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    Eldar Imamu, The Wuju Sage

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    Eldar Imamu, The Wuju Sage

    Post by Flames of Terror on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:37 pm

    Elder Imamu, The Wuju Legend



    The spectator's cheered as the victorious Summoner's left the platform. The battle had been hard, and the enemy Summoners very tactful. The battle had almost been lost, because of the guerrilla warfare. As the Summoners shook each others hands to the yells of the crowd a lone voice of dissension roared out. The voice was Imamu and although it wasn't loud, it's words quieted the ones around it and soon all were quiet.

    "They called this skirmish a hard fight? What do these younglings do in their spare time? Sit around, drink alchohl, and talk about all the hard battles? In my day, when we fought it was over in a matter of half an hour, or less. Not this one hour of running past the enemy..."

    The words continued onward in such a fashion that even the Summoners who had thought it a good fight. Began to become disheartened or irate. Most wanted to beat him, and others sadly agreed with his points. The Summoners who had played in the battle approached him with a challenge.

    Defeat their champions in combat, 1v1 or however he wished, and if he wins then he can say such things. Smiling Imamu accepted their challenge, and agreed to their terms. They chose Master Yi, Wukong, Riven, Lee Sin, and Xin Xao to be their team. They invited Imamu to chose his allies, but he declined. Thinking it would be a simple, and quick, battle they had them all go to the center and fight Imamu there. In a blink of an eye Imamu floored Riven, Xin, and Wukong. Yi and Lee managed to move out of the way of his first attack.

    Yi recognized the style, but couldn't tie his face to anyone he knew or had known. Lee marked Imamu, and then jumped for him before Yi could warn him. Imamu disappeared and manifested a spear of spirit force from his hand piercing Lee, and killing him instantly. Yi saw that this old man's skill was far above his own, but faced off against him regardless. Charging his blade with his own energy, he dashed forwards.

    Imamu noticed that the odd monkey and the man with the beard seemed to have a grasp of the Wuju art, but alas the monkey had a long way to go. The man was a different story, his flurry of attacks were well placed, and easily the skill of a master. It had been a long time since he had seen someone using the Wuju style.

    "Enough playing I suppose. For one user of the Wuju style to another. I'll fight you with my full power." He said, and his old body seemed to change. It seemed to grow younger, and from his fists a three-piece staff formed. He spun it will increadible speed, dealing out attacks with rapid agility. Yi barely managed to fall back.

    "You are clearly a master of the Wuju style. Who are you?" Yi asked, and the old man's face frowned. The energy started to flare.

    "The Wuju style has no master. You cannot master the spirit. You only learn to understand it more." Imamu's staff grew massive in his hand, except at the point where he held it. Giving a comical look, if it wasn't so dangerous. Lifting it above his head he spoke to Yi.

    "This is my Wuju." and the staff extended to meet Yi with a sickening crunch and pound. The ground shook, and Imamu stood there waiting. The Summoner's quickly withdrew from the battle not wanting anything to do with the old man, but the next day he walked into the Institue of War.

    "After the warm-up yesterday, I have a need to do some more fighting. I think 400 years is enough relaxation time."


    "The legend of Imamu is old, and was told often. It's only fitting he arrived here at the League of Legends." - Master Yi


    Wuju Force:

    Every basic attack grants 2/4/6 Wuju, and abilities grant 5/10/15 upon hitting an enemy. (Levels 1/6/12 respectively)

    Upon reaching 50 Wuju Imamu gains 1% movement speed x current level.
    Upon reaching 100 Wuju Imamu gains 1% attack speed x current level.
    Upon reaching 150 Wuju, Imamu gains 100 increased range to all abilities.

    Wuju doesn't degrade.

    1st Ability(Q):

    Spirit Pull: [ 20/18/16/14/12 second CD ]

    Imamu uses his powerful spirit to pull a target to him (300 range) dealing 45/55/65/75/85% bonus damage on hit (Ex: AD is 100, this ability would deal 185 damage when they were pulled towards him.) This ability can be cast again after 1 second, and within 3 seconds, to either:

    Flash Blow(Facing 300 range) [ 10 Wuju ]: he jumps over them and strikes them hard knocking them back (200 range) and dealing 80/120/160/200/240(+20% AD) physical damage.
    Wuju Burst(Facing away 300 range) [ 20 Wuju ]: he charges his fists with spirit force, and creates a blast of energy (300 range) dealing 40/60/80/100/120(+40% AD) magic damage.

    2nd Ability(W):

    Spirit Awareness: [ 35/30/25/20/15 second CD ]

    Imamu is completely aware of his own power, and can channel energy into his body and mind hardening both. Gaining 4/6/8/10/12 Magic Resist and Armor passively. And regening 4/8/12/16/20 Wuju per second while in Legendary Wuju.

    Normal Active: [ No cost ]
    Activating this ability will start a 5 second channel where Imamu will increase his Wuju by 5/6/7/8/9/10 per second. The channel is interrupted by being hit by a basic attack or ability. If Imamu completes the channel he is able to activate this ability again [ 15 Wuju ], within 4 seconds to blink (450 range) to a target location, and doubling the passive effect for 2 seconds.

    Ultimate Active: [ 15 Wuju ]
    This ability can be activated to travel behind a targeted enemy dealing no damage, but doubling the passive effect for 2 seconds and doubling the Wuju gain for 3 seconds. (Imagine a skill line with a target that you move. Centering a champion in this will target them. Otherwise it can be used to as an escape mechanic.)

    3rd Ability(E):

    Crippling Blow: [ 15 second CD || 15 Wuju ]

    Imamu deals 30/40/50/60/70% bonus damage on next attack, and slows target's movement speed by 10/15/20/25/30%. It can be activated again after 1 second, but within 3 seconds to do:

    Wuju Spear(Facing away 200 range) [ 20 Wuju ]: flips over target's head, and then creates spear of energy dealing 70/90/110/130/150 (+60% AD), 15% less to each enemy hit (50% cap), and knocking all back by 200 units.

    Triple Strike(Facing 100 range) [ 10 Wuju ]: attacks two more times swiftly dealing 10/20/30/40/50% damage on the first strike, and 60/70/80/90/100% damage on the second.


    Legendary Wuju/Ultimate Wuju: [ 120/100/80 second CD || costs 50/100/150 Wuju (highest cost possible is used) ]

    Imamu manifests a three-piece staff as a weapon and gains additional powers, but loses Wuju gain on attacks and abilities.

    50 Wuju:
    Empowers his abilities by 50% damage for 5/6/7 seconds. Ultimate Wuju deals 100/200/300 (+55% AD)( +50% Current Wuju ) magic damage, and does not become empowered. It's range is 1000 units long x 100 units wide. Pushing all enemies hit to the sides of the area affected.

    100 Wuju:
    Makes Spirit Pull, Flash Blow, and Crippling Blow 50 degree cones. Affecting all within them, and empowering his abilities by 50% for 6/7/8 seconds. Ultimate Wuju deals 150/250/350 (+65% AD)( +75% Current Wuju ) magic damage, and does not become empowered. It's range becomes 1250 units long x 150 units wide. Pushing all enemies hit to the sides of the area affected, and slowing by 35% for 3 seconds.

    150 Wuju:
    (Includes the cones from 100). Empowers his abilities by 50% for 7/8/9 seconds. Ultimate Wuju deals 200/300/400 (+75% AD)( +100% Current Wuju ) magic damage, and does not become empowered. It's range becomes 1500 units long x 200 units wide. Enemies hit in the center become rooted for 1.5 seconds, and all others are knocked back by 200 units (from the point they are hit).

    Using Ultimate Wuju consumes all current Wuju and ends the empowered effect. Also, the cost is consumed before the empowered effect begins. The 150 cost Ultimate Wuju is the same length as Lux's Ultimate.


    Base Stats:

    Health: 480 + 35 per level
    Health Regen: 6 over 5 + .5 per level

    Attack Damage: 55 + 3 per level
    Ability Power: 0
    Attack Speed: .645 + 1.8% per level
    Movement Speed: 345
    Armor: 20 + 2 per level
    Magic Resist: 25 + 1 per level

    Primary Role: Jungler
    Secondary Role: AD Carry
    Tertiary Role: FIghter
    Weapons: Fists / Three-Piece Staff

    Creator Notes:

    This champion was my response to the boxer request. Although I moved out of the realm of boxing, and into the realm of martial arts. I find myself enjoying this champion. His original design was a weapon changing fighter, but such a champion became so complex that it was impossible to describe how I wanted him to work. After much conversation with Leon Gehvora and SimpleClause I came up with this design. I'm sure there are flaws, and I'm sure there are things that could be improved upon. Which is why it's getting posted, and not hidden away like 80% of my concepts do.

    And yes this champion has a unique resource called Wuju. Which acts similar to fury and energy combined. Since Riot wouldn't bring a dual resource champion out (at least not for a long while), it was my solution to the way I wanted him played.

    This champion's design would make him an excellent jungler or top champion. As he has good mobility, two knock back effects, a slow, an initiate, and large crunch/root. The root is a bit hard to manage, but the knock back effects would aid in single fighting and would be a nice counter-pick against Lee Sin. Popping his ulti and using his abilities would allow him to control bunched up enemies, and aid greatly in positioning.

    In some ways he is like Lee Sin, and in others he is not. I leave it up to the viewers and commentors to give me feedback on this concept.

    Art Concept

    This is not my art but it is what Imamu would look like.


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    Re: Eldar Imamu, The Wuju Sage

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    How do you choose the secondary ability you want to cast?

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    Re: Eldar Imamu, The Wuju Sage

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    It depends on whether they are facing towards you or away from you. You don't get so much of a choice as try to time things correctly. Of course the skills are designed to allow you to get in position for your next cast, as well as the damage which could provoke a person to flee.

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    Re: Eldar Imamu, The Wuju Sage

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