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    Andu, the Forge Master


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    Andu, the Forge Master

    Post by Lydocane on Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:48 pm

    Andu, the Forge Master
    Attack: 8
    Defense :6
    Ability: 4
    Difficulty: 8

    Role: Tank, Support, Melee

    “The sunlight drained from our eyes and all you could see was red flashing, fire spiting, and sparks raining……that blacksmith is a demon”
    -Noxus shock troopers dying


    The beginnings of the Noxian invasion we found Andu crafting blades for the Ionian defense, in the village of Kalgoa, working in the greatest forge the city-state could offer him. The Noxian High Command had obviously figured that this was were the weapons for the great Ionian army were being produced and hit it hard, it was overwhelmed, and Andu found himself on the frontlines, his fathers blacksmithing hammer in one hand, and his magic shroud that could block the light on the brightest day, to render the purest metal, in the other.

    The battle was long and hard fought but eventually the Ionians lost Kalgoa….

    He was left on his knees, surrounded by the bodies of the countless Noxians he had put to death, the sounds around him were mumbled by his exhaustion, his head bowed, he had been defeated to his core…..his country lost….now he was a prisoner.

    They tortured him, and pried for information they would never receive, he laid in a dark jail, his hatred growing and seething from every part of him. Six years passed until he was rescued, a young warrior was on a mission to save some royal figure of the Demacian crown, and in the process freed all the captives in the camp.

    Upon his return to the real world he was shunned, his dark demeanor and attitude made him unpopular to the common populace. Sitting in the back corner of a bar one night he heard the talking of rather large and rude man, in between his disgusting slurping and belching he made out four words….League of Legends….and Noxus. He rushed across the room taking the man by his red beard and forcing more information from him. When he was finished he decided right then that this was his chance for revenge…..to Ionia for abandoning him, and Noxus for torturing him….

    (not that good at writing lore haha)

    “Let us forge our victory”

    “On it”
    “To work then”
    “My hammer is restless”

    “Let me forge you a new weapon”
    “Warning: HOT”

    Rupturing Blow:
    (non descript battle shout)
    “Brittle flesh!”

    Forge Master’s Ethic
    “Do not abandon me”
    “Forging victory!”
    “TO ARMS!”

    Forge Master’s Shroud
    “Hello darkness!”
    “Scatter insects!”

    “Can’t take the heat? Get out the kitchen”
    “I’ll forge her a sword, ladies love swords” (in relation to Irelia having one of his creations)

    “Is that a weapon? I have made toys better than that”
    “Come fight a real man”

    Upon Death:
    "So much....unfinished...."

    He slams his hammer down and does .....
    The cat daddy Cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWZwLCKyR1Q&NR=1&feature=endscreen


    Health: 432 (+73 per lvl)
    Mana: 200 (+38.5 per lvl)
    Damage: 52 (+3.4 per lvl)
    Move Speed: 345
    Armor: 20 (+4 per lvl)
    Spell Block: 27 (+1.32 per lvl)
    Health Regen: 9 (+0.6 per lvl)
    Mana Regen: 5.5 (+0.5 per lvl)


    Passive: Forging

    Upon striking an enemy it gains the debuff;
    Heated, this unit is being struck by a Master Blacksmith.
    On hit the target begins to burn for 10 (+0.55 AP) (+0.3 AD) magic damage per stack lasting 5 seconds or until 5 stacks. At 5 stacks the target gains the Bending debuff.

    Bending, this unit has been softened by a Master Blacksmith.
    The targets armor is reduced by 10 per stack, lasting 5 second or until 5 stacks. At 5 stacks, both debuffs are consumed to apply the Finished debuff.

    Finished, his work is done.
    Reduces the targets armor by 75, burns the target for 100 (+0.55 AP) (+0.3 AD) magic damage every 1 second, and reduces their movement speed by 7% for 5 seconds, this effect can not be triggered on the same target more then once per minute.

    Q: Smelt

    Cooldown: 16/14.2/12/10.2/8
    Range: 400 (cone)25 degree angle projecting from Andu, cone is attached
    Damage: 40/70/100/140/180 (+0.55 AP) (+0.2 AD)
    Slow: 10/12/14/16/18%
    Mana Cost: 55/60/65/70/75
    Slow: .5/.75/1/1.5/2 seconds
    Stun: .5/.6/.7/.8/1
    Active: Andu throws fresh, molten steel in a cone in front of him, dealing 40 magic damage, and slowing enemies by 10% for .5 seconds , if the enemy remands in the area the steel hardens and stuns the enemy for .5 sec.

    W: Rupturing Blow

    Cooldown: 23/21/20/18/16
    Range: 600
    Mana Cost: 50
    Damage: 25/75/125/175/200 (+0.23 AP) (+0.55 AD)

    Active: Andu leaps to a target location and slams his hammer to the ground, dealing 25 physical damage, and causing enemies in the center of the blow to be knocked up, and enemies on the edge to be knocked away.

    E: Forge Masters Ethic

    Cooldown: 25 seconds
    Range: 700
    Mana Cost: 45
    Attack Speed: 2/4/6/8/10%
    Cap: 10/12/14/16/20%

    Passive: When Andu enters combat his attack speed is increased by 2%, scaling 2% every 1 second to a maximum of 10%

    Active: Removes Forge Master's Ethic from Andu, and passes his stacks to surrounding allies.


    Cooldown: 320 seconds
    Mana Cost: 100
    Range: 950
    Slow: 5/7/10%

    Forge Master’s Shroud

    Passive: Reduces the hits it takes for Forging by 1.

    Andu shrouds a target area in complete darkness, blinding all enemies within the shroud, slowing their movement speed by 5%, and removing all movement impairing effect on himself, and allies within the shroud.
    The shroud and its effect last for 4 seconds, or until cancelled.
    (it works like Graves smoke grenade for enemies, and akali's stealth for allies)


    Basic Attack:
    First swing: A simple two handed side swing, as it hits the enemy and applies the Heated debuff, flames circle the target.
    Second swing: A simple two handed side swing coming from the opposite direction as the first.
    Third Swing: A upper cut type swing.

    Heated Debuff: Engulfs the target in flames that alert it has applied.
    Bending Debuff: A broken shield appears above the targets head alerting that the debuff has been applied.
    Finished Debuff: A elaborate looking sword appears above the targets head for the duration of the debuff.

    Andu makes a tossing animation, and lava like texture springs forth covering the ground, after 2 seconds the lava turns black and disappears.

    Rupturing Blow:
    Andu springs into the air, and slams down, making an animation of the ground rippling outward, kinda like Panths ult.

    Forge Master's Ethic:
    A anvil and hammer appear above your allies heads.

    Forge Master's Shroud:
    Andu throws his shroud in the air, and it engulfs the area it was cast on, making a dark cloudy dome over the area.

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