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    Lorina, The Crimson Stone

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    Lorina, The Crimson Stone Empty Lorina, The Crimson Stone

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    Lorina, The Crimson Stone



    In a world where dragons rule. Four beasts were born to the emotions within heart. One born from flames, one born from tears, one born from flesh, and one born breathe.

    Lorina was unlike her brothers. She didn't see what they did as right or a purpose, but more of a curse. Her heart ached with those who's suffering she enhanced. She was the most mortal among them being stillborn in her mother at the time of the Wave. Every time a Dragon would stop them at their task, she felt relief from her curse, but at the same time she swore vengeance on the one Dragon who cursed her this way. Balthazar. The Emperor of the Dragonkind.

    Her heart slowly became like the stone of her birth. Over the years she still felt the pain of others, but Dragons who tried to stop them she fought. Aegir began to applaud her hatred of the Dragons as being a sign of her acceptance of their task. In truth though she did as little as possible during her part in their work. She kept to herself until that day. When she saw Eblis fight himself, she wondered how she could have missed his suffering. Turning to look at her younger sister, and see her crying made Lorina realize how much this curse was not hers only to bare.

    When the Dragon arrived in the heart of Eblis's fury she rushed forwards. Her hands forming into spears, only to stop inches away from the burning light. A small hand reached out to her, and words appeared in her mind.

    "You are right to be angry with me. The Wave wasn't something I thought would happen. It's affect on life was a mistake that I am paying for. I know asking you to forgive me won't work, but I can give you a second chance at life. Another life in fact. A life where you aren't cursed to cause people to suffer. Would you accept that?" Balthazar asked.

    Lorina felt her strength ebbing away. The reason she hated this Dragon was because of the curse that she bore. Without expecting anything of her he was willing to use his power to remove it? After all this time he just decides to show up and think he can make amends?

    "You think pretty words will stop me from killing you, Dragon?" She shouted, trying to rage over the destruction beneath her. The hand pulled back.

    "Your heart is indeed the stone that you were born from. Never the less it is my duty to correct my own mistakes." From his hand a flash of light blinded Lorina. Her mind began to drift. She felt old stone beneath her body like she was laying down on something. Opening her eyes she saw a small ring of people in hooded robes staring down at her. She jumped to her feet only to feel a bout of weakness strike her. She fell back to the floor, and saw her hands.

    They were light gray, but no longer stone. Her nails no longer looked like obsidian, but clear and soft. The floor was so smooth she could see her reflection within it. Two small jade horns, marble-like hair that fell to the floor, but a face like a normal mortal. Both joy and anger stabbed through her in one instant. Balthazar had changed her without caring how she felt. Standing slowly to her feet she lifted one delicate hand into the air.

    "You will pay for the suffering I have caused and felt. You will never be safe from the Stone of Suffering, Balthazar!" and brought her hand, palm down, onto the floor. The building shook as her hand left a large pit of rubble where it landed. The Summoners ran quickly to bind her with their magic. All the while she laughed.

    "Mad I might be, but I fear those who get in that one's path." Singed, the Mad Chemist.



    Heart of Stone:

    Lorina's abilities apply Suffering to targets affected by them. Suffering slows targets by 10% per stack, up to 5 stacks, that last for 4 seconds.


    1st Ability (Q):

    Stone Punishment (Part 1): [ 18 (-1) seconds CD || 20 health ] [ 850 range ]

    Lorina hurls a spike of earth at a target dealing 40/50/60/70/80 (+20% AD) physical damage to enemiesm and 25/30/35/40/45 (+25% AP). If this hits an enemy champion this ability can be activated again within 3 seconds, see Part 2. If this hits an allied champion it can be activated again within 5 seconds, see Part 3.

    (Part 2): [ 10 (+5) health ]

    Lorina pulls iron from the earth spike to immobilize the target hit for 1 second, and deals an additional 40/50/60/70/80 (+2% damage per 1% of targets missing health) physical damage

    (Part 3): [ 15 (+5) health ]

    Lorina uses quartz with the earth spike to change the next damage the target receives. Causing the next basic attack or ability used against the ally to heal them for 25/35/45/55/65% (+.5% per 1% of missing allies health) of the damage over 5 seconds.



    2nd Ability (W):

    Terra Upheaval: [ 15 (-1) seconds CD || 15 health per 100 units (500 cap) ]

    Lorina pulls up a section of terrain after 1 second dealing 70/90/110/130/150 (+10/20/30/40/50% AoE size), and rooting all enemies within it for 1 second.



    3rd Ability (E):
    [I]Circle of Stones (Part 1): [ 30 (-1) seconds CD || 25 Fury ]

    Lorina causes a section of earth to bounce targets within it up (Knockup) for 1 second, and deals 35/45/55/65/75 (+25% AD) to all within it (ally or enemies). If enemy champions only are hit this ability can be activated again within 2 seconds, see Part 2. If allied champions only are hit this ability can be activated again with 3 seconds, see Part 3. If both allied and enemy champions are hit this ability is instantly re-activated, see Part 4.

    (Part 2): [ 25 (+10) health ]

    Lorina summons one spire of earth from the ground per enemy hit, dealing 50/60/70/80/90 (+2% per 1% of the impaled champions missing health), rooting them for 1 second, and causing them to bleed for 2/4/6/8/10% (+.1% per 1% of their missing health) of their max health over 5 seconds.

    (Part 3): [ 15 (+5) health || 25 (+5 Fury) ]

    Lorina summons a spire beneath each ally hit marking with Shared Pain, rooting them for .5 seconds, and transfering 1/1.5/2/2.5/3% of her max health per second to all allies marked for 5 seconds. This ability cannot set her below 25% health. If it would this effect stops. If this ability is used when she is at or below 25% health they are healed for 100/125/150/175/200 (+75% AP), and this ability costs fury instead.

    (Part 4): [ 50 (+10) health ]

    Lorina summons a large spire that impales all enemies hit dealing them 70/80/90/100/110 (+40% AD), bleeds all enemies for 1/2/3/4/5% (+.2% per 1% of their missing life) of their max life over 3 seconds, and heals her allies for the same amount.

    Again, yes this ability can hurt her allies as well as her enemies. On the other hand it can heal them for a bit more. Her lore and style would be of sacrificing everything to defeat her enemies. While at the same time wanting to help her allies. I'm sure there are some restrictions I'm going to have to make, and some changes.



    Stone of Suffering: [ 180/170/160 seconds CD || 10% of current Health + 100 Fury ] [ 350 radius AoE ]

    Lorina transforms into her previous state for 7/8/9 seconds. Granting all abilities 10% (+.5% per 1% of her missing health max of 60%) damage. Also removes all healing an regeneration effects on herself. Upon the end of this duration she releases her form dealing 200/300/400 (+30% AD) physical damage to all enemies with the AoE.

    Notes: The 0% is a placeholder for the scaling. If she starts at 100% health she will instantly have a 10% bonus to all bleed effects, CC effects (Knock up and the roots), and total damage (This is ability damage only). Without healing or regen she will constantly lower her own health by using her abilities. I may increase the duration based on reviews or comments.


    Base Stats:

    Attack Damage: 45 + 5 per level
    Ability Power: 0 + 0 per level
    Attack Speed: .546 + .043 per level
    Movement Speed: 310
    Armor: 24 + 2 per level
    Magic Resist: 30

    Health: 550 + 93 per level
    Health Regen: 6.2 per 5 (+.28 per level)
    Fury: 100 max

    Range: 150 (melee)
    Primary Role: Ranged AD Carry
    Secondary Role: Support
    Theme: Suffering / Stone


    Creators Notes:

    As a general rule of thumb I think explaining my reasoning behind ally targeting abilities might be needed. I have often found myself thinking, mostly in bot games mind you, that there are some teammates that just need to die. Now I didn't put in ally targeting abilities to take vengeance on irritants. That would be petty. No, I did it to create a new kind of play style. True she's AD based so auto-attacking would be a big thing, but her abilities change based on who she hits. On allies it a support move, and on enemies a (more) damaging one.

    Pre-Phase Notes:

    Her abilities scale heavily off the % of missing enemy health. Her damage ratios and bases are a bit low, and will probably be increased at some point down the road. Her bleed effects will likely remain the same. Unless someone really hates on it. She's not a female version of Darius, but more of a bleed take on Brand's health burn. I wanted her to fill an odd role selection, and I think I succeeded.


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