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    (Alpha Contest) Iscariot, the Ascended


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    (Alpha Contest) Iscariot, the Ascended

    Post by ploki122 on Sun May 12, 2013 5:32 pm

    N.b. this name/title is 100% temporary, I wrote Ghiscari and that's the correction chrome gave me, I put the Ascended as a temporary title.

    This is my entry for Flame's contest. I put it in the advanced section since I expect to meet all the restrictions by the time I'm done.

    Context : The goal is to design someone that comes from the same place (old) Soraka was, he must relates to gracity and be a jungler, an ADC or a support. The easy way would be to make a support... That's really boring, so I'll be doing a support, but with a twist (hopefully, worst comes to worst he'll turn into a jungler/ADC).

    Rough lore : Everyone knows the star to be created by a different mean... Noxus believes they're the soul of the previous great generals, looking on the battlefields and giving them the force to fight. Demacians instead believe that they're they eyes of gods, looking down on your sins and waiting for the final judgement. Zaunians and Piltoverians instead believe that they're balls of fire hovering the sky by some kind of physics... gravity they say.

    Little did they know that they all had a bit of truth. In fact, stars are the home of celestial beings. Stars help them navigate the sky and see in the dark. Just like every Ascended, Iscariot had the task to help his Runeterran reach his goals and meet his destiny. However, his protege failed to follow destiny, and instead used her power for a terrible misdeed. Iscariot had most of his powers sucked out and relegated to a mere mortal being. Still, he lingers the earth, trying to keep his protege out of harms way.

    Abilities :

    Innate - Astral Body
    Possibly a stacking slow ala Kennen

    Q - ???
    Slowing skillshot.

    W - Repulsion
    "Long" cd move that reflects projectiles (not Meditate long, but more than a normal skill, at least 15-20s at level 1).

    E - Levitate
    Ally gains MS and is resistant/immune to slows

    R - Supernova
    Small AoE Dot (+pull), growing but weakening.

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