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    Mulch, the Dirt Lord


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    Mulch, the Dirt Lord

    Post by Veragoot on Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:43 pm

    Mulch, the Dirt Lord

    Tags: Fighter, Assassin, Melee

    Health:380 +85/lvl
    Armor:5 +2/lvl
    Magic Resist: 15 +.3/lvl
    Damage:60 +4/lvl
    Attack Speed: .649 +.05%/lvl
    Attack Range:125
    Mana:345 +15/lvl
    Health Regen:5 +.8/lvl
    Mana Regen:3 +.2/lvl
    Movespeed:325 +0/lvl

    Appearance:Medium human (Xin Zhao height) wielding twin dirks. Clothed in a simple dark green hooded cloak. Hood is down, revealing a head of black, tangled hair caked with dirt and tinted slightly greenish brown. Beneath cloak, Mulch wears a simple hide chest armor and simple leather pants. Mulch's feet are exposed, showing slightly hairy tops with extremely callused soles.


    Special Buff:
    Dirt:For each stack of Dirt, Mulch gains 5/10/15 bonus AD and 5%/10%/15% bonus AS.

    The Dirty Lord(innate):Mulch is at his prime when covered in dirt. The dirtier he becomes, the stronger he becomes.
    Every 10 seconds, Mulch gains a stack of Dirt(Max 3). Once at max, timer resets and pauses at 10 seconds until a stack is consumed. Improved at 6 and 11.

    Dirty Dirks:Mulch swipes the dirt off his dirks in a small semicircle in front of him, greatly hindering his foes.
    Sprays a semicircle of dirt in front of Mulch, dealing 30/50/80/110/150 (+0.4 AD) magic damage, slowing enemies by 10%, and removing allied line of sight from any champions hit for 1.5 seconds. If Mulch has 1 stack of Dirt, then the removed line of sight duration is increased to 2 seconds and 1 Dirt stack is consumed. If Mulch has 2 stacks of Dirt, the slow is increased to 30% in addition to the removed LoS duration and 2 Dirt stacks are consumed. If Mulch has 3 stacks of Dirt, the damage is doubled in addition to the other two effects and 3 stacks of Dirt are consumed.

    Mana cost:20/25/35/40/50
    Cooldown:6/5/4/3/2 seconds
    Cast Range:135

    Dirt Dive:Mulch digs underground, becoming untargetable and undetectable. When Mulch emerges, he performs a vicious upward spiral with his daggers sending dirt flying everywhere.
    Mulch becomes untargetable and undetectable(even by vision wards and oracle's elixir and other vision effects) until he emerges from the ground. While underground, Mulch cannot move, attack or use his abilities. When used again, Mulch leaps forth from the earth, causing 20/40/60/80/100 (+.02 AP) AoE magic damage and slowing all enemies hit by 20/25/30/35/40%. If Mulch does not activate the skill a second time after 3 seconds, then Mulch digs out of the ground, dealing no slow or damage, but using no mana.

    Mana cost:50/60/70/80/90
    AoE Range:150
    Underground Duration: 3 seconds
    Cooldown:10/9/8/7/6 seconds

    Dirt Dash:Mulch focuses and dashes through the dirt to a target, damaging it if it is an enemy and knocking back enemies bumped into mid-dash.
    Targets any champion, minion, or monster and brings Mulch there. Ignores impassable terrain. Any enemies that collide with Mulch during the dash are knocked back in Mulch's direction but take no damage. If his target is an enemy, Dirt Dash deals 40/80/120/160/200 (+.7 Bonus AD) physical damage. If his target is an ally, Mulch gains 1 stack of Dirt.

    Mana cost:40/60/80/100/150
    Cooldown:15/13/11/10/9 seconds
    Cast Range:500

    Maw of Runeterra:Mulch beseeches the spirits of the Earth to swallow up an enemy champion, dealing massive damage before spitting the champion out towards Mulch.
    Mulch literally commands the Earth to swallow an enemy champion, crushing him for as many seconds as Dirt stacks that Mulch has (each time the ult deals damage, a Dirt stack is consumed) and dealing 200/250/275 (+1 AP) each second.

    Mana cost:100/150/200
    Cooldown:120/100/85 seconds

    Lore: Orphaned on the streets of Zaun, dirt and grime has been all that Mulch has ever known. A street urchin of no particular talent or quality in such a dark city as Zaun, his life expectancy was very grim. Fate had a different plan for Mulch, however, as one day a stranger passing through Zaun saw the unfortunate youth and took pity on him. "Young man, if you continue on your path now, you will surely die very soon. Follow me, though, and you shall be made great." Mulch knew the stranger spoke true, and so followed him, against his better judgment. The two wandered far, and farther still, never staying in one place for too long and never staying indoors. "The wilds provide for me," the stranger once said, "I have no need of man's comforts." And so it was the two were companions like this for many a year, all the while the stranger trained Mulch in the art of dirk fighting.

    On his 20th name day, Mulch was finishing his daily training when the stranger bid that he follow. Mulch obeyed, and the two strode into the nearby forest, traveling deep within. When they finally stopped, the ground had turned from grass to brown dirt. "Here is the nexus of my, and soon to be, your power. Will you accept my gift?" Mulch nodded and replied in the affirmative. "Then my power and my life is yours now, you have become strong enough to take up my mantle as Lord of the Dirt." And with that, the stranger removed his dark green cloak and gave it to Mulch. Mulch donned it quickly and felt the power of the dirt and earth flow into him. He exulted and thanked the stranger, but the stranger had disappeared. Mulch was in the grove by himself. In his head, though, he still could hear the stranger's, his friend's, voice compelling him to grant his last wish to represent the true interests of Runeterra, not the people, but Runeterra itself, in the League of Legends. He set out for the Institute of War that day. He has yet to receive entry into the League.


    Upon selection:
    Runeterra speaks through me....and my dirks.

    I do not move, Runeterra moves me.
    I go for Runeterra, not you, Summoner.
    The dirt calls to me.
    Through the dirt, I go.

    Time to get my hands dirty.
    Runeterra shall feast.
    This'll be messy.
    Drown them in glorious dirt.

    Runeterra isn't done with either of us...

    Ready to get down and dirty?

    I'm going to paint the dirt red...and you can help.
    You'll just be another speck of dirt in my collection.


    Attack:Alternating strikes with left and right dirk.
    Critical: Horizontal Slice Attack with both dirks at once (much like Shaco).
    Movement:Skulks with both dirks drawn. (Reference for Skulking: Evelynn)
    Dirty Dirks:Swipe with both dirks simultaneously, semicircle of dirt appears in front of Mulch.
    Dirt Dive(1st):Mulch spins downward into the ground.
    Dirt Dive(2nd):Mulch launches himself up out of the earth while spinning. Lands on the ground facing forward.
    Dirt Dash:Mulch moves quickly across the ground, sliding forward through the dirt while standing. Dirt flies up behind and to the sides of Mulch as he moves.
    Maw of Runeterra:Mulch stomps the ground and a giant fissure opens beneath the target and swallowing it up. The fissure then moves like a mouth and chews the target, with each chew being synced with damage being dealt. After damage is dealt, the mouth spits the champion out and disappears.
    Dirt:When Mulch has at least 1 stack of Dirt, he leaves muddy footprints behind him when moving. When he has 3 stacks, he visibly becomes dirty and a few shades browner.

    Tips as:

    -Dirt Dive is great for avoiding damage, try to time it after the enemy targets you.
    -Dirty Dirks is a useful tool for isolating foes from their allies and the slow willl keep them in your grasp longer.
    -Dirt Dash is very powerful, but has a long cooldown. Save it for the finishing blow, or to initiate against a particularly nasty champ.
    -Dirt Dash can also be a very handy escape, but it is better served as offense. Use it as a last ditch escape effort.
    -Maw of Runeterra is a weak ult without full Dirt stacks, be sure to have your max saved up before using it if possible.
    -Maw of Runeterra isolates a champ from fighting, much like Skarner's ultimate. Use it on high priority targets to take them out of a teamfight for a while.

    Thoughts? Constructive criticism accepted and welcomed. :)

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