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    Eris, the Avatar of Umbra


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    Eris, the Avatar of Umbra

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    Name: Eris, the Avatar of Umbra


    "Although sometimes delayed, it can never be prevented.. Yes, death is immutable. Fitting, then, that not even one such as myself is exempt from its embrace." ~Eris

    The twisting alleyways of Zaun are home to many types of people. Smugglers, scientists, brigands.. it would seem that their defining attribute is the shared willingness to do whatever it takes to turn an easy profit. One of these people was Marissa Tobaltan, a self proclaimed 'freelancer', who would take almost any job that was offered to her, morally ambiguous or not. While most details of her past dealings are hazy at best, the most relevant case, the case that made her the entity she is today, became well enough known that they spawned something akin to a legend. Tales that told of a beast enveloped in the blackest shadows and was drawn to conflict and chaos of any sort. The beast would join the skirmishes, killing indiscriminately, and then disappear back to the shadows whence it came.

    It was a day like most others, the day it happened. Marissa had taken a small smuggling job from one of the shadier merchants in the area. The package itself was quite small, though the distance to be traveled was daunting indeed. When she received the package from the merchant, he offered her a word of warning about the contents, cautioning her not to open the package or to touch it directly. It was a rare artifact that had been stolen from the Shadow Isles, and while it would fetch a hefty price on the black market, it was said to be cursed. Those that came in contact with it spoke of an 'otherworldly' force that had played tricks on their minds, slowly driving them to the brink of insanity before ridding themselves of the artifact once and for all.

    Marissa, seeing the opportunity to sell the artifact for herself, seized the initiative and took the job despite the warnings. She promptly set off over the mountains to Noxus, hoping to fetch a better price for the cursed artifact there. Soon after she ascended the mountains, a voice called out to her. It was as clear as if she had been standing in the same room as the speaker, but there was no speaker. It called itself 'Umbra', a spirit of strife, chaos, and conflict. Umbra continued to speak to her, and told her that he had chosen her to carry the weight of his power, a burden she steadfastly refused. Although her pace quickened, she found herself walking in circles on more than one occasion.

    Eventually, Umbra grew bored with allowing Marissa to think she was still in control. It was an amusing charade for the first day of wandering, but Umbra was much more eager to have fun with his new plaything. Umbra's power completely overtook Marissa for a time, turning her into the shadow beast of legend. The memories of the battles she fought during this time were naught but a continuous blur. She could see the carnage unfolding in front of her, but powerless to change the outcome.

    And then one day, she awoke. Umbra had grown bored of its little game, and had vanished. And with it, the memories of her past life had vanished as well. Of being a freelancer, of her friends and relatives, and who she even was. Most of her power had also disappeared with Umbra, but the fragment that remained had changed her forever. The only other thing that remained was a name. Eris. She didn't know what significance it held, or why she remembered it. With nothing else to hold on to, she adopted the name for herself.

    Stripped of her purpose, her past, and her future, Eris took to wandering across Runeterra, eventually ending up on the doorstep of the Institute of War. The constant conflict had drawn her there, and after learning of its purpose, she decided that joining the League would return some fragment of meaning to her life, and provide her with a constant source of entertainment.

    Combat Role: Support / Offtank / Hybrid

    Starting statistics

    HP: 444 +87
    AD: 53 +2.9
    HP5: 4.5 +0.6
    AS: 0.632 +2.3
    MP: 240 +60
    Armor: 10 +3.6
    MP5: 6.5 +0.65
    MR:30 + 0.75

    Range: 435
    Movespeed: 330

    Lane Comp: Bot lane support / Offtank

    Appearance: Inspiration came from http://dzoan.deviantart.com/art/Angel-of-Death-141090812 , credit goes to the original artist.


    Clinging Shadows (Innate): Each of Eris' basic attacks and abilities apply a stack of Clinging Shadows to the target, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. Stacks last for 4 seconds, and re-applying stacks resets the duration of all the stacks. Each stack applies a 3/4/5% MS slow, increasing at levels 10 and 16.

    Eris' other abilities can consume these stacks to gain additional effects.

    Mors Certissima (Q) (Cone AoE):
    Cooldown: 6 Mana: 60/65/70/75/80
    Range: 400, 70 degree cone

    Eris releases a wave of darkness in a wide area in front of her, causing 70/100/140/180/230 (+0.5 AP) magic damage and applying a stack of Clinging Shadows to each target affected.

    If a target has at least 3 stacks of Clinging Shadows, they will be stunned for .75 seconds +0.25 seconds per stack of Clinging Shadows after 3, and have their movement and attack speed slowed by 25/30/35% for 5 seconds after the stun ends, and clearing all stacks of Clinging Shadows on the target. The movement slow can stack with subsequent applications of Clinging Shadows.

    (The buff consumption should be signified by a multitude of shadowy hands appearing out of the ground below the champion, grasping at them to impede movement.)

    Umbral Might (W) (Attack modifier, resets autoattack cooldown on cast):
    Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5/4, costs 40 mana at all levels.

    Passive: Allies within 600 range have 1/1.75/2.5/3.25/4% additional lifesteal and 2/4/6/8/10 additional attack damage.

    Active: Eris' next basic attack becomes melee range, and deals an additional 30/45/60/75 +100%AD + .3*AP.

    If the target has at least 2 stacks of Clinging Shadows, allies within 800 range of Eris (Excluding herself) when the attack lands will ignore 3/5/7/9/11% of the enemy's armor and magic resistance for 3 seconds.

    (Should be signified by her right arm forming back into the claw in the included image.)

    Essence Assumption (E) (Line damage skillshot):
    Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 Mana:
    Range: 500

    Eris thrusts her right arm forward, a spectral claw forming around it and passing through enemies before dissipating. Enemies hit by the claw take 40/60/80/100/120 +0.4*AP, and an additional 15/25/35 damage per stack of Clinging Shadows.

    If a target has at least 3 stacks of Clinging Shadows, the stacks are removed and Eris gains a sheild that blocks an amount of damage equal to 20/28/36/44/52 times the number of stacks removed +0.2*AP for 3 seconds. She can then reactivate the ability to heal nearby allies for the amount of damage remaining on the shield as health. She cannot heal herself, and the healing amount is distributed evenly in a 300 PBAoE around her.

    Aphotic Encroachment (R, Ultimate) (Target area):
    Cooldown: 90/75/60, Mana: 125/160/210
    Range: 750

    Targets an area with a 150 radius up to 750 range away, and throws two arcs of shadow to the point which explode when they make contact with each other. Each arc will deal 40/70/100/130/160 +0.55AP magic damage and apply a stack of Clinging Shadows to each target hit. The explosion deals an additional 75/125/175

    If an enemy champion is hit by the explosion, Eris can re-activate the ability to dash 300 distance toward the targeted area, and cause shadow hands to burst from the ground and grab every champion within 300 range of the targeted area, removing any stacks of Clinging Shadows and applying a 25/30/35% slow for 5 seconds.

    (The arcs will function much like Diana's Crescent Strike, only with a mirrored second projetile. However, they will always have the same travel time, so aiming further or nearer will adjust the trajectory of the arcs. Think of how glitterlance works depending on where you cast it.)

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