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    Mordekaiser The Master of Metal

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    Mordekaiser The Master of Metal

    Post by Ubel Engel on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:50 pm

    I remembered that I had remade Mordekaiser's abilities to not be too rounded on having an pet ghost of enemy champion he or his allied team killed and instead be rounded on Mordekaiser's overall.

    Mind you this was a year and half ago, so it's not quite... perfect.

    Passive - Iron Man -
    Each damages Mordekaiser deals to the enemy units, raise his shield points by 5/10/15% of the damages dealt.
    Max Shield points 200 (+35 per level) max of 830 Shield points at level 18.
    Decay by 3/4/5% per second

    Q - Mace of Spades -
    Swinging his huge mace with such force, it creates a shock wave of echos.
    Deals damages
    (accordingly to numbers of enemy units nearby decreasing by # of nearby for max of three targets split reducing damages dealt by 5% each target.)
    Shield point above 50% - Increase # of targets hit by 2 with no additional reduce of damages.

    Same cooldown as original

    W - Creeping Death -
    Sends a portion of his armor to outside of himself or his allied target's perimeter.
    Cuts a third of his shield points to send a defensive shield that increases armor/magic resist by 15/20/25/30/35 flat amounts lasting for same duration as original.
    Shield above 50% - increase bonus armor/magic resist by 3% of the bonus health point.

    Cooldown same as original.

    E - Siphon of Destruction -
    Using his armor to create unimaginable horrify sounds that drains enemy unit's life to raise his shield points even further.
    Same aoe size as original, reduce damages a bit. Should still eats his health as it would pretty much harm him too. (sounds duh) but only for a flat small amount of health, perhaps 20/28/36/44/52 healths cost rather than that outrageous cost he has right now.
    Shield Above 50% - Increase the aoe width by 25%
    Same cooldown as original

    R - Children of the Grave - Remake
    Using his song of destruction, he force an enemy champion to submit to him temporarily giving him small life drain and % increased damages for the duration. The target is continuously dealt dot damages over the duration. If the target is slain during the duration, Mordekaiser gains increased size and 75% of the target's stats, excluding health / mana / CDR / Movement speed.
    Shield above 50% - Increase the duration.

    Same cooldown as original

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