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    Sebastian - The Squall of the Pits


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    Sebastian - The Squall of the Pits Empty Sebastian - The Squall of the Pits

    Post by Meherok on Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:41 am

    Introducing: Sebastian - The Squall of the Pits! While he's not as complete as I'd like him to be, I feel there's enough information to be able to post what I have. The idea behind him is to be a mage-fighter mix, getting in relatively close, but not directly in the fight. His kit focuses around skirmish gameplay, using his innate mobility to harass targets from just out of range and avoid getting caught by skills. With proper use, his arsenal of crowd control also allows him to hinder priority targets, helping to reduce their effectiveness in teamfights, or even locking down an entire enemy team for a moment with a well timed ult. All in all, he plays similar to Evelynn, (quite a lot so, I later realized,) with less assassin potential, and more built around the brawly nature of fighters. Hope you enjoy, and please leave any constructive or positive thoughts.
    Sebastian Reveck was the first child to the Piltovian Corin Reveck, the father, (and later creator,) of Orianna, The Lady of Clockwork. In his early years, Sebastian was the highlight of his parents life; A young, intelligent boy, full of energy and gifted with the arcane ability to generate and control electricity. But shortly after the birth of his younger sister, Orianna, his mother, Mavra, was lost in an accident that involved an explosion of an underground Zaunite smuggling operation in Piltover.

    Strickened by his wifes death, Corin began to centralize his world around his daughter, Orianna. This left Sebastian segregated in his grief, wanting, yet unable to receive the love of his father. A bone of contention for his father filled his heart as the years went by, although he masked it, knowing his sister needed their familty to remain as whole as possible, and that she, at least, deserved his love and respect.

    To his father's dismay, Orianna too died an untimely death. But when Sebastian went to give solace and seek comfort in his father, he was once again shut out. Instead, his father became obsessed with techmaturgy, insistent on creating someone else -a machine, of all things- to fill the void Orianna had left. Sebastian became furious, disowning his father, and leaving Piltover. He wandered his way to Zaun, hoping to drown his anger in the freedom of Zaun's underground. He became a rising star in the arena pits, quickly and charismaticaly dispatching his opponents with his over-the-top use of electricity; Through this, he quickly earned a new name amongst the citizens of Zaun: The Squall of the Pits.

    In time he had accumulated a small fortune from his winnings; All but forgetting the anger he felt for his father, but his "peace" only lasted so long. His father had succeeded in creating the abomination of a machine to "fulfill" his sister. Flooded once more with malice, Sebastian was filled with but one desire: Crush the machine in the arena and shatter whatever was left of his father's spirit.

    While being an experienced fighter, Sebastian knew he wasn't to par with the champions of the League. Using his knowledge of techmaturgy and his small fortune, he employed some of Zaun's more unsavory resources to build a device to amplify his electrical magic, and dubbed it the "A.E. Surger", (Amplified Electronic Surger.)With his new weapon, Sebastian made his way to the Institute of War as a champion of Zaun, determined to join the League and send the desecration of his sisters memories to the void.
    Health: 420 (+85) /At 18: 1950
    Health Regen p/5: 6 (+.55) /At 18: 15.9
    Mana: 240 (+60) /At 18: 1320
    Mana Regen p/5: 7 (+.6) /At 18: 17.8
    Armor: 13 (+3.7) /At 18: 79.6
    MR: 30
    Movement: 345
    AD: 50 (+3) /At 18: 104
    AS: 0.625 (+2.25%) /At 18: .878
    Range: 425
    Electric Outburst
    Sebastian's A.E. Surger stores excess energy from spells, releasing it in a large burst when fully charged. Every 3rd spell cast, Sebastian's next auto attack deals magic damage equal to 25/50/75/100/125/150+7% of his maximum mana to all enemies within 250 range of the target hit, (including the target.) This will apply a 2 stacks of Ionize to enemies hit by Electric Outburst if Flash Detonation is not on cooldown.

    Surging Squall   Cooldown: 5/4.5/4/3.5/3   Range: 450   Mana: 20/27/34/41/48
    Releases a vibrant whip of electricity in a straight line in front of Sebastian, (linear skill-shot,) dealing 35/65/95/125/155(+40%AP) magic damage to enemies hit. Deals an additional +10% damage to enemies hit by Surging Whip within the last 7 seconds, to a max of 5 stacks. Surging Squall does not interrupt movement. If Surging Squall applies a 5th stack of Ionize to a target, that target is silenced for 1.5 seconds.

    Passive: Static Transference
    While Crackling Transit is off cooldown, whenever Sebastian would apply a stack of Ionize to an enemy, (even if they're already at max stacks,) he receives a stack of Static, giving him +2/3/4/5/6% movement speed for 6 seconds, to a max of 5 stacks. (Only 1 stack of Static may be gained per skill use.)

    Active: Crackling Transit   Cooldown: 21/20/19/18/17   Range: 500   Mana: 80
    Sebastian consumes his stacks of Static, allowing him to teleport a short distance, doubling his current movement speed bonus from Static Transference for 2 seconds after teleporting.
    Passive: Ionize
    Enemies hit by Sebastian's skills, (including his passive,) become "Ionized" and have their Magic Resist reduced by 2% up to a max of 5 stacks for 6 seconds, (this reduction persists for the remaining duration after Ionize stacks are consumed.) Does not apply stacks while Flash Detonation is on cooldown.

    Flash Detonation   Cooldown: 6   Range: 1000   Mana: 45/60/75/90/105
    Removes all stacks of "Ionized" from enemies within range, dealing 15/25/35/45/55(+10%AP) magic damage per stack. Enemies who have 5 stacks of Ionize on them that are hit by Flash Detonation are blinded for 2.5 seconds. Gives Sebastian 1% cooldown reduction per stack of Ionize consumed for 10 seconds, (stacks when refreshed.) (Does not interrupt movement.)
    Voltaic Eruption   Cooldown: 140/120/100   Range: 750-1000   Mana: 100/140/180
    Sebastian channels a large electrical discharge up to 2.5 seconds, increasing the radius and damage the longer the skill is channeled. Deals 250/300/400(+50%AP) magic damage, +50/75/100 magic damage per half-second channeled, (beyond the first half-second.) Radius begins at 750 and increases by 25 per .25 seconds channeled. Instantly applies 1 stack of Ionize on cast, and +1 stack per second channeled (up to 3 total stacks, including the initial.) Targets hit by Voltaic Eruption who are brought to 5 stacks of Ionized on them are stunned for 1.5 seconds. (Hard CC and silences interrupt Ion Storm's channel, causing it to go off early.)

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