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    Rylan, Master of the Woods


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    Rylan, Master of the Woods

    Post by Zarkof on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:34 pm

    Rylan is a versatile ADC that can swap between single target, AoE, or long range play. He uses a shortbow and can summon different beast companions.

    Ranged, Carry, Stealth

    Rylan grew up in the forests in the far north end of Ionia. His home was isolated from much of Ionian society, and his family lived a generally peaceful life. Since they lived so far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns, they had to live off of the land through hunting and gathering. Rylan's family had lived in these woods for a few generations, and this produced a line of skilled hunters. Rylan's father taught Rylan much about how to survive off the land. They had to be resourceful, cunning, precise, and swift. By the time he turned 10, Rylan learned how to fletch his own arrows and set his own traps. He had shown great accuracy and skill with a shortbow, the weapon of choice for his forefathers. By the time he was 12, he had killed his first deer.

    During one of the annual trips his family would make to town to trade for supplies, they learned firsthand of the Noxian invasion forces sweeping across the island. The Noxians had destroyed the town and had looted almost all its supplies. Rylan's family took whatever they could find and brought it back to their home, unaware of their new friends. A small force of Noxian troops had lingered and tracked the family back to their home. They attacked during the night, breaking in the lower floor where Rylan's parents were sleeping, killing them before they even had a chance. Rylan, who was up on the second floor, awoke to the screams of his mother and the shouting of his father telling him to run. He quickly ran across the hall to the trophy room, taking some supplies and his father's legendary shortbow that had been passed down through generations, and swiftly escaped out the window. Rylan ran for days before eluding his pursuers, but he knew he could not escape Noxus forever. He had no home to go back to and no friends to help him, so he wandered through the forests, surviving off of what knowledge of hunting his father had given him.

    After years of wandering, Rylan found himself in an enchanted grove. There lived many animals, from rabbits to foxes to eagles, all with the slight taint of the magic that permeated this region of the forest. It was here that Rylan decided he could settle down. He befriended a few animals: a wolf, a pack of foxes, and a hawk, and he took care of them and they took care of him. They helped him when he went out of the grove to hunt, and the birds came to him with news. Over time, the magic of the grove had seeped into Rylan and his bow, granting him the ability to fletch and fire magical arrows.

    Although he was isolated from the world, he still heard news from the birds about what was happening. Once they told him about the League of Legends and the Noxian champions that fought there, he set out to join in order to fight against Noxus.

    Health: 395 (+80) - 1835 @18
    Mana: 200 (+40) - 920 @18
    Attack: 47 (+2.8) - 97.4 @18
    Attack Speed: 0.660 (+3.30%) - 1.052 @18
    Armor: 10 (+3.4) - 71.2 @18
    Magic Resist: 30 (+0)
    Movement Speed: 330
    Range: 550


    Passive: Aim for the Vitals - Every time Rylan attacks an enemy champion, he gains 5% critical strike chance for his subsequent attacks on that target within 5 seconds, stacking up to 4/6/8/10 times. Critical strikes reset the stacks to 0. Values increase at levels 6, 11, and 16.

    Q: Fletching

    Rylan attaches custom arrowheads to his arrows, granting his basic attacks and spells additional effects. Using this ability does not break stealth and will trigger a 0.5 second channel and cycle to the next effect (Barbed>Enchanted>Swift>Barbed).

    Barbed Tips: Basic attacks cause the target to bleed, granting Rylan 5/8/11/14/17 flat Armor Penetration and dealing 10% bonus physical damage over 3 seconds. Reapplying will refresh the bleed duration.

    Enchanted Tips: Rylan's arrows are enchanted and will fire magical projectiles at all units within 250 range of his target, excluding his target, dealing magic damage equal to 16/22/28/34/40% of his total Attack Damage. These do not count as basic attacks, do not apply on-hit effects, and are not proc'd from the extra bolts from Runaan's Hurricane.

    Swift Tips: Increases basic attack range and the range on his other abilities by 60/75/90/105/120. (Base attack range is 525, so this grants total of 645 at max rank and 835 stacking with rank 3 ultimate utilizing Swift Tips)

    notes: Swift tips increases the cast range of Beast Companion: Hawk and the vault distance on Survivalist, and under the ultimate these ranges will also be larger (850 for W, 700 vault distance on E with rank 3 ulti).

    Naturally, Rylan's basic attack projectile speed will be significantly faster with Swift Tips active. The ultimate buff will not affect this.

    The color of each spell and icon will make them distinguishable from each other. Barbed tips is Red and spiky, Enchanted is Blue and has a "magical" tip, Swift is white with narrow tips. In order for enemies to be able to determine which buff he's using, (other than the effect) the projectiles on his basic attacks will be colored accordingly.

    W: Beast Companion

    Range: 550
    Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
    Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8

    Rylan gains 20% Attack Speed for 6 seconds and calls a beast companion based on his current Fletching buff and sics him on target champion to deal damage and grant vision. The buff ends early only if the companion is killed. (defaults to Hawk if Q isn't available)

    Barbed Tips: Rylan calls a wolf. The wolf has 2/3/4/5/6 hit points (similar to wards or Zyra's plants), 1.00 attack speed, 450 movespeed, and deals 20/40/60/80/100 (+25% Bonus AD) physical damage per hit and rends targets for 2.5% of their max health over 2 seconds as physical damage. Lasts 4 attacks or 6 seconds.

    Enchanted Tips: Rylan calls a pack of 3 magic foxes. One fox will attack the original target while the other two seek out nearby units, prioritizing champions. If no other targets are available, they will attack the original target for less damage (Only the original target can have multiple foxes attacking it). Each fox has 2/3/4/5/6 hit points (similar to wards or Zyra's plants), 1.25 attack speed, 450 movespeed, and deals 10/20/30/40/50 (+12% AP) magic damage per hit. The original target takes 60% less damage from any additional foxes. (18/36/54/72/90 + 22% AP)max single target damage, 10% lower than the wolf) Each fox lasts for 4 attacks or 6 seconds.

    Swift Tips: Rylan calls a hawk. The hawk pecks at the targets eyes, causing blindness for 1.5 seconds upon cast. The hawk cannot be killed and deals 60/90/120/150/180 (+75% Bonus AD) physical damage over 6 seconds also granting vision. (25% less total damage than wolf)

    notes: I was debating over whether to give the wolf/foxes health pools, armor, and MR, or just ward-like hit points. If targets stealth, the wolf will stop and foxes will seek a new target, but if targets go into brush, the wolf/foxes will go into brush as well, then resume attacking if they get vision back.

    The attack speed was for the purpose of having it have some sort of 0-points-into-Q relevance, but since I made it Hawk by default I don't know if I still need the attack speed.

    The icon for this spell changes based on your current fletching buff.

    E: Survivalist

    Range: 400
    Mana Cost: 80
    Cooldown: 16/14.5/13/11.5/10

    Rylan instantly sets a pitfall at his current location and uses the same arrow tips on the spikes, then vaults to target location. The pitfall lasts for 10 seconds, has a 200 diameter, and will trigger when an enemy unit walks over it. Deals 70/110/150/190/230 (+70% AP) magic damage and additional effects based on Rylan's current Fletching buff.

    Barbed Tips: Pitfall also deals 10% of targets' current health as physical damage and slows them by 30% over 2 seconds.

    Enchanted Tips: Deals 10% bonus magic damage and silences targets hit for 1.5 seconds.

    Swift Tips: Doubles the radius of the pitfall and reduces the cooldown by 35%.

    notes: The color of this icon will change based on the current Fletching Buff: Red for Barbed, Blue for Enchanted, White for Swift.

    R: Master of the Woods

    Mana Cost: 80/100/120
    Cooldown: 80/70/60

    Rylan instantly vanishes from sight, granting 30% bonus movespeed and stealth for up to 4 seconds. Upon exiting stealth, he gains a buff for 10 seconds or 10 attacks, causing his passive to grant 2 stacks per attack and an additional effect depending on his current Fletching buff.

    Barbed Tips: Rylan's basic attacks and extra projectiles from Enchanted Tips deal 5% additional damage and shred 4/7.5/9 armor with each attack, stacking up to 4 times and lasting 4 seconds.

    Enchanted Tips: Rylan's attacks ricochet to additional enemy champions within 400 range of his target and continue to ricochet, dealing 30/50/70% of his total AD as physical damage. Champions can only be hit once per attack and arrows will bounce up to 2 times for a total of 3 targets including the original target, dealing 10% reduced damage with each bounce. These do apply on-hit effects, but they will not proc Runaan's Hurricane and the bolts on Runaan's Hurricane will not apply this effect.

    Swift Tips: Rylan ignores unit collision and gains 20% movespeed for 5 seconds and an additional 90/140/190 range on his basic attacks and spells. Casting a spell (other than switching Fletching buffs) will consume 1 charge.

    notes: Attacking from stealth will still apply the bonuses to that attack. The color of the icon will change to match the current Fletching buff.

    Enchanted Tips does not cause additional damage to the initial target and the ricochet will not bounce back to them.

    I changed this to provide different bonuses instead of just increasing one spell's bonuses. If you didn't level your Q first before, your ultimate would not be as effective, and the scaling would be very weird.

    I'd like more feedback on this rework. I don't feel like it has a lot of damage on it and am thinking of adding in flat AD on to the base effect. I want to keep the stealth and bonuses in.

    Edit Log:
    1. Made Post
    2. Reworked barbed tips to % hp and Explosive to more bonus and AoE and added more notes
    3. Minor balance edits for now, possible minor reworks ahead. Q still needs finalizing
    4. Renamed Explosive to Enchanted, fixed spells accordingly. Reworked W. Changed E-Enchanted to silence instead of knockback.
    5. More number tweaks: Passive tweak, Q - % armor pen tweak, W - wolf is back to physical damage, R - lowered bonus %
    6. Reworked ultimate to provide a new buff based on the current Fletching buff that remains even if you switch. This helps it avoid scaling off of other spells and provides an additional cap for skill
    7. Made some tweaks to the skills' interactions with Runaan's Hurricane and on-hit effects.
    2/26 5:30pm - Added to Champcrafter, added Lore, added Base Stats.

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