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    (Champion Idea) Iru-Jon The Grand Illusionist


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    (Champion Idea) Iru-Jon The Grand Illusionist

    Post by ValorAndGlory on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:18 pm

    Forward: I originally posted him on the champion concept forums and he was received with moderate approval, but yeah just copied and pasted him here for some more opinions. If anyone would gladly donate some time to help me make icons and concept art for him I would be indebted to you for that I would do it myself I just don't have anyway to scan sketches to my computer.

    Past Updates:
    Lore updated

    Finally added a description of what he looks like note this is a basic one just to help get an idea to what he looks like, is subject to change.

    Basic Abilities now have animations ideas in with their descriptions.

    Spectral Swords now has a channel of one second.

    Disrupt now applies half of the buff or debuff to champions within 600 units of the effected champion, this effect only applies to champions on the same team as the effected champion.

    Hail of Arrows now works as such Iru-Jon senses non-stealthed enemy champions 2000 units away from himself for one second passively marking them (this mark lasts until the last arrow hits its target) he then summons up 1/5/10/15/20 arrows that will target and chase any marked enemy champions dealing 15/25/35/45/55 (+0.8) magic damage per arrow, enemy champions can be hit by multiple arrows but no more then 1/2/3/4/5 arrows can target and hit the same champion, each champion marked will be struck by at least one arrow if able. Arrows that do not purse a target will refund 5 mana and 1 second off the cool down time and it has a cast time of .5 seconds and can't be cast while moving,

    Cloak of Mirrors now has a channel time of .50 seconds and can be cast while rooted and snared but not stunned, as well as a 0.50 second invisibility effected add and some other tweaks have been made.

    Added attack range and attack speed.

    Also added animations and voice over ideas.

    Spectral Swords - now deals 26 physical damage in addition to +50% of his ap, bonus ap buff is increased to 4% at level 1 scaling to 20% at level 5. Attack speed is 0.95/1.10/1.25/1.40/1.55.

    Hail of Arrows - detection range is now a flat 2000 units, the number of arrows is decreased to 1/5/10/15/20 from 5/10/15/20/25, damage lowered to 15/25/35/45/55 (+0.8) magic damage per arrow from 20/40/60/80/100 (+0.8) magic damage per arrow

    Changed Iru-Jon's ult to Cloak of Mirrors(which has been slightly tweaked the clones basic attacks do no damage and the stun has been changed to a slow, also a cool down time, cost, and range have been added) and added a range to his passive.

    Now with splash art, I didn't draw these I found them on a google images, I would have drawn my own but I don't have a way to upload them if someone likes this idea enough to draw a concept art for him themselves please feel free to post as such and I will give you a painfully vivid description of how he looks.


    Let me first say this is my first Champion to submit and I apologize if it is not up to the standards of the others, also there are no pictures yet but I hope to get around to drawing some up. With that out of the way, I present to you my champion.
    Just some side notes
    1. I felt that Iru-Jon's abilities were awesome enough to make his passive only effect everyone but him.
    2. I am still playing with his lore and apologize if it is as appallingly bad as I think it sounds.

    Gender: Male
    Name: Iru-Jon
    Race: Human
    Title: The Grand Illusionist
    Alliance: Leader of his own crime syndicate called, Za Gensou Misumisu or The Illusions Before Your Eyes
    Origin: Different planet named: Aelleon
    Weapon: Illusions also has a sword that he uses for critical strikes.
    Attack Type: Ranged
    Energy Source: Mana
    Class: Mage, Carry, Support

    Lore: Iru-Jon grew up as a beggar and a thief on his own planet, he didn't fully understand his powers when he was younger and until this day still calls his Illusions his brothers. As time went on and his powers grew so did the area that he controlled this went on for numerous years until a storm swept across his planet an explosion near him rendered him unconscious, when he came to he found himself in a strange building surrounded by what appeared to be the city guard led by a young mage by the name of Lux. He soon found out that he was in a strange place called Valoran at a place called The Institute of War, clearly he wasn't on his on planet anymore. After a year has passed Iru-Jon has come to learn to love the cities of Valoran, while slowly but surely growing his criminal syndicate, Za Gensou Misumisu, outwards from the city he calls his capital, Demacia.

    After many attempts on his life by denizens of Noxus, Iru-Jon finally learned of the existence of an organization called "Black Rose" that made Noxus their home as well as it's leader Le'Blanc from one of the would be assassins. Iru-Jon was shocked when the next visitor from Noxus came to deliver nothing more then a warning, "Join Mistress Le'Blanc or you and your entire 'club' will be destroyed by the might of the Black Rose." Less then three months after denying Le'Blanc's offer Iru-Jon found himself being deported to Noxus for crimes he had yet to perform, he came face to face with Le'Blanc for the first time, she offered him to join her one last time before the headsman would arrive to carry out his sentence, after denying her for what should have been his last time the Iru-Jon in the cell in front of her let out a laugh as he slowly faded out of site leaving a note on the wall of his cell as it did. Now a fugitive of Noxus Iru-Jon uses both his vast network of informants as well as the influence he gained through The Institute of War to prove his innocence and take his revenge on Le'Blanc.

    - "I do not seek retribution for being called a thief, but rather for being crossed by a fellow commander of the shadows." - an excerpt from the note left for Le'Blanc.

    Description: He is a young man with a thin but well defined muscles, dark brown hair cut short and spiked, pronounced cheek bones and angular facial features. He is roughly 6 feet and 3 inches tall, (About a medium, maybe large character model), He is wearing a Victorian style gentleman's suit minus the overcoat, a long sword hanging at his side. He has a contraption wrapped around his right hand the gem looks like an eye, he channels his spells through it.

    Damage: 53(+4/per level)
    Health: 394(+86/per level)
    Mana: 250(+50/per level)
    Move Speed: 315
    Armor: 13.5(+3.4/per level)
    Spell Block: 30(+0/per level)
    Health Regen: 6.75(+0.65 / per level)
    Mana Regen: 6.9(+0.45 / per level)
    Base Attack Speed: 0.75
    Attack Range: 550


    Spectral Swords - Iru-Jon summons illusory swords to attack near by enemy minions and neutral monsters. Over the next 6 seconds or whenever a sword kills something Iru-Jon gain ap up to a percent of his total ap.

    After a 1 second channel Iru-Jon summons 2/3/4/5/6 uncontrollable illusory swords, that last for the next 6 seconds, to attack near by monsters and minions dealing physical damage equal to 26 (+50%) of his ap, for the every second of the duration or whenever one of the swords kills a monster or minion Iru-Jon increases his ap by 5 points up to a cap of 4%/8%/12%/16%/20% of his original ap.

    Channel Length: 1
    Attack speed: 0.95/1.10/1.25/1.40/1.55
    Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana
    Range: 0
    Cool Down: 8

    Animation Idea: This happens during the channel - Iru-Jon draws his sword and tosses it into the air, it flashes blue and splits into the Spectral Swords, until the end of the spell Iru-Jon's normal Critical Hit Animation is replaced by him swinging his hand like it had a sword coming off the end of it( Think Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist).

    Disrupt - Iru-Jon warps the space around a champion either widening or closing gaps in armor and deflecting or drawing in spells.

    Toggle: Iru-Jon bends the space around himself or a allied champion increasing Armor and Magic Resist by 20/40/60/80/100, if he targets an enemy champion he decreases their Armor and Magic Resist by 20/30/40/50/60, champions with in 600 units that are on the same team as the effected champion receive half of the buff or debuff.

    Cast Time: 0 can be cast without breaking movement.
    Cost: 5% of maximum mana/ per second
    Range: 60
    Cool Down: 8/7/6/5/4

    Animation Idea: Iru-Jon places a sphere of energy around his target, if the effected champion is an ally then the sphere is blue with two chains rotating around it and a pulse of energy comes off it marking the AOE every 5 seconds it is active, if the effected champion is an enemy then the sphere is red with cracks going across it and the cracks will spread out from the sphere marking the AOE every 5 seconds it is active.

    Hail of Arrows - Iru-Jon increases his perception revealing non-stealthed enemy champions near him and unleashes a flurry of illusory arrows that will target and chase near by enemy champions, will prioritize enemy champions with low hp.

    Iru-Jon senses non-stealthed enemy champions 2000 units away from himself for one second passively marking them (this mark lasts until the last arrow hits its target) he then summons up 1/5/10/15/20 arrows that will target and chase any marked enemy champions dealing 15/25/35/45/55 (+0.8) magic damage per arrow, enemy champions can be hit by multiple arrows but no more then 1/2/3/4/5 arrows can target and hit the same champion, each champion marked while be struck by at least one arrow if able. Arrows that do not purse a target will refund 5 mana and 1 second off the cool down time.

    Cast Time: 0.50 can not be cast while moving
    Cost: 90/105/120/135/150 Mana
    Range: 0
    Cool Down: 20/18/16/14/12

    Animation Idea: Iru-Jon sweeps his hands out in front of him forming arrow/s and sends out a shock wave of blue energy that radiates out to the end of the AOE, all non stealthed enemy champions in the AOE get a mark that is shaped like a target over their head the arrow/s then streak after their target/s, the more arrows the wispier they appear. The arrows look like mini ashe ult arrows only semi-transparent to cut down on frame rate draw.

    Cloak of Mirrors - For the next few seconds Iru-Jon confounds the senses of his enemies and summons clones of himself that lasts for 4 seconds and deal damage equal to 50% of his Ability power they also mimic his basic abilities at 25% strength.

    Iru-Jon will channel for 0.50 seconds during which enemy champions up to 550 units from him will be marked for the next 2.0/ 2.5/ 3.0 seconds, marked enemies are slowed by 20%/30%/40%, after the channel he turns invisible for 0.50 seconds and then summons 1/2/3 clones upon turning visible that last for 4 seconds, they deal no damage with their basic attacks they also mimic any basic abilities he casts at 25% the ability's normal strength. The clones can be controlled by clicking on them then right clicking where you want them to go, they will follow Iru-Jon like tibbers.

    Mimicked spells will not trigger spell vamp or on hit effects.
    Clones have no leash on how far they can travel from Iru-Jon and clones not told where to travel to follow him
    Clones copy Iru-Jon's stats but not his passive or the extra effects of spells or items that he has.

    Channel Time: 0.50 can be casted while rooted or snared.
    Cool Down Time: 120/105/90
    Cost: 150/175/200
    Range: 550

    Animation Idea: Iru-Jon swirls around creating an illusory cloak as it spins outwards in a circle as a larger illusory outline follows this movement to mark the AoE, Iru-Jon then vanishes from sight when the invisibility wears off he appears with his clone/s standing around him in a random pattern.


    Distort - Iru-Jon warps his allies perception of time shorting how long it takes for them to use their basic abilities while he distorts his enemies perception of time to increase the how long it takes them to use their basic abilities by a small amount, this amount increases per level.

    Iru-Jon decreases the cool down times of his allies basic abilities and increases the cool down times of his enemies basic abilities by 0.2% increasing 0.1%(per level) to 2.0% at level 18, Allied buff is global enemy debuff has a range of 1450 units

    Animation Ideas:

    Idle: Iru-Jon starts messing with his appearance tweaking things like hair color and style of clothes he is wearing, always reverting it back to normal if left in Idle long enough.

    Respawning/ Ending Recall: Iru-Jon appears on the spawning platform with his arms spread wide and draws them together in front of himself to pat himself off before returning to Idle.

    Attack (Non Critical): Iru-Jon nonchalantly flicks his hand at the target and a illusory version of it appears around the target and smacks them.

    Attack (Critical): Iru-Jon draws his sword, slashes, and sheathes it in one fluid motion sending out an air slash to cut the target.

    *Both the joke and taught lines are in the following Voice Over Line Ideas section.

    Joke: Iru-Jon Summons up both a sword and arrow and inspects them while he starts to combine both items and finishes the joke by banishing the object before it finishes combining, shaking his head.

    Taunt: Iru-Jon summons up his clones in a triangle around him facing away he claps his hand and they start disappearing and reappearing randomly in a 600 unit circle around where Iru-Jon was originally standing, the taunt ends with the clones and Iru-Jon sliding together to reform the original Iru-Jon.

    Dance: Iru-Jon summons a clone and the two of them get into a dubstep dance battle, it can end with either of the two winning, if Iru-Jon wins the clone turns and starts to walk off while he disappears just before Iru-Jon finishes his second set, if the clone wins Iru-Jon hangs his head in defeat and the clone strikes a Mortal Kombat victory pose before disappearing.

    Ultimate Dance: If Iru-Jon is told to dance during the duration of his ultimate he and his clones all do a dubstep dance routine.

    Death: Iru-Jon starts to drop to his knees as a clone forums and catches him, the both blow away like dust in the wind.

    Recall: Iru-Jon puts his feet together and throws his hands out wide as the rings start, when the pillar of blue light starts he floats in to the air and disappears in a puff of feathers.

    Voice Over Line Ideas:


    "Lets see what we can make them see."
    "I wonder what they will remember of me this time?"


    "Now you see it..."
    "Bet you can't dodge this!"


    "I wonder if the world is ready for the Iru Special, an arrow shaped like a sword that explodes AND BREATHS FI... I am getting a head of myself again."

    "What to you get if you cross a sword and a arrow? Well if the forums are anything to go by, in the right hands, a pain in the neck!"


    "Me and my brothers have stood up to the might of Black Rose, what chance to you think you have, when you can't even tell where I am. Ha!"

    "Your minds are just simple playthings for me to toy with. (Laughter breaks out and fades out as the taunt ends.)"

    The Ending Statements:
    In closing I would like to say if anyone has suggestion about how to make this champion better or something that you might think about changing please feel free to post them.

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