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    Tyr, The Chariot's Twilight

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    Tyr, The Chariot's Twilight

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    Tyr, The Chariot's Twilight


    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Origin: Vinvidi
    Alliance: Chaotic-Neutral
    Class: Fighter
    Subclass: Tank
    Weapon: Horned Shields
    Attack Type: Melee
    Energy Source: Mana

    Tyr is a rapid attacking fighter that can defend against multiple sources of damage when used correctly. Her iridium based armor and horned-shields reduce the damage she takes and provides a secondary form of offense.


    Innate (Iridium Armor):

    Tyr's armor shreds off a small amount of dust upon being hit with basic attacks. The dust settles around Tyr, and is ignited when using her abilities dealing a small amount of magic damage in a large AoE.

    Amount: 35/60/85 per stack
    AoE: 550 units
    Level Up: 1/6/16
    Special Notes: Stacks up to 5 times, and each stack lasts for 7 seconds.
    Q (Midnight Pierce):

    Tyr empowers her left shield's horns with the power of the goddess sealed within herself. Her next auto-attack creates a lance of darkness that deals magic damage to all enemies behind the target in a line. Any champion hit by the lance creates another lance in a different direction for magic damage plus an additional amount equal to the amount of missing health. This effect can only happen twice.

    Type: Augmented Attack
    Amount: 40/60/80/100/120 (+40/50/60/70/80% Total AD) [1st Lance] // 20/30/40/50/60 (+20/25/30/35/40% of missing health) [2nd/3rd Lance]
    Number of Lances: inital + 2
    Range: 500 units [1st lance] // 350 units [2nd/3rd Lance]
    Cost: 90 (+5) mana
    Cooldown: 15 (-1) seconds
    Target Type: Line/Auto-attack
    Special notes:


    W (Twilight's Veil // Night Walk):

    Tyr enchants her shields to spin around her for a brief time. Defending her from the next incoming ability, or all auto-attacks, and produces an additional stack of Innate per hit. If this ability is used immediately after Midnight Pierce then it becomes Night Walk.

    Tyr moves to the end of the last lance produced by Midnight Pierce fearing all nearby targets for a short time.

    Type: Self
    Shield Duration: .5/.5/1/1/1.5 seconds
    Fear Duration: .5/.5/1/1/1.5
    AoE: 450 units
    Cost: 40 (+5)
    Cooldown: 20 (-2) seconds
    Target Type: Self
    Special notes: none
    E (Defender's Tactic // Dream Syphon):

    Tyr passively has a chance to teleport behind an attacker when facing them. This cancels any CC effect she is under.

    Tyr marks a target with Dream Stealer draining them of life, and converting it to mana. She can attack or use abilities during this time. For a short time the chance on Defender's Tactic is increased against target's marked with Dream Stealer and deals a small amount of physical damage.

    Type: Passive-Active
    Amount: 10/15/20/25/30% Chance + // 3/6/9/12/15% (+1% per 80 AP) Max Health converted
    Increased Effects to Passive: 50/60/70/80/90 (+35% Total AD)+ 20/30/40/50/60% Chance Increase
    Range: 600 units [Passive] // 750 units [Active]
    Cost: 75 (+5) mana
    Cooldown: 16 (-1) seconds
    Target Type: Enemy
    Special notes: Passive is not removed on cool down.
    R (Dark Release):

    Tyr allows for the dark god to surface, and uses it's power to remove a target area and herself from all player's sight. Tyr then rapidly attacks enemy champions within the area. After the attack the area is returned, and all enemy champions are stunned for a short duration. Tyr is also returned to the same place she left.

    Type: Targetable AoE
    Channel Duration: 1.5 seconds
    Amount: 100/150/200 (+100% Bonus AD) per attack
    Range: 1500
    Number of Attacks: 5/7/9
    Stun Duration: .5 seconds
    AoE: 600 units
    Cooldown: 230 (-15)
    Target Type: Area
    Special notes: Each champion in the area is attacked at least once, but no more then three times.
    {Base Stats}

    Base Health: 410 (+65/level)
    Base Mana: 340 (+45/level)
    Base Attack Damage: 53 (+3/level)
    Base Attack Speed: .764 (+.011/level)
    Attack Range: 310
    Base Armor: 18 (+3/level)
    Magic Resistance: 30 (+0/level)
    Movement Speed: 310


    Art: http://tomaraya1981.deviantart.com/art/Black-Guard-87652188?q=boost%3Apopular%20female%20fallen%20paladin&qo=12


    There is a place where powerful forces of nature become embodied into living beings. In this place of living gods the denizens of the world lived in violent states of war and peace. After many years of fighting the personifications The Tarot began to slowly fall apart. After the disappearance of Death and The Tower from the Major Arcana the remaining members began to fight amongst themselves. The lesser members of the group drifted off into the remaining cities and nations of the world. Knowing that they were losing the war of attrition they decided to pull off another major project. After a long search they found another dark goddess, Nox, Goddess of Darkness and Dreams. As they drew up the plans to fight the god Tyr, The Chariot, decided to take matters into her own hands.

    Meeting Nox on her own field she made a deal with the goddess in exchange for her aid in helping her fight the other personifications of the world. Nox was intrigued with the prospect and accepted her deal. When the other members of the Major Arcana arrived to battle Nox they found Tyr waiting for them. She told them that she was leaving them to fight the personifications by herself. She quickly fled the battlefield, and was since then chased by The Tarot. Several years later she was cornered by Zorya, Twin Goddesses of the Evening and Morning Stars, and they fought a vicious battle. Near the end of the battle Zorya tricked Tyr into standing down, and then attempted to kill her. Before the final blow was delivered Tyr was pulled away to Runaterra.

    The Summoner's were in a state of panic upon seeing the bleeding form of Tyr appear after their summoning ritual. After she recovered they told her of the reason why they brought her there. At first she didn't want to remain, but after seeing Death and The Tower at the League she decided to remain for a time to see why they remained.

    “I will bring them back with me if I return, or our world may be finished.” -Tyr, The Chariot's Twilight


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