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    Role Requirements Empty Role Requirements

    Post by Bliztron on Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:09 am

    TL;DR: An insightful guide for people creating champions, old or new (but more for the newer ones).

    Welcome Everyone to my guide of Role Requirements. For more creation tips, guides, and miscellaneous, visit the links listed at the bottom of the page.
    NOTE= Not all aspects of this guide are completed. They will be completed in the future, so hold your reponses to that day.
    I'll start of this guide with a little bit about the Author. My gamer name is Bliztron, named after my dead pet ferret. I have been champcrafting for a little under 1 year and I love it. What I have seen in recent days has shocked me. New champions are missing very important things that overall create a champion. My fellow summoner's stole all the other topics, so I'll delve into the extremely important topic of Role Requirements.

    What is a Role Requirement?

    A Role Requirement is the item, tool, and everything a certain role needs to fulfill his given task. For example, a Tank needs CC. That is what is called a Role Requirement. Role Requirements are what forms our current system of champions, meta, and overall game. Roles define any given champion, and are primarily used to create a highly functional team.

    Every role has thier own strengths and weaknesses, and piling on the same role can ruin a team's strength. For example, having a team of 5 Mages is a bad idea. Mages have good Ability Power burst and lock downs, but lack survivability and ability to pierce magic resistance.

    How many roles can there be?

    There are many different roles. Many champions are dual-roled. Dual-roled champions can perfom a gret amount of tasks and are very versatile. Such Examples are Lee Sin, Wukong, and Alistar. Other examples are Master Yi, Nidalee, and Jayce. Not all champions are versatile like the ones listed above. many have a single role. Lets call these champions P.R Champions, or Primary Role Champions.

    Got it so far? Good!

    Pfft, I know this stuff already. I know all about Tanks having finishers!

    Even if you know a great deal about the Roles in League of Legends, I still recommend reading this guide, as well as the others listed. You may be the best, but everyone has room to improve. Also included in the guide are things NOT to do when creating a role. I strongly think that everyone should read through this guide, as I hope to make it interesting and educational. I even have room for improvement, so leave your feedback after the entire post.

    Ok, lets go through some saftey tips for new champcrafters

    • Read all attributes to a given role
    • Look out for bolded words, as they are more than likely Vocabulary words
    • Read BOTH sections on a given Role. Read the Attributes, and the don't do's
    • Its easy to get lost, but easy to find your way again
    • All text on this thread belongas to me and is my personal opinion. If you have a problem with the information displayed, feel free to reply but keep in mind that this is for the benefit of new champcrafters.
    • Keep an open mind


    In order to build a successful concept, you must leave out some off the requirements listed undwer each role. Having everything ahnded to the player bores the player and other players. Keep at least one thing missing at all times during gameplay, to allow counterbuild and strategy.


    Tanks are very commonly known. Tanks are big, tough people who charge into combat and keep thier allies alive by shutting down the enemy team. Tanks often have large health pools and defenses to help them stay alive. The Following are characteristics of the Tank:

    • Survivability
    • CC (Croud Control)
    • Initiation
    • Defense Steroids
    • Real Life Taunt

    Now, you may understan the above terms, and you may not. Don't worry, I will get into them.

    One of the MOST important things a Tank needs is survivability, whether it is by health, defenses, oor just by being a solid CC wall. This very attribute has bred the word Tanky, which will be further covered in Tanky DPS.

    The second thing tanks need, and the second most important, is a way to shut down enemies, or CC. This stands for Crowd Control, and can be achieved from stuns, snares, silences, knockups, knockbacks, and more!

    Now we get into the seconday requirements. An important aspect of tanking is Initiation. Initiation is where a player, the tank, decides when to engage the enemy team, and virtually forces the enemies to fight back. Initiation is what starts teamfights. Take Malphites' Ult, for example. He rushes intio an enemy and knocks them up, forcing an engagement and also starting out powerful. Other champions in other roles have forms of Initiation, such as Ashe's ultimate or Blitzcrank's Q.

    Another important aspect of tanking is a defense steroid. A Defense steroid adds large bonuses to the user's defenses, such as Armor, Magic resistance, or health. Examples include Rammus' Defense Curl, Leona's Sunlight shield, and Alistar's ultimate. Other examples are Dr. Mundo's Ultimate, Cho'gath's ultimate, Feast, and Malphite's W. All of these examples increase the likelyhood that the tank will be able to absorb the damage drown by Real Life Aggro.

    Real Life Aggro is somewhat like a real life mindcontrol. It taunts the other player to attack you out of fear or irrationality. Cho'Gath is a perfect example of this, as iis Singed. Cho'Gath's ultimate, Feast, allows him to grow larger, eventually becoming giant in size, which often times will strike fear it enemy players. Singed's ult allows him to haul at you and strike fear into you, sending you into primal mode. This primal mode tells you to shut downthis enemy, making you blow your CC and atacks on it. Real Life Aggro is almost as important as CC, but can be skipped while still making a considerable champion concept.

    What Not To Do

    -Don't make your tank ranged. A tank needs to be up front in the enemies' faces, and, sadly, a ranged tank just can't do that.

    -A Tank that uses Rage. What the anti-ragetank rule boils down to is that you need to be effective during ALL aspects of the fight, which includes the beginning. Rage is a system where the player's power grows as the player is in battle. They have a weak start, which is exactly what a tank doesn't want.

    -A tank that can't die. A tank, even though they are tough, needs to be able to die. If your tank runs around at high speeds with a great defense and a great health pool, and pretty much is unkillable, its not a good concept. Tanks need to be able to die. The major problem I have with Volibear, Mundo, and Singed right now is that they can go in, survive, and get out without the threat of dying wever on thier shoulder's.


    A support is virtually the opposite to the tank. A support is the one to stand back, really squishy, that keeps allies alive by buffing them and sometimes CCing enemies. A good thing to keep in mind while creating a support is that they need to be able to help your allies more than yourself. Take Soraka and Janna for example. Soraka's E is beneficial to allies, as ias her W, E, and Q with its debuff. All aspects of her aassist her teamates in fights, instead of personally herself. Janna has a shield, and alot of CC to keep enemies' awauy from her al;lies. Her ultimate keeps enemies claer and heals allies, and her Q helps allies have a slight speed advantage.

    • Heals, Shields, or Ally Stat Increases
    • Mobility
    • CC
    • Enemy Debuffs

    The most important thing on a support character and the one thing that is, basically, a nessecity, is some sort of supporting mechanic. You need to save youer allies, which is most commonly done through heals, shields, and defense steroids. A support without a heal, shield, or defense steroid buff, is generally not a support.

    Another thing important to a support is mobility. In the fray, a support needs to be able to keep on her toes and help her allies do the same. Think of Karma's and Orianna's W. They both allow Karma and alles to quickly move around the combat. janna and Kayle also have this mechanic.

    Another very important mechanic tio a support, much like a tank, is that they should be able to stop enemies from focusing your important people. Cc is usually in the form of snares, stuns, and silences.

    A not as important but second to most commonly seen aspect of a support is the enemy debuff. This can be described as Kayle's Q speed modifier, Karma's W, Janna's W speed modifier, Soraka's magic resistance debuff, and Orianna's speed modifier.

    Not To Do

    -Make a tanky support. This can be described as an Alistar with a good heal and good mobility increases, or a Leona with a targetable heal and shield. A support needs CC, but NEVER get them mixed up with tanks.

    -A Support with endless mana/health resources. A support that never has to go back and/or can virtually prevent an ally from having to go back is immediately a bad support champion. Supports need restrictions, and need it solidly.

    -High Attack Damage. This encourages a support to last hit, which is not fun and generally is a poor idea.


    Mages are the Ability Power building, commonly squishy, nukers who focus almost purely on thier abilities. They generally have considerate cooldowns and low attack damage.

    • Ap Nukes
    • Comboes, often involving CC
    • Good Ranged Poke

    A Mage needs the least amouynt of things, but needs the most fleshed out detail. A Mage virtually is a high damage nuke system that goes off of comboes. Mages can be hard to make, and are often not looked at thoroughly enough, resulting in a OP or UP concept.

    The major thing about a Mage is it needs to be AP, or Ability Powered. If its not AP, they lack important aspects of a Mage style champion, and can become OP extremely quickly, having able auto attacks and deadly abilities.

    The biggest requirement and the utmost neccesity of a Mage is that thier ability set needs to combo, often with a smudge of CC thrown into the mix. This can be achieved many ways, and the buggest way to mess up is making it TOO comboed. You can't make the champion a QWER champion. It needs to be a QWE EWQ WQE champion, having a variety of abilities that can be comboed for the wanted result. Such an example is Brand. Depending of the combo, you can have a single target burst, a single target utility, or a AoE burst nuke. The main thing of a Mage is that they are able to combo in a wide variety of ways.

    Another extremely important characteristic of the Mage role is thier ability to poke. Poking is the ability to pick and poke at ajn enemies healtgh without putting yourself in danger. Oftentimes this is represented as a skillshot or an AoE with large range and/or radius.

    Not To Do

    -AD Mage. A high Auto Attack damage and ability mage results in just too much dps that overpowers everything else.


    Coming Soon


    A jungler is, by far, the easiest role to recreate, but the HARDEST role to master. Making a jungler is easy. Making a great jungler is harder. Jungler is the only role I give you, the champcrafter, permission to include all of the requirements, or at least all but Mobility, which is explained further in the later paragraphs. In order to have a successful jungler role, you need:

    • Sustain
    • AoE CC or MORE sustain
    • High base defense and health
    • Mobility
    • Ganking Mechanic (REQUIRED)

    Sustain is the second most important thing a Jungler needs. Take Alistar's E, Taric's Q, Gangplank's W, Volibear's Passive, Warwick's passive and Q, and Nocturne's Passive into example. These junglers all need a form of sustain, which lets them last in the jungle longer and allows them to survive in the jungle. Is it ABSOLUTELY required? Not EXACTLY. For example, Evelyn does not have sustain but can still jungle. This works, but only under special circumstances. It is recommended to avoid leaving out sustain in your champion concept.

    This second catagory is, as it says in the list, a choice for the champion designer and for the players. You can add 1 of these two mechanics and still have a working design. These choices are AoE CC, or more sustain. Take, for example, Warwick. He has 2 sustain abilities and his W makes his Passive proc more, furthering his sustain. He lacks AoE CC, though, which is a choice.

    Another thing that is important to a jungler is high base defenses and health. Your jungler needs to be able to survive the onslaught of enemy attacks in the beggining, and this is the perfect tool for the job. Can you skip this attribute? Yes, but it GREATLY reduces the chance you have a good concept.

    Mobility was mentioned before in the start of this role and in the Support role. Mobility for a jungler is different that for a support. Mobility for a jungler is the ability to get from one minion camp to another, which is often left out more also often included. This includes Amumu's Q, Fiora's E speed boost, and Nocturne's Q speed boost.

    The last mechanic for a jungler is required. Yes, its REQUIRED. Take Amumu's Q, Evelyn's stealth, Rammus' Q, Nautulius' Q, Nocturne's ultimate, Warwick's Ultimate, and fiddlesticks' ultimate. Each of these champions has a way to leap into a lane and CC an escaping enemy. This is very important for a jungler. It is, and should be, the only thing you ab****ely need.

    Not to Do

    -Don't give a jungler no ganking mechanic (explained above)

    -A jungler that RELIES on on his allies CC and cannot do anything by himself. Every jungler has a way to assist in the catch of a enemy champion, and he should have. Its very easy to fail a jungler design by discluding CC.

    Ad (Ranged) Carry

    An AD Carry is the overall Basic Attack Damage output on your team, and it is one ofthe most important roles in a team. An AD Carry needs to have a few key attributes to be effective, and are usually focused down by enemies. The are the people that need to last hit minions and build up farm, or cs (minion kills).

    • Attack Damage or Attack Speed increase
    • Positioning
    • Strong basic attacks
    • Good Poke
    • Good Farming mechanic

    In order to have an AD Carry at all, you need some way to emphasis using basic attacks. On Teemo this is done with empowered basic attacks, but Teemo falls under the Hybrid Catagory, explained later. Vayne has her Silver Bolts, Corki has his passive, and Varus has his W. Each of thesere ways to boost thier effectiveness on basic attacks. Basic attacks are what defines an AD carry, and they should have some way to power them up.

    Positioning is also a very important mechanic on the AD Carry. Vayne has Tumble, Corki has Valkyrie, and Caitlyn has her E Net. An AD Carry is going to be under extremely heavy fire, and they need a way to shift themselves inside of combat to avoid things like AoEs and Skillshots.

    This next attribute is a obvious one, and was explained in the first part, but it DOES need its own section for clarification. A AD Carry needs a strong base Attack Damage Stat and good scaling to be effective. If they don't have this, they just aren't good AD Carries. Now, don't give them REALLY high AD, like 58 (+3) [Garen], but keep it higher than average, to about 54 (+2.4).

    If you have read this giude thus far, Poke on an AD Carry is much like Poke on a Mage. Unlike a Mage, however, poke on an AD Carry is slightly different. An Ad Carry's poke needs to start out more powerful than a Mages, but as time goes on, the damage dwindles down to lower than a Mages, leaving room for basic attacks. This mechanic is BEST represented by Ashe, who has a powerful beggining W, but it lacks in power as the ability is leveled.

    The final attribute a AD Carry needs is a good farming mechanic. Again, we will go back to Caitlyn, who has her passive basically give a free minion kill every like 4 basic attacks. This mechanic is very important. Take Vayne, who has her Q make her next basic attack deal more damage. The interesting thing about farming, is that it is usually incorporated into another mechanic, usually basic attack empowerments.

    Not To Do

    -Give your AD Carry a large health pool. A large health AD Carry is a badly created AD Carry. This makwes for anti-fun play, and it overall diminishes the overall gameplay.

    -Large Ability base Damage. Large Base ability damage is the opposite of what I said in my earlier portion ok Poke. They need thier ability damage to diminish, usually in the form of AP ratios.

    Bruiser vs Fighter

    Bruisers and Fighters are often mashed together, and people don't know the differencews they have. While they are very close, the have large comparisons to them. Think of a scale with a AD Melee Carry and a Tank. Closer to the tank side is the Bruiser Role, a role that carries good defenses and also carrying the attributes of strong Melee attacks. Closer to the Ad Carry is the Fighter, with more damage and mobility but less defense and health.

    • Defense and/or large health
    • Strong Physical damage abilities
    • 'Come Here' mechanic


    • Mobility
    • Survival mechanic
    • Strong Basic attacks

    A Bruiser is more tank than AD Carry, so he or she possesses a good amount of survivability, though not as much as a Tank. This is more often than not imbued into base stats of the Bruiser. When combined with the characterist of the 'Come Here' Mechanic listed above and explained below, they need to be able to take, or tank, a large portion of damage. This can be achieved like Olaf's Ultimate, Garen's W shield, or Malphites brutal defense (Hes also a tank).

    The second thing a Bruiser needs is powerful physical damage abilities.. It IS possible to make a magic damage Bruiser, but most of the time you will have a champion such as Renekton, Riven, and Garen. These abilities, unlike abilities on a AD Ranged Carry, will have somewhat large CDs and large base/bonus AD damage.

    The final requirement is a powerful one. This is the 'Come Here' mechanic. A 'Come Here' mechanic is something like Darius' E, Blitzcrank's Q, or Garen's speed boost Q. All of these close the distance from an enemy, but in a different way that Assassins and Melee Carries. This can also be achieved with CC, like Sion's Q, or Malphite's Q. Whatever it is, make sure to have a 'Come Here' mechanic.


    Mobility is one of the major things that seperates a Bruiser and a Fighter. Take Tryndamere for example. Tryndamere has a good dash of sorts on a very low CD, allowing him to dance around his foes. Tryndamere is the prime example of a Fighter.

    Fighters usually have a survival mechanc. Don't get a survival mechanic mixed uyp with survivability. Survivabilityy prevents you or reduceas the chance that you will become low on Health. A Survival Mechanic allows the Fighter to get out of the jaws of death. Take Tryndamere once again. His ultimate allows him to virtually get away from the actual brink of death. This is the prime example of a Survival Mechanic.

    Fighters are closer to Melee Carries, so they need strong basic attacks. Sorry for the continual refrence, but once again, I will call upon Tryndamere. His attack damage is 57.66 (+3). A Fighter needs higher than average Attack Damage. With a Fighter, you can even go as far as giving them really great AD.

    Not To Do

    -Give A Bruiser too much CC. Giving a Bruiser too much CC either makes a OP damage disabler, or a tank. Neither of these things is what you want.

    -Giving a Fighter too much Sustain. A Fighter has really great damage, mobility, and sometimes has good CC. Adding good sustain, most of the time, destroys a concept and can quickly make the Fighter OP.


    Coming Soon

    Ranged vs Melee

    Coming Soon

    Stealth: What does it mean

    Coming Soon

    Stealth: Creating A Champion

    Coming Soon

    Other Guides

    Wuffle's Champion Creating for Dummies Perfect for begginers. Explains all the core content with a touch of personal opinion.

    Champion Creation Tips v3 by Katsuni. This guide takes it to a whole new level, featuring everything you'll ever need for champion design.

    How To Make Your Own Skill Icons by Johnrulz77. Need help in Icon DEsign? Look at rthis guide! I've never reviewed it personally, but I've heard good reviews!

    Darkpercy's Guide to Champion's Base Stats Once again, I never looked at this, but It has recieved alot of good feedback and looks interesting enough.

    How to Review a Champion by Jakyoboy. Almost as important to read as maiing a champion yourself.

    CLIENT CHAT Interesting thing I discovered a little while ago. Come check it out. Its like a whole new universe.

    Fan Creations: Champion Index This is the list of all the champions invented recently, and just plain out deserves a spot as a guide. Look at some of the concepts here and you'll have a surge of inspiration.

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    Oh jeez. I failed to realize it when I jotted the idea down, but the champ I asked you to help me do the lore for is a jungler. He has pretty good sustain AND an AoE cc ability. I just realized I accidentally broke one of your rules. Sad

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    Quick fix to the hyperlinks is to take out the " marks

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    Got links fixed

    If you need help, contact me!

    I'm currently working on a novel called Rift of Dreams

    I also am designing new champions on this new forum! If you like my work, check the others I have!

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