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    Life Flows; Ankil, the Diseased Priest


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    Life Flows; Ankil, the Diseased Priest

    Post by Bliztron on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:45 am

    Health: Average
    Attack: Weak
    Spell: Strong
    Difficulty: Medium

    Health: 415 (+85)
    Health Regen: 5.9 (+.6)
    Attack Damage: 50 (+2.5)
    Armor: 12 (+3.2)
    Attack Speed: .68 (+1.8%)
    Magic Resist: 32 (+1)
    Range: 450
    Movement Speed: 310

    Passive- Rapid Rejuvenation: For each 3% of health missing, Ankil gains 1 health regen per 5. Under 20% health, she recieves 5% increased healing.

    Q- Hemoglobin Transition: Ankil deals 20/35/60/75/90 magic damage to all nearby enemies and returns 20/40/60/80/100% of the damage as health (+.3 AP to total). If Lives Intertwined is active, Ankil returns 80/100/120/140/160% of the damage as health.
    CD: 18
    Health Cost: None
    Range: 625

    W- Wings of Restoration: Ankil targets 3 allies.She clicks three times. fter the thirs click, she sends out a dove made of sparkolng blood to the first target. When it reaches its first target, that target is healed by 45/80/115/150/185 (+.9 AP). The dove passes throught them and continues onto heal the secoond target by 25/50/75/100/125 (+.6 AP). The dove then implodes on the final target, healing it by 10/25/40/55/70 (+.2 AP). Click on nothing to launch at only the selwectecd target. If Lives Intertwined is active, the first wo allies hit gain 15/20/25/30/35% increased movement speed and the final target gains 5/10/15/20/15 addittional armor.
    CD: 20/19/18/17/16
    Health Cost: 70/120/170/220/270
    Range: 800

    E- Bloody Encasement: Ankil calls upon her own blood to protect an ally, granting them 15/35/55/75/95 armor and 2/4/6/8/10 (+.05 AP) health regen, or snare an enemy for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 sec. 10% of the damage dealt to the snared target is returned to Ankil as health. If Lives Intertwined is active, the snare also deals 20/40/60/80/100 (+.3 AP) magic damage and the empowerment also grants the ally 10/15/20/25/30 magic resistance.
    CD: 15
    Ally Buff Duration: 5 sec
    Health Cost: 10% of Ankil's health
    Range: 750

    Ultimate- Lives Intertwined: Ankil creates links between all allies and enemies in a very large radius around herself. Ankil moves 10/20/30% faster. All aoe spells deal 20/30/40% less damage and all basic attacks deal 10/20/30% less damage. Lasts 6 sec. Each sec this is activated, allies are healed for 2/3/4% of thier max health.
    CD: 140/130/120
    Radius: 1000


    Playing As
    -Rapid Restoration will keep you alive, so you can be aggressive in lane
    -Hemoglobin Transition is best used when surrounded by enemies, since it heals more for each nearby enemy hit.
    -Do not be careless when using most of your abilities, since they will drain your health quickly
    -Transfer Lifeblood, although caring a great cost, heals an ally champion AND another ally, be it minion or champion
    -Bloody Encasement is both aa strong offensive ability and good defensive support ability
    -Use Bloody Encasement to keep an ally safe from harm, or as a CC effect and heal to yourself

    Playing Against
    -Constantly harrassing will not be the best of choice due to Rapid Restoration, but burst damage will help
    -Try to spread out when ganking Ankil since her Q will help her stay alive if you surround her
    -Try to trigger your aoe attacks before Ankil uses Lives Intertwined

    (Talks in a raspy voice that contains a hint of righteousness)

    -You are under MY will

    -These lands are ripe for the taking
    -Come and bow to me
    -Summoners do not control me
    -Exceptional behavior

    -Thier blood will flow
    -Your defenses are weak
    -Sacrifices MUST be made
    -Are you aligned with the evil?

    -I will return to claim your soul, mortal!
    (falls through the groud and tries to grip the ground, but is pulled below by death)

    She is a decrepit, ancient women with her skin fallin off in some places. She walks with an aura of dignity and seemimgly is oblivious that she is dead.

    Q- She would seemingly drain the life essence from nearby enemies. Upon reaching her, she would glow faintly red, then go back to normal appearance.

    W- expels blood from herslf that cloaks the ally and sinks intgo its body.

    E- Blood slithers from her to encaes an ally or enemy. Allies, encasement fades away to reveal red-tinted skin, while an enemy would be changed into complete blood red.

    R- Red phantasmal chains of illusionary blood would connect the allies and enemies.

    Mummified Ankil- Its a mummy!
    Holy Ankil- Glows and is not dead any longer
    Royal Ankil- Has a crown and royal garn

    Lanes and Team Cohension

    Summoner's Rift

    In Summoner's Rift, Ankil should go dual lane. She has great survivability with good damage and support abilities. It will be hard to push hert and her ally out of lane.

    Solo Top

    In solo top, Ankil acn use her abilities to keep her in the lane. Her W will be useless unless with a gank and her E will only be half as useful. Spamming a E snare Q combo will keep you alive and deal damage, and will be helpful.


    Your not even a jungler! Ankil has no jungling abilities, but her Q can help her stay alive if you are desperate.


    Ankil can mid considerably good, ut she runs into the same problems as in solo top. Follow the instructions on solo top and use your E as a snare to escape ganks.

    Dual Lane (Should be bot)

    Ankil is a good support, and is most effective with an ally. Use your W to keep your ally up, while using your Q to farm and heal yourself. Be cautious when healing your allyy, however, as you cannot regain health as easily as you can burn it. Use your E as a protective membrace when needed or as snare initiator. Using E will increase health regen, which will bwe useful, too.

    Twisted Treeline

    Laning and cohension is not as important here, but it is still viable. You should go dual bot. In the very start, pick Q for some aoe damage and substain.

    Solo Top

    Here, you should use the same base rules and plans as in Summoner's Rift. Watch mias carefully and use E's secondary effect to escape when needed.

    Dual Lane (Usually Bot)

    As with Solo Top, plans are extremely close to Summoner's Rift. Supporting is not needed as much in Twisted Treeline, but usig a well timed W can save a life.

    The Crystal Scar
    This fast paced, less cautious type can work well for Ankil, but for another reason than supporting.Her Q will do alot of aoe damage and her E snare can back enemies paty. Also her ult helps with mobility.

    Solo Bot

    You can deal with the champion, with your substain keeping you high.Although this is a good laning choice, you can lack the damage nessesary to push a long range asd carry out before dying.

    Mid Own Capture

    This will slow down you and, ultimatly, your game. Although you can grab mid, whe you get to top, most of the team fight will be over.


    This choice is golden for Ankil. With your Q dealing aoe damage, your E stopping the melee fighter, and your W keeping an ally alive at a crucial moment, you can be great. Watch your own health, however.

    Mid Enemy Capture

    You should not do this. You can help so much more in team combat and the enemy will be able to see you grabbing thier point..

    Long ago lived an organization of Archmages, the very foundation of the world. They lived eternal, with only one way to slay them. The only way they could die was by a pheonix's feather dipped in dragon blood, imbued by one of their own's magic. They thought theselves safe forever. They were wrong. After nearly 4 milenia, a mortal, along with him bride, Ankil, forged arrows that incleded each of the things that was the Ancient's death. They hunted down and murded each of Ancients, until not a single one lived. hen, in an act of betrayal, Ankil's husband murded her with the weapon she herself had imbued. The Ancient's reign had ended.

    Ankil lived in the spirit realm with absolute hatred and longed greatly for retribution. She knew the mortal she had once been wed to was dead, but that would not stop her from reestablishing her kins grasp on the world. Then, a strange being known as Yorick called her back. She flew out of the spirit realm, releasing her kin as well. They were back and they knew what the wanted. The world would be in thier hands again, and the League would be thier link to doing so.

    Edit Log
    -Reduced W heal to 20/40/60/80/100 from 25/50/75/100/125
    -Nerfed Passive to give a 1/2% of health reghen instead of a full %
    -Removed "all effects dealt are increased by 5/10/15%" from ultimate
    -Modified Passive to lower its substain ability
    -Q deals more damage, but heals less, ult active or not
    -Increased healing on W, lowered cost, and lowered ratio by .1
    -Increased magic resist granted from E by 5 per level
    -W completely remodeled, from a target heal tht linked to an additional ally to a targeted 3 person heal

    Reccommened Build
    1. Ruby Crystal
    2. Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    3. Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    4. Will of the Ancients
    5. Spirit Visage
    6. Shurelya's Reverie

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