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    Dragon Genocide; Horrok, the Drake's Bane


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    Dragon Genocide; Horrok, the Drake's Bane

    Post by Bliztron on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:41 am

    Health: High
    Attack: Average
    Spell: Low
    Difficulty: 55/100

    Health: 415 (+90)
    Health Regen: 6.5 (+.5)
    Attack Damage: 54 (+3.8)
    Armor: 18 (+3.2)
    Attack Speed: .68 (+1.8%)
    Magic Resist: 30 (+1.25)
    Range: 125
    Movement Speed: 305

    Passive- Building Strength: After 8 sec of not using an ability, Horrok's next ability will be 50% more effective. (Represented with a *[x])

    Q- Scale Breaker: Horrok charges his next basic attack, causing it to deal 4/6/8/10/12% *[6/9/12/15/18%] of the enemy's maximu health as additional physical damage. After the damage, if the enemy is under 50% health, they are stunned for 1 *[1.5] sec.
    CD: 8/8/7/7/6

    W- Draconic Spike: Horrok throws his spear at an enemy, dealing 30/50/70/90/110 *[45/75/105/135/165] (+.9 AD) physical damage. If the enemy is a champion, that champion is dragged to Horrok at a speed of 400 *[600]. If the enemy moves while being dragged, they are instead slowed by 50% *[75%]. Lasts Pulls the target for up to 2 *[3] sec.
    CD: 12
    Range: 450

    E- Belly Buster: Horrok slices his enemy, dealing 80/120/160/200/240 (+.8 AD) *[120/180/240/300/360 (+1.2 AD)] physical damage. If the enemy was facing Horrok, this ability causes them to bleed, dealing an additional 40/50/60/70/80 (+.2 AD) *[60/75/90/115/120 (+.3 AD)] damage over 3 sec.
    CD: 15
    Range: 125

    R- Wyrm Hunter: (Passive) Horrok gains a Wyrm Hunter as a companion. These companions have 200/300/400 (+.5 AD) health and take 35% reduced damage from all non-turret attacks. They have 8/10/12 health regen. They have 400 range and cannot attack. Instead, upon attacking, they channel for 2 sec, chaining the enemy to the ground during the time. They then die. Wyrm Hunters re-spawn after 40/30/20 sec. You must use Alt- Rightclick to make the Wyrm Hunter attack.

    (Active) Horrok settles into a state of prow, granting him a 1/2/3 sec stealth and granting him 20/30/40% increased movement speed for 5 sec. In addition, all of his abilities have their CD's reduced by 8 and his passive is instantly proc-ed. His Wyrm Hunter re-spawns as well.
    CD: 100


    Playing As
    -Use your pull to get to an enemy so you can use Belly Buster
    -Use Scale Breaker as either a utility spell or for offense.
    -Draconic Spike also slows the enemy if they are following you, so you can use it to escape.

    Playing Against
    -Use pokes to your advantage since he has little range.
    -Watch out for his pull, since it can get you next to him fast
    -Stop moving if chasing him and he uses his E, since it will slow you if you move.

    Speaks in a voice that contains a hint of tired pride

    -Let us take down the evils, once again

    -Moving to the ranks
    -Quick, quick!
    -They need us
    -Attempt to use awareness, summoner

    -Die, fiend!
    -You will fall like all the rest
    -I have lived my whole life hunting
    -Show no mercy

    Upon attacking Shyvana
    -You shall die like your kind, horror!

    -Johnathon, lead us to victory....
    (Horrok stabs his spear into the ground and tries to hold himself up, but falls finally)

    Appearance/ Animation
    Horrok look a little like a knight, but wears mutated dragon-skin as armor. The skin resembles swollen Black dragon skin. His belt has a dragon tooth strapped on it.

    Basic Attack: He slashes horizontally with his sword.

    Critical Strike 1 (Normal): He slashes his sword vertically

    Critical Strike 2 (Kill): He slices through the enemies' throat.

    Q: His sword glows red and he chances stances. When he attacks, it hits vertically.

    W- He places his spear on his shoulder than chucks it at an enemy. It stabs through the enemy's leg and Horrok pulls on the leather ropes attached.

    E- Horrok Slices the enemy. If it is facing him, he stabs it through the gut.

    R- The Wyrm Hunter is about 3/4 the size of Horrok. They hold a spear and are slightly crouched. When channeling, the throw their spear and press the end of the metal strand to the ground.

    Coming Soon


    After the first rune war a small band of soldiers separated from their main camp were lost in the woods. There they were the first to see the effects of excessive use of magic on the rest of the world, once natural creatures stronger and faster but deformed, twisted and angry. No one believed them save one mage that sensed something was wrong but couldn't tell what. They lead the mage to where they saw the creature but when they arrived the "disturbance" had already spread. Out of fear of persecution they decided to keep it secret and to combat the "evils" on there own. Through the centuries they managed to keep their fight secret from the world but still add more soldiers to there cause and spread their reach to every kingdom without notice. Even in the present day with the Institute of War monitoring the use of magic the war between the White Flame and the dark creatures and evil beings let loose in the world is fought in the shadows...for now.

    Horrok was a soldier they recruited from Ionia. He was extremely skilled and quickly escalated the rankings. Soon he found himself a commander. What stood out about this man was his sharp wits when fighting the Draconic mutations that was part of the creatures they fought. He created a sub-division called the Wyrm Hunters, a specially trained unit that knew every weakness of a draconian creature. His younger brother, Johnathon, is his head captain, and will be promoted if Horrok died.

    Edit Log
    -Reduced the damage per second on Belly buster from 60/80/100/120/140 to 40/50/60/70/80, but extended the belled duration to 3 sec, up from 2, as well as reduced the CD by 1 sec
    -Reduced the snare duration on Wyrm Hunter from 3 to 2, amnd reduced the respawn time of Wyrm Hunters from 45/35/25 to 40/30/20
    -Recommended Build has been updated


    Recommended Build
    1. Doran's Blade
    2. Mercury's Treads
    3. Last Whisper
    4. Maw of Malmortius
    5. Frozen Mallet
    6. Iceborn Gauntlet

    1. Prospector's Blade
    2. Mercury's Treads
    3. Maw of Malmortius
    4. Frozen Mallet
    5. Infinity Edge
    6. Odyn's Veil

    Fighter, Melee, Bruiser


    IP Cost: 6300
    RP Cost: 975

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