arms. It was a small, warm hand, and it seemed to be full of warmth.

    "Our past is always behind us, our present is what we are given to shape, and our future is too far to be certain. I did not give you this chance for nothing Eblis. Take it, change yourself. The magic of this world, which gave you birth, can be anything. Darkness and destruction was your birth, but now you have a chance to change that. Do so, or I will take my gift away." A voice said. It was a small voice, Eblis could barely hear it, but as he sunk into sleep he listened to it again and again.

    When next he awoke he was laying on a platform in Runeterra with summoner's all around him. He did not understand how he had come to be there, but knew that the voice had given him this chance.

    "Once I brought the black winds of death, and now I have the chance to give that life back." - Eblis, The Winds of Demise



    Twisting Fate:[ 200 radius self AoE ]
    Eblis is a being that controls the deaths of others. Granting increasing movement speed bonus depending on the percent of missing health of allies. 1% MS increase per 1% of ally missing health. [Global]


    1st Ability:

    Death's Whisper: [ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 700 Range ]
    Eblis whispers darkness into his target's mind dealing them 10/20/30/40/50 (+75% AP) magic damage initially, and marking them with Despair. Each time this ability is used before Despair wears off the base damage is doubled, and another stack is added (Up to 4x base damage). Up to three stacks which last 10 seconds.

    Wind's Blessing: [ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 700 Range ]
    Eblis transfers the life energies of a target marked by Despair to allies. Healing them for 2/3/4/5/6% (+1% per 100 AP) of the target's max life. A target marked with more then 1 stack of Despair has their Armor and Magic Resist shredded by 5 per stack beyond 1 for 3 seconds. Allies healed this way gain a stack of Repentance, granting 3 health per 5 for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
    Notes: Winds blessing becomes usable after casting Death's Whisper, and vise versa. "Cycle mechanic". Mana costs double for each time cast within 7 seconds. Shredding stacks with other abilities.


    2nd Ability:

    Black Wind: [ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 550 AoE ]
    Eblis begins to gather wind currents around himself, and activating this will release these currents in an AoE around him. The winds deal 20/30/40/50/60 (+10% AP) magical damage to all enemies within the AoE per second lasts 10 seconds or until used again. Using this ability again deals 75/95/115/135/155 (+60% AP) to all enemies within the AoE, and knocking them back by 200 units.
    White Wing:[ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 350 radius AoE ]
    Eblis manifests a pair of wings around himself in an AoE healing his allies for 30/40/50/60/70 (+15% AP), and grants 15 AR and MR for 3 seconds. Every cast of this ability with 7 seconds increases the healing by 25%, stacking 5 times.


    3rd Ability:

    Final Calling: [ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 600 range ]
    Eblis plans his target's demise dealing 120/200/280/360/420 (+40% AP) magic damage over 5 seconds. Target's marked with Despair are stunned for .5 seconds per stack after the damage has been dealt.

    Breaking Fate: [ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 600 range ]
    Eblis intercedes on an allies behalf absorbing the next offensive spell that would be dealt to them. When the spell shield procs Eblis gains 10/15/20/25/30 AP and Magic resist.

    Notes: Please remember that all spells work on a cycle rotation. Meaning that after all effects are complete (including re-activations) they switch.



    Tools of Despair: [ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 350 radius AoE ]
    Eblis pulls his being apart and travels to targeted area. Enemy champions within the area are forced to auto-attack each other for 1/2/3 seconds.

    Hand of Kindness:[ ?? Cost || ?? CD ] [ 350 radius AoE ]
    Eblis sinks into the ground around himself, and protects all allies within the circle from fatal damage once (Marking with Saved). Allies that have Saved cannot be the target of this ability for 50/40/30 seconds. Allies that would be dealt fatal damage are kept at 1 health for 3 seconds.


    Range: Range (500)
    Primary Role: Mage / Support
    Secondary Role: Unknown
    Tertiary Role: Unknown
    Theme: Life / Death / Wind


    Base Stats:

    Attack Damage: 48 + 2.4 per 1
    Ability Power: 0
    Attack Speed: .47 + 2.08% per 1
    Move Speed: 315
    Armor: 20 + 2 per 1
    Magic Resist: 30 + 0 per 1

    Health: 490 + 53
    Mana: 400 + 55
    Health Regen: 5.1 per 5
    Mana Regen: 7.0 per 5


    Creator Notes:

    Alright, so two years ago I created a world where Dragons ruled over humanity with a careful eye. There was still conflict and war, but life was simple and easy going. I created the five elementals to be a sort of dark force in the world at large. Two were the bringers of destruction and two were the harvesters of destruction. This is the first of the five. Although I will only be presenting four as concepts. Eblis is meant to be a complex, changing concept that requires skill and tactic (like most of my other champions) to be able to play effectively. His passive allows him to be played as an AD/AS champion with great effect, although he works best when built AP.

    I hope you enjoy the work that I have put into building this concept, and look forwards to his siblings.

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