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    Hernorn, The Lion of Redemption

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    Hernorn, The Lion of Redemption

    Post by Flames of Terror on Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:16 pm

    Hernorn, The Lion of Redemption


    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Origin: Mount Targon
    Alliance: Piltover
    Class: Tank
    Subclass: Support
    Weapon: Martial arts and Rune Armor
    Attack Type: Melee
    Energy Source: Mana

    Hernorn uses the overwhelming power of his pulse-fire body and deadly Runic Weapons to cut through the enemy front lines and transform himself into an unyielding fortress for his allies.

    Passive (Pulse-Core):

    Hernorn's body is powered by a Pulse-Core created by Hiemerdinger granting him the ability to increase his mana or health regen by half the amount of the higher one.

    Converted Amount: 50%
    Special Notes: The highest value gets converted. AKA: if your health regen is 50 and your mana regen is 30 you will gain 25 mana regen. This bonus does not count towards the passive, and cannot stack.

    Q (Lions of Shadow-Fire):

    Hernorn rushes forwards at a target dealing physical damage at the target and rooting all around him for a short duration. After a brief channel he unleashes his deadly Runic weapons to unleash two beams of magic damage in a circle around him.

    If OverClock is active instead of unleashing two beams. Hernorn crafts a body of energy for them, and sends them at the two nearest enemy champions within range exploding and dealing a portion of his max health as magic damage and slowing. If there are none they rush forwards in a line dealing the same amount of damage to all in their path.

    Type: Target
    Amount: 60/80/100/120/140 (+70% Total AD) physical damage // 40/80/120/160/200 magic damage (+1% for each 1% of missing health)
    Lions: 10/15/20/25/30% of Hernorn's max health
    Lion's Speed: 1000 ms
    Durations: .5/.5/1/1/1.5 root // 1/1/1/1/1 channel // 1.5 seconds slow
    Slow Amount: 25/35/45/55/65%
    AoE: 550 diameter root // 600 diameter beams
    Range: 1400 units lions
    Cost: 80 (+5) mana
    Cooldown: 17 (-1) seconds
    Target Type: Area/Enemy
    Special notes:
    W (Lion's Presence):

    Hernorn passively gains a percent increase to armor and magic resist for each ally unit and champion around him. This increases slightly based on his health.

    Hernorn causes the Lions to spin around him dealing physical damage to everything within their range. If Overclock is active they release a bolt of magic damage upon enemy Champion hit that shreds a percent of armor and magic resist.

    Type: Self
    Duration: toggle
    Damage Amount: 10/20/30/40/50 (+10% Total AD) physical damage per second // 20/30/40/50/60 (+2% damage for every 1% of missing health) magic damage
    Passive Amount: 1/2/3/4/5 per minion // 5/8/10/13/15 (+.1% of Max Health) per champion
    Shred Amount: 10/15/20/25/30% armor and magic shred
    Shred Duration: 1/1/1/1/1 second
    AoE: 250 diameter
    Cost: 20 (+5 man per rank) (+5 mana per second) per second
    Cooldown: 0 seconds
    Target Type: Toggle
    Special notes: Passive is not lost while activated.
    E (Last Resort):

    Hernorn erupts with a massive amount of force knocking back all enemy units and champions and marking them Shadow-Fire. Hernorn loses a percent of his armor and magic resist for a short time, but can to block one basic attack for each opponent hit. After a few seconds the marks detonate dealing a percent of his max life in damage. If Overclock is active the damage is increased by the difference in combined armor and magic resist.

    Type: Self AoE
    Amount: 5/8/10/13/15% of Hernorn's max health (+1% additional max health each 15 points of difference) (+.5% damage per 1% missing health)
    AoE: 650 diameter
    Knockback: 350 units
    Cost: 100 (+10) mana
    Percent AR/MR Loss: 15/20/25/30/35%
    AR/MR Loss Duration: 2 seconds
    Mark Count Down: 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 20 (-1)
    Target Type: Self
    Special notes: The additional max health from Overclock takes place before bonus damage from scaling. If 5 enemy CHAMPIONS are hit then he will be able to block 5 incoming basic attacks.

    R (Overclock // Flight):

    Hernorn hacks his own systems to provide additional attack damage and magic resist for the duration. When Active this ability becomes Flight allowing him to fly across terrains.

    Type: Self / Target
    Stat Increases: 60/80/100 AR and 50/70/90 MR
    Duration: 20
    Flight Range: 1000 units
    Cooldowns: 100(-10/5/5) seconds Overclock // 5 - 10 seconds Flight
    Target Type: Self / Area
    Special notes: 5 seconds if out of combat (no damage in 5 seconds), or 10 seconds if in combat (has taken damage in 5 seconds)
    {Base Stats}

    Base Health: 420 (+90/level)
    Base Mana: 240 (+45/level)
    Base Attack Damage: 53 (+4/level)
    Base Attack Speed: .694 (+2.13%/level)
    Attack Range: 115
    Base Armor: 18 (+4/level)
    Magic Resistance: 26 (+1/level)
    Movement Speed: 310
    Base health/mana Regen: 7 per 5 (+0.85/level)

    [URL="http://ntocha.deviantart.com/art/Ndoki-God-of-hybrid-machines-210379538"]Accurate Picture[/URL]


    Hernorn was born a member of the Rakkor, but had from birth been a dissappiontment. His body was weak, and he constantly fell ill. The disgust of his fellows prompted young Hernorn to leave his home to see if he could find his place in the world. Not long after he left however he fell prey to a troop of Noxian soldiers heading home. They left him near death, but as luck would have it another traveler was heading home as well. Ezreal found the youth barely breathing, and since he was heading to Piltover decided to try and save his life. They made it in time. After Hernorn's recovery he was greeted by Ezreal and the world-renown inventor Heimerdinger. The inventor offered him a solution to his troubles. His broken body would be a fitting candidate for an experiment of his, and Hernorn saw no reason to refuse.

    After a few days of unknown work Heimerdinger unveiled Hernorn before his collegues. A man and machine fusion using the latest pulse-fire technology. Heimerdinger then told Hernorn that he was free to leave, and thus he left to return home. However the elders of the Rakkor would not allow him entry, so he snuck into the vault and stole a powerful relic weapon. He also remembered that Panthion, the scion of the Rakkor, was in the League of Legends. Hernorn began to formulate a plan. One that would allow him back home, and show the world his worth. With that plot in mind he set out to the Institute of War.

    To be determined

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