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    Arilian, Queen of the Elements v2


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    Arilian, Queen of the Elements  v2 Empty Arilian, Queen of the Elements v2

    Post by Havoc202 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:43 am

    Arilian, Queen of the Elements

    Gender - Female
    Race - Human
    Origin - Unknown
    Alliance - Define which Side is good or Bad? She is in the Same League as Janna....
    Class: Hybird, Support, Ap Caster, Jungle
    Weapon: Short Staff or Mace
    Attack Type: Melee
    Energy Source: Mana

    This Champion, Is Ment to Primarily Role as a Hybrid Champion, Meaning she uses both Ability Power and Attack Damage for her moves. She is a Shaman, A master of the 5 elements. I used Lightning this time to keep with nature but can be exchanged with Spirit.

    Innate : Elemental Discharge

    For every Spellcast or Auto-Attack, Arilian gains a Elemental Residue. Upon gaining the fifth Residue Stack. She Launches a Chain of Lighning.

    Number of Targets : 2/3/4/5

    Damage : 40% Ap

    Damage Reduction between targets

    1st Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target

    2nd Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target, 50% Reduction on the Third Target

    3rd Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target, 50% Reduction on the Third, 25% Reduction on the Fourth

    4th Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target, 50% Reduction Refuction on the Third Target. 25% on the Fourth Target, 12.5% Reduction on the Fifth Target

    Q : Molten Fury

    For every time Arilian casts Molten Fury in a 15 second time span she gets a cooldown Reduction of 1 Second. Stacks up to 5 times.

    Arilian Draws from the fire with in forming a ball of fire and throws at the enemy. Once it hits an Enemy Minion, Neutral Minion, or Enemy Champion, it explodes sending out and Aoe Splash Damage Affect.

    Damage : (40/80/120/160/200) (+ .45 Ap)

    Splash Damage : 50% of Initial Impact Damage

    CoolDown : 14/13/12/11/10

    Mana Cost : 60/60/60/60/60

    Range : 750

    AoE Splash Damage Range : 300

    W : Shattering Earth

    Arilian gathers up earth at her foot and stomps, cracking the earth beneath her. When the cracking Earth hits a minion or champion the target becomes slowed. If the Totem is hit with this ability one AoE pulse is sent out.

    [This Is A Skill Shot]

    Damage : 80/110/140/170/200 (+.4 AD)

    AoE Wave if Totem gets hits : 1/2 of the base Damage

    AoE Wave Range : 325

    Slow : 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

    Mana Costs : 60/65/70/75/80

    Cooldown : 15/14/13/12/11

    Range : 750

    E : Totematic Explosion

    Arilian Places A Totem On the Ground. While the totem is down, it Stores damage. Towards the end of the ability you have to option to end early or wait till the totem expires. When the totem is popped early or expires, all party members and Arilian will gain a Small Shield and a Movement Speed Buff based upon the amount of Damage Stored. The amount of Damage Stored is Capped at Certian percent.

    Movement Speed Buff : 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

    Shield : 25/%35%/45%/55%/65% ( +1% additional per 50 Ap)

    Cap for Damage : 150/250/350/450/550 (+100% Total AD)

    Movement Speed and Shield Effect Effect : 4 Seconds

    Cooldown : After Totem Expired or Used. 10/10/10/10/10

    Aoe Range : 400

    Range for placement : 600

    Totem Duration : 6 Seconds

    Early Activation : You may activate this ability again once it is down for 3 seconds..

    R : Elemental Ascendsion

    Arilian Gathers the Elements into herself granting an Ad Ratio to her Q and an AP Ratio to her W. And Special Abilities to her moves.

    Active Bonuses :

    Q : Molten Fury

    The intial splash no longer occurs and it is replaced with smaller fire balls that due 50% less splash. Prioritizes Champions

    Number of Fireballs Produced : 2/3/4

    W: Shattering Earth

    Elemental Energy eminates from the broken earth reaching up and rooting the champion instead of slowing. Also does a small amount of magic Damage.

    Root Duration : 1/1.5/1.75 Seconds

    Magic Damage :30/60/90 (+.6 AP)

    E : Totemic Explosion

    The water magic from the totem rages when placed, causing the waters to churn into a whirlpool. This causes enemies to be pulled into the whirlpool and slowed signifigantly

    Slow : 50%/60%/70%

    Lasts for : 1/1.5/2 Seconds

    Ap and Ad : 15/20/25

    Ap and Ad Ratios :

    Molten Fury Ad Ratio : (+.6 AD)

    Shattering Earth Ap Ratio : (+.65 AP)

    Ultimate CoolDown : 180/170/160 Seconds

    Mana Cost : 200/225/250

    Duration : 5/6/7 Seconds

    Health :

    Hit Points : 480 ( + 80 p/Lvl) (1840 @ Lvl 18)
    Health Regen : 1.1 per 1 Second (+ .11p/lvl)
    Health Regen : 5.5 per 5 Seconds (+.55 p/lvl)

    Damage :

    Attack Speed : .67 ( +.017) (.959 @ Lvl 18)
    Damage : 57 ( + 3.2) (111.4 @ Lvl 18)

    Mana :

    Mana : 320 ( + 45 p/Lvl) (1085 @ Lvl 18)
    Mana Regen p1 :1.2 ( + .12 p/Lvl) (3.36 @ Lvl 18)
    Mana Regen p5 : 6.0 (+ .6 p/lvl) (16.2 @ Lvl 18)

    Resistances :

    Armor : 16 (+ 3 p/Lvl) (67 @ Lvl 18)
    Magic Resistance : 30 ( +1.25 p/Lvl) (48.25 @ Lvl 18)

    General :

    Range : 125
    Movement Speed : 315

    Primary Skin :

    Arilian Queen of the Elements

    Secondary Skin :

    Ascended Arilian

    Primalist Arilian

    Extra Content

    Judgement :

    Arilian - Queen of the Elements

    Candidate: Arilian


    The geological formations to the south of the Institute of War, -- particularly Mogron Pass and Mount Targon, -- oftentimes funneled strange weather northward from the Shurima Desert and Kumungu, so the occupants of the Institute were somewhat accustomed to sudden storms. But today…. There was something sentient about the clouds; they did not move in from the south. The did not move in from anywhere. They were just…. There, hovering strangely, as though waiting for something to happen. Grey and ominous, they appeared eager to release their torrents like a hydrous air raid. Thunder growled in the distance.

    Arilian entered the Great Hall, the smooth marble feeling strange beneath the soles of her feet after so many miles walked on the bare earth. She felt strangely disconnected within these walls; magic was thick on the air, a smog she had to swim through in order to maintain her bond with the elements. She did not care for all this cold lifeless marble; dead stone, stripped of life. She felt smothered. Nevertheless, she marched on, making her way to the towering twin doors.

    The doors loom high over the young woman, but Arilian did not appear intimidated. Thunder cracked directly over the Institute, shaking the building. A rush of wind blew through the front doors, and Arilian slowly lifted a few inches into the air, her eyes glowing white, her hands lifting to either side, conducting the forces around her. The earth rumbled and quaked and the twin doors parted, permitting admission to the impenetrable blackness of the Reflection Chambers within. Arilian cups her hands together, shaping a sphere; after a moment, fire flickers to life between her palms, and in a flash a gout of flame stabs into the darkness beyond, but is doused in the shadow, expiring in a hiss of smoke.

    Arilian frowns softly at this defiance, but does not appear intimidated.. The thunder overhead eases, the turbulent earth comes to rest. The whirling gale subsides, a gentle zephyr carrying her across the threshold.


    If Arilian had felt disconnected from the elements in the Great Hall, the Reflection Chamber left her feeling starkly naked; unbearably vulnerable. She felt completely cut off, unable to hear the call of the elements at all. A moment of panic gripped her; for half a decade she had always heard the voice of the planet, understood it, communed with it. Now, in this darkness…. She had never felt so alone.

    But the darkness was short lived. Her surroundings took on a russet luminosity. Her eyes began to ache from the intensity of it. And then her connection with the elements was suddenly stifled no longer.

    The first thing she felt was the pain; hot, horrific pain all over her body. She screamed, falling to her knees in the blackened soil. It was the earth, crying out to her; she felt its agony. She could not breathe; air struggled to speak to her, choked with smoke and ashes. The thunderous clouds overhead loosed their tempests in vain, unable to douse the inferno that consumed the land.

    It was the fire…. The fire was out of balance.

    Weak, trembling, Arilian raised her eyes to the vista; she witnessed a panoramic view of scorched earth, ashen trees; utter desolation. The world had been reduced to a wasteland. The balance had been compromised.

    Fire consumed, destroyed, devoured. There, out in the distance was a lone silhouette, standing in a pillar of fire that reached up into the sky, challenging the rain. She heard his terrible roar, his rage. The being known as Brand would not stop until fire had claimed everything.

    Fire was the only element that was created by man, and was therefore impure. It was volatile, it was inherently corrupt. While the other elements required nurturing and encouragement to attain harmony, fire inversely had to be contained, controlled, subdued. Its sentient desire to overcome and dominate the other elements had been what created the being called Brand in times of old. Brand’s very existence upset the balance of nature; the Shamans before her had always struggled to keep it in check, sealing it away into the caves of northern Lokfar. But Brand had been released, and even the League of Legends could not contain it forever.

    Arilian knelt in the scorched mud and wept uncontrollably, overwhelmed by the agony of the elements as they transferred their pain into her. Nature was slowly dying. She had failed. She had failed to maintain the balance, and now all was lost. Her power was nothing in the face of the Burning Vengeance.

    “Challenge me.” Growled the creature Brand. “You, Mistress of Elements. Come, I invite you to master me.” It was taunting her.

    “How like fire,” Arilian thought bitterly, “So confident in its own strength.”

    But rightly so. The monster blazed higher, towering over the charred terrain around it. “CHALLENGE ME.” Brand commanded. “Challenge me so that I may at last assert my dominance over your pathetic kind! The time of man and beast has ended! Challenge me, feeble creature, and meet your end!”

    The clamor of the suffering elements racked her body, but Arilian climbed unsteadily to her feet. Brand had grown, consuming every resource it encountered. The body of Kegan Rodhe had long combusted, unable to contain the demon. Brand now existed in its true and horrible form; a wall of fire, hundreds of feet high. The sky was lost behind the mantle of acrid black smoke. The heat, even at such a distance, threatened to end her. Arilian was an insignificant speck before its fury, but she had to try.

    She summoned the earth, calling up great walls of rock, corralling the demon, but Brand only laughed its horrid, deafening laugh. The rocks grew white-hot, melting into magma, only fueling its power. She called down the lightning to no avail. She summoned great winds, hoping to snuff it like a great candle, but only fanned the flames, much to Brand’s delight.

    All her desperation, all her anguish, she channeled into harnessing her last resort; water. She coaxed every drop of rain from the clouds she could, but it evaporated from the sheer heat before even coming into contact with the flames. It was not enough. Brand only laughed and laughed.

    She stirred the seas, harnessed the tides, forced the ebb and flow with every iota of strength she had. The oceans crashed over the shore, overtook the land, tidal waves reaching into the heavens before washing over the fiery titan. Brand bellowed in agony, a cloud of steam erupting from the base of the flames and obscuring the land. It was over.

    And then, after a moment, that horrid laughter came again.

    She saw the glow beyond the cloud of steam, and then it suddenly exploded, clearing the atmosphere in a fiery inferno. Brand could not be doused.

    Arilian collapsed. She had nothing left. The demon was too powerful to be defeated. The world was consigned to fiery oblivion, and she could not stop it. No one could.

    ….. too powerful….

    She was going about this all wrong. Fire was power incarnate; of course she could not defeat it; its power would forever be greater than her own. What she had to do was outsmart it, not conquer it.

    Water, while the seemingly obvious solution, could not best fire in a contest of power. Not now, anyway; Brand had escalated to something beyond elemental power. She called instead upon air again, this time with a different tactic in mind.

    Brand’s wild laughter faltered, surprised. It’s fiery reaches flickered, ever so slightly. Silently, Brand observed, trying to deduce her intentions. By then it was already too late.

    Arilian grew faint, dizzy, again collapsing into the mud and cinder, but still she channeled the air, manipulating it ever so gently. She gasped for breath despite herself. She was going to die. So be it.

    Realization suddenly dawned. “NO!” Brand roared. It attempted to lash out at her, but fizzled, shrunk, struggled to remain alight. “YOU WITCH! YOU WITCH YOU WILL PAY! YOU ALL WILL PAY!”

    Inky darkness swam at the edges of Arilian’s vision, still she fought on. She commanded air to leave this place, to go far away. Of course without air she could not survive…. But neither could fire.

    Brand ranted, raged, but all its power and anger was for naught. Sheer power was nothing without balance. Even fire relied on the balance.

    The atmosphere was empty, and Brand had consumed every other resource. With a silent snuff, it was gone. Arilian lost consciousness. For better or worse, it was over.

    She opened her eyes to a cold marble floor and the hem of fine robes. She looked up, dazed, and took the hand the elderly Summoner offered and made it unsteadily to her feet.

    “I believe you have already made it clear why you want to join the League.” He said grimly. “Why you need to join the League.”

    Arilian said nothing. She out her hand in front of her, a lick of fire fluttering to life in her empty palm. She stared at it, studied it. She controlled it for now, but the world was but the world could only imagine how very close it was to destruction. The balance must be preserved.

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