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    Zambula the Broken Zombie (pic)


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    Zambula the Broken Zombie (pic)

    Post by jedite1000 on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:49 am

    Zambula the Broken Zombie (Name pending)



    I fall to pieces over you hahaha
    Dont move....i lost my head


    I will kick your ass...Literally


    Champion select

    I hope you are not a Necrophobia

    You know how long it will take me to walk over there with one leg?
    Rolling, rolling, rolling
    Go back i dropped my arm

    Here catch me, hahaha
    I will let you hold my hand..hey give it back
    Eww you're touching it
    to Zombie brand and Ryze. You are a fake Brand/Ryze, i am the real Zombie here


    Passive: ?- This passive is negated during Zambula's Ultimate
    Zambula gains 100 armor/magic resist if all of his limbs are intact and loses 50 armor/magic resist for each limb that has been removed from his body.
    Zambula gains additional effects depending on which limbs has been removed from his body

    Arm: Zambula is able to see any undetected wards or champions for 5 seconds while he is planting his arm

    Legs: Zambula gains an additional 50 Movement speed boost during the duration of
    Decomposed leg

    Head: If Zambula's head has successfully drained the opponent's HP/Mana for the full 6 seconds, he permanently gains an additional 100 HP/Mana. Depending on what was drained.

    Q: Decomposed Head- Zambula rips off his head and throws it in a straight line in front of him(skillshot). If it hits an enemy Champion, the head will latch onto it and will drain HP or Mana depending if Zambula's needs HP or Mana more (example if Zambula's HP is lower than his Mana the head will drain HP). This last for 6 seconds. Any enemy ally can attack the head that is latched onto the champion to reduce the duration of the drain.(The more enemies attack it the quicker the duration is) (note: the attached enemy cannot attack the head, but can disable it with items/spells/abilities. if minions/monsters attack the enemy champion the duration will also decrease)

    W: Decomposed Leg-
    Zambula rips off one of his legs and throws it over his head behind him, when an enemy Champion walks on it, the leg will kick them away from Zambula 3 times kicking them further away from him, on the 3rd kick the enemy Champion will be stunned for 2 seconds. The leg will disappear in 5 seconds if no enemy walks over it and Zambula will grow a new leg.

    E: Decomposed Arm- Zambula rips off an arm and buries it under him makes it undetected. (The limbs counts as a ward and will stay on the field for 1 minute). When an enemy Champion walks over it the effect takes place. The arm grabs the champion and drags it to the direction of Zambula for 3 seconds, regardless of distance between the limb and Zambula.
    Zambula can only place 2 arms on the field at a time

    R: Decomposed explosion- Zambula explodes dealing damage to all enemies surrounding him, his arms and legs will attach themselves onto nearby ally Champions( 1 limb per champion). depending on the limb the effect takes place.

    Legs- The ally Champion gains increased movement speed

    Arms- The ally Champion gains increased attack speed

    If there isn't enough allied champions around Zambula when he explodes, the legs will always be attached before the arms and the rest of the limbs will remain on the floor for the duration of the effect
    After the explosion you will control Zambula's head which will gain a massive movement speed, you can roll onto the enemy Champions which will constantly slow and inflict damage to them.

    This effect takes place for 4 seconds, after the duration the limbs will detach themselves off your allies and will fly in the direction of the head to reform Zambula's body regardless of the distance between them. If enemies are in the path of the flying limbs they will take damage


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    Re: Zambula the Broken Zombie (pic)

    Post by MynxTheOrigin on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:18 pm

    Certainly creative. A little complex, but creative. Smile

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    Re: Zambula the Broken Zombie (pic)

    Post by MynxTheOrigin on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:18 pm

    But I do think his passive is a little overkill on his own defenses.

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    Re: Zambula the Broken Zombie (pic)

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