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    (Poke It To Life!) A Song For Thyne Champion


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    (Poke It To Life!) A Song For Thyne Champion

    Post by Meherok on Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:19 am

    I pretty much just felt like this place wasn't getting much attention, and it makes me kinda sad, cause I really feel like this place deserves some more activity. In light of this, I figured I'd post a common forum question that hasn't appeared to have sprung up yet here.

    If you could assign each of your champs a song or theme, (just any music you feel fits them,) what song would you apply to them? Alternately: If you could apply songs to any of the official League champions, who/what would they be? Feel free to explain your thoughts on why the song fits them too, just for the sake of adding more text and conversation material. Razz

    To start, since I haven't yet been able to attach a song to any current champions of my own design, I'll just go with one of my personal favorites: Nocturne: Night Crawler - Judas Priest. I thought this particular song to be very fitting of Nocturne's personality of a vicious killer that instills fear in everything he hunts. That, combined with the name, makes the song, (in my opinion,) about as accurate as you can get for a character like Noc.

    Now don't leave me hanging, guys; Post something. Very Happy

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