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    Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade


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    Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by MynxTheOrigin on Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:56 pm

    Primary: Fighter
    Secondary: Assassin


    “Take up that blade and use it. Use it to slake your sword’s thirst. Show mercy to no one.”
    - The Noxian general who executed Muramaisu’s father in his note to him, to tell him of his deep guilt for his mislead actions.

    When Noxus had claimed the southern regions of Ionia, many were
    separated from their loved ones and stripped of freedom. Muramaisu was
    living with his family at the age of fourteen when Noxus took over, a
    day he remembers vividly, no matter how much he wishes to forget it. On
    that fateful day, a Noxian soldier came to the young boy's home, and invited
    himself in, making it known that any and all of Ionian's possessions would now
    belong to Noxus. His father, one of a number of Ionians to openly oppose the
    Noxian invasion, took up the family blade before he told the man to leave and
    that they would never give up their land. After the soldier predictably mocked his pride,
    Muramaisu’s father charged the soldier, intent not on harming him, but
    to give warning. His attack was evaded and he was apprehended and

    His father’s public execution was publicly announced and carried out
    later that same day with mandatory attendance, lest those absent become
    the next victims. Being forced to watch his father be brutally beheaded
    and his head displayed, he feared deeply for his own family’s safety,
    and hoped to do anything he could to keep them safe. After the event ended
    he collected the family sword and brought it home.

    A few days later, the same general who performed the execution came to
    his home with a smug look as he stated he heard his mother didn’t attend
    the execution, which Muramaisu knew to be a lie. As the man went to
    apprehend her, he went tried to shove him away and begged him to spare
    her. Amused, he asked what young Muramaisu could possibly do for him. A
    deal was struck. Muramaisu fights for the Noxian military, and his
    family will be spared.

    A deal the general had no intention of keeping.

    Muramaisu had been forced to fight in many battles, most of which came
    to be unsung, but the most horrifying was his first. He had been armed
    with his family blade, which was a little too heavy and large for him to
    wield, and managed to strike down over eighteen men. Every kill made
    him sick to his stomach, but he pressed on for the safety of his family.
    After the battle, he came home to a sight that robbed him of all
    innocence. His home had been stained with blood and no one was to be
    found. On the door to his mother’s room, he found a note from the
    general that explained that after the execution of his family for
    failing to attend his father’s execution, he had learned of the terrible
    falsified claims that lead to their deaths and struck down the liars
    himself. That day, Muramaisu abandoned all compassion and his value of
    the lives of others and continued to fight for Noxus over the next seven
    years, as he had nothing more to live for.

    Over the years and bloody battles, it was noted by those who witnessed
    him fight and live, that he showed unparalleled skill with his blade and
    was more than willing to cleave through his Noxian “allies” to achieve
    his murderous goals on the battlefield. Even going so far as to say he
    enjoyed feeling their blood spray on his skin.

    After Ionia was liberated, he found he had nowhere to go, as no one
    would accept him, and he had no family outside of those who were
    heartlessly taken from him. His own homeland had abandoned him.
    He decided to live atop a remote mountain and live as a hermit, heartlessly
    striking down all who came near.

    When he heard of the League and the powerful champions within it, he at
    once set out, intent on soaking himself in the blood of his enemies and
    listening to their gargled screams of mercy. But it wasn't just the call of
    worthy opponents that roused him from his solitude. No, that wasn't it at all.
    It was the realms' names that the wind carried with it.



    His thirst for killing was renewed and his desire for vengeance ignited. For him, the war was never over.


    Passive: Blade Purge

    After using an ability, Muramaisu will target a vital spot on his
    target, dealing 30/50/70% of his AD as bonus physical damage on-hit with
    his next basic attack.

    Q: Blood Spray

    Active: Muramaisu swings his blade in a broad arc, dealing
    physical damage to all enemies struck and making enemies struck by the
    blade itself take heavy bleeding damage over three seconds. Damage is capped against
    minions. Enemies that the blood spray contacts while they are facing it
    will be briefly blinded by the blood hitting their eyes.

    90/130/170/210/250 + .4 per 1 AD

    Bleeding damage
    2%/4%/6%/8%/10% of max health (+1% for every 120 AD)

    Minion bleeding damage cap

    Blind duration
    .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds

    55/60/65/70/75 mana


    10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds

    Enemies within 175 range will spray out blood at a range of 350

    W: Blood Lust

    Passive: Muramaisu experiences pleasure like none other when
    covered and surrounded by the blood of those around him. Whenever a unit
    dies near him, he gains bonus AD and Life Steal for a time. The
    effect and duration is double for slain enemy champions, half for allied
    champions and minions and stacks up to an effect equal to 5 times the
    normal effect.

    AD bonus
    3%/3.5%/4%/4.5%/5% of current AD
    (For a maximum total of 25% of his current AD)

    Life Steal
    (For a maximum total of 25% life steal)

    Duration added per death
    2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds
    (For a maximum total of 15 seconds)

    E: Ittai Strike

    Active: Muramaisu immobilizes himself and takes a defensive
    stance to counter the first attack or ability aimed at him, dealing
    physical damage to up to three nearby enemies before returning to his
    original position.

    50/75/100/125/150 + .6 per 1 AD

    Stance duration
    .75/1/1.25/1.50/1.75 seconds

    Follow-up attack range

    12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds

    Ult: Sanguine Blade

    Passive: Muramaisu passively gains 5%/7.5%/10% Armor Penetration.

    Active: After a target champion is selected Muramaisu takes a
    few seconds to focus, dealing 20% more damage if he waits as long as
    possible. After waiting long enough, or if Sanguine Blade is activated
    again, he will blink to his target and strike them for massive physical
    damage. Sanguine Blade’s cooldown accelerates even mid cooldown
    depending on the current power of Blood Lust.


    220/310/400 + 1.3 per 1 AD


    120/160/200 mana

    80/80/80 seconds


    Base Health
    410 (+61)
    471 at 1
    1508 at 18

    Base Mana
    208 (+63)
    271 at 1
    1342 at 18

    Base Attack Damage
    55 (+2.8 )
    58 at 1
    105.4 at 18

    Base Attack Speed
    .654 (+2.68%)

    Attack Range

    Base Armor
    16.1 (+2.8 )
    19 at 1
    66.5 at 18

    Magic Resist
    30 (+1.25)
    31 at 1
    52.5 at 18

    Movement Speed

    Gameplay tips

    As Muramaisu

    Remember to space ability use between basic attacks to maximize damage.

    Blood Spray will proc most on-hit effects including your passive. None of which are AoEs.

    Blood Spray hits slightly behind Muramaisu.

    Enemies within and slightly beyond basic attack range will spray blood a short distance
    behind them when struck by Blood Spray. Use this to briefly blind
    incoming melee champions that are trying to help their allies.

    Blood Lust gains power when anything dies within your sight radius, but
    allies and lane minions will give half the power and duration.

    Blood Lust's effect won't wear off as long as you don't stop attacking
    something, even when something hasn't died near you. Remember this when
    jungling. It's timer keeps going however.

    Ittai Strike will not counter AoE spells.

    Sanguine Blade does 20% more damage if you wait the whole four seconds after activation.

    Sanguine Blade will attack your target even if they exit it's range
    after you select them. It will be cancelled if you lose sight of them

    Muramaisu can take on a variety of roles depending on his build. Think ahead and take the enemy's team into mind as you play.

    His ability to combo is somewhat awkward. Be careful when you try to burst.

    He's fragile, so building straight AD is a risky move.

    Against Muramaisu

    He has no reliable form of harassment, so use range early game to zone him and weaken him late game.

    He also lacks reliable escapes and gap closers.

    Muramaisu is capable of dishing out massive damage in a very short
    period of time, especially if he catches you by surprise. Do your best
    to ward potential places he could use to surprise you.

    Keep a little distance from your allies if his Blood Spray is available as he could blind you with the blood splatter.

    Focus him with your team during big fights. Even more so if there are
    minions nearby, as his Blood Lust makes him become extremely powerful
    when anything dies near him, even his allies.

    Muramaisu's Blood Lust won't gain power while he's stunned, rooted or knocked around.

    Even if he has high power in his Blood Lust, he's still highly vulnerable to magic damage unless he builds Magic Resist.

    Building a Thorn Mail can make him think twice about attacking you.

    Do your best to engage him in open areas that lack minions.

    Recommended Items

    Depending on the role you are playing him as, his build can vary surprisingly.

    In general, a Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force will benefit him greatly, and Blood Spray can proc their on-hit effects.

    As a jungler, a Ravenous Hydra will give him even greater survivability
    and allows his Blood Lust to build up faster against the minion camps.

    For offensive purposes, Berserker's Greaves or Ionian Boots of Lucidity make great choices for him, with furor or Alacrity to help him stay on his enemy.

    As the game goes on, it can be worth while to buy a Blade of the Ruined
    King, as Blood Spray will proc this as well, and the active can be used
    to increase burst potential and some range.

    If mages are giving you trouble, try a Maw of Malmortius, as the Magic
    Resist and magic shield will keep you alive longer against their bursts
    on top of the AD boost from lower health.


    "Who's blood shall I spill?"

    "My blade hungers..."
    "Unto others..."
    "Soon, my blade."

    "A blood bath awaits."
    "You shall be my next victim."
    "A sanguine shower."

    Attacking a Noxion champion
    "Your suffering will be nothing to mine."

    Attacking an Ionian champ
    "Ionia abandoned me."

    Blood Spray use
    "Paint the ground red!"

    Blood Lust at max power
    *Maniacal laugh*

    Ittai Strike use

    Ittai Strike counter
    "Can't touch me!"

    Sanguine Blade use
    *Deep breath*

    "Do you expect me to make you laugh?"
    "Don't even go there."
    "It's not a Kool-Aid stain."

    *Before he actually says anything he draws his blade and licks along it*
    "The greatest of joys is to kill. Unless it's you."
    "I will enjoy cutting you to pieces."
    *If he taunts within a short time of killing someone*
    "It's always best when fresh from the wound."

    *He taps his foot impatiently*
    "I ain't got time for that!"

    Changed Blade Purge's effect to percentile rather than flat.

    Increased the cooldown and lowered the scaling for Blood Spray.

    Removed the Attack Speed boost on Blood Lust. I also lowered the stacks to five from six.

    Improved Quick Draw's description.

    Lowered Sanguine Blade's range.

    Increased cooldown on Blood Spray.

    Verified bleeding time on Blood Spray.

    Increased Blood Spray's range.

    Updated recommended items.

    Increased scaling on Quick Draw.

    Changed Quick Draw's name to Ittai Strike.

    Altered the proc behavior on Blood Spray.

    Changed Blood Lust's Health Regen to Life Steal.

    Altered tips slightly.

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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by MynxTheOrigin on Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:57 pm

    I feel that his W should have either the AD or Attack speed boost removed. Opinions on that?

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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by MynxTheOrigin on Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:01 pm

    After getting some good advice, I removed the AS bonus.

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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by Kassadin on Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:12 pm

    Great concept here, few things i've noticed that kinda bug me a little.

    Passive: Rather simple passive to tie between abilities. Don't see anything wrong here.

    Q: I see nothing wrong with this skill, can make him a decent duelist.

    W: Not sure if this would be OP or anything, but maybe swap the health regen for lifesteal? Since I kinda see his concept as a strong 1v1 fighter.

    E: I would sugest a rename on the skill, since its the exact same as Graves quick draw.

    R: The rank 1 passive armor pen is next to nothing at low ranks, I would suggest something more like 5% at rank 1, and maybe a slight increase at rank 2.


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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by Siyanor on Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:32 pm

    It doesn't make any sense for an AoE ability to proc Trinity Force. Who would it hit? Proccing it in an AoE would be ridiculously powerful. Imagine Iceborn Gauntlet on one enemy in the middle of a full creep wave -- that's 922.25 from the Gauntlet alone, and it's not even supposed to be used on AD champions.

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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by Meherok on Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:08 am

    Not sure what skill you're referring to, Siya, but while we're on the subject: Anyone remember the nonsense that was pre-Hydra Shyvana, when you stacked Tiamats? One Q could instagib people if there was a creep wave around them, especially if you had a TriForce.

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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by Siyanor on Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:09 am

    It says that Blood Spray procs on hit effects... except that Blood Spray is an AoE ability.

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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

    Post by MynxTheOrigin on Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:44 pm

    alright, now that I have internet access again, I'm appreciating the feedback. As for the Iceborn Gauntlet, I never considered it when I thought about Blood Spray proccing On-hit effects. That had eluded me. I'll be quick to fix that. As for the rest of the feedback, I'm getting on it. I thank everyone.

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    Re: Muramaisu, The Heartless Blade

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