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    Ormr, The Arch-Dragon

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    Ormr, The Arch-Dragon

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    Ormr, The Arch-Dragon


    A medium built man stands on a outcrop of rock, overlooking Summoner's Rift. His six-pointed star pupil scanned the vast field. The golden-red of his iris flared here, and there as he noted the other champions in battle. His left arm clenched it's silver talons in anger at the notice of Ezreal. Silver veins flared with magic life, and the golden flesh seemed to flow as it flexed. Red runes began to glow bright and then faded. His right shoulder burned with life as his wing as the translucent scales pulsed with magic. The golden bones seemed to float within the nimbus of light that was the magical energy.


    Liquid metal body.



    White scales surrounded in a nimbus of red lightning.



    Flames coming of the scales while the ground chills with frost.

    http://zilla774.deviantart.com/art/Fire-vs-Frost-3992631?q=boost%3Apopular%20fire%20frost%20dragon&qo=0 (Combine them)


    Long ago, before even the league of legends began, the stories of the Arch-Dragon were told in the villages near the Great Barrier. It was said to be a beast with scales of gold who commanded the storms of the mountains. Some even said that it often assumed the form of a young crafter, and played tricks on the blacksmiths of the mountains. Many a rumor had given the Arch-Dragon a massive cache of treasure hidden away in the uncharted regions of the east mountains. Such rumors taunted the Grand Master Explorer of Piltover, Ezreal, to seek out the answers to the rumors. Ezreal braved the daring mountians of the Great Barrier, and found a secluded valley nestled in a small, unexplored region of the mountains. Powerful storms guarded the valley, but using his amulet Ezreal was able to enter the valley itself.

    A small temple sat in the center of the valley, and seemed to have been made by expert hands, but in a style unseen by the explorer. Enter the building he found strange artifacts and relics that had signs of belonging to dozens of ancient civilizations. A pair of hand-sized statues caught Ezreal's eye. They seemed to be made from a similar material as his amulet. One was a human holding a staff with wings, and the other was a dragon curled around a crystal spire. The staff and spire glowed as Ezreal approuched them, seeming to recognize a similar object. When a claw shot through the darkness to snatch at him. Ezreal blinked forwards towards the statues, and they flared as he did so. A roar shook the building, and then all was silent. The statues flickered and died.

    Suddenly Ezreal found himself brought to the League of Legends for a match between summoners. He sighed in despair at losing that chance, and knowing that the trek back would be just as hard. When he looked out at his oppenent he saw a man with a golden dragon's arm, and one golden wing. The scales in the wing simmered off the sunlight making it look as though it were magic itself. The man's expression hardened as he saw Ezreal.

    "You foolish child. I will make you regret the day you did this to me." He roared and then attacked.




    Restrained Form:

    For every enemy, ally, or self spell cast Ormr gains 5/10/15 Dragon Power. This can only occur once every 1.5 seconds. Upon reaching full Dragon Power Ormr's next ability is empowered and enters him into Dragon Aspect. Depending on the ability used Ormr gains a change to his auto-attacks. Dragon Aspect consumes Dragon Power for the duration he remains within it.

    Aramancy(Gold Form): every fourth attack blinds.

    Areomancy(Storm Form): every two attacks cuts through 2 armor stacking 5 times, lasting 3 seconds.

    Therma-mancy(Heat Form): every attack to the same target slows by 5% for 2 seconds stacking twice. Every third attack to the same target burns them for the amount of movespeed that was removed by the slow, and the slow is removed.

    Dragon Aspect abilities don't cost mana.

    1st Ability:

    Aramancy: [ 20 (-1) CD ] [ 800 skill shot (50 width) ]

    Human Form:
    Ormr fuses with gold passively, and becomes conductive drawing upon the nearby magical energies restoring 15/25/35/45/55 health per ally spell cast. Ormr then can charge a piece of iron, activate again within 3 seconds, with the arcane energy dealing 50/65/80/95/110 (+60% AD) (+25% AP) physical damage.

    Dragon Form:
    Ormr calls on the powers of Stone magicks. Granting him 5/10/15/20/25 armor for 5 seconds, and dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+10% AP) physical damage when attacked for 5 seconds.

    Draconic Empowerment:[ 250 radius AoE ] The earth enfolds Ormr from the surrounding area dealing 70/90/110/130/150 (+25% AP) physical damage, and knocking up all enemies for .5 seconds.

    Draconic Empowerments are the result of reaching 15 stacks of Arcane Feedback. Before you change into your dragon state.

    2nd Ability:

    Areolurgy: [ 15 (-1) CD ] [ 700 line (80 width) ]

    Human Form:
    Ormr fashions the wind and weather into a line (200 range, 60 degree cone) and creates a wind tunnel with ice and lightning dealing 15/25/35/45/55 (+15% AP) magic damage per second while inside it, slows by 5% per second (5 stacks), and marks them with Electric Charge once per 2 seconds. The tunnel lasts 4/5/6/7/8 seconds. Electric Charge can stack (Up to 5), they last for 10 seconds, and upon reaching 5 stacks they explode dealing 80/90/100/110/120 (+20% AP) in an 200 radius AoE.

    Dragon Form:
    Ormr channels a torrent of the spell (350 range, 80 degree cone) until the ability is used again. Dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+25% AP) magic damage per second, slows by 10% per second (5 stacks), and marks them with Electric Charge once per 2 seconds. Ormr is unable to move while channeling.

    Draconic Empowerment:[ 50 units radius larger then dragon form ] A powerful storm encases Ormr dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+15% AP) magic damage per second for 5 seconds.

    3rd Ability:

    Therma-mancy:: [ 25 (-1) CD ] [ 250 radius AoE (Slow) || 750 range skill shot

    Human Form:
    Gathers heat from the area slowing enemies in the area by 25% for 4 seconds (Instant cast). This ability can be activated again during the slow or 3 seconds afterwards to hurls a sphere of fire dealing 60/65/70/75/80 (+5% per target affected by the slow) (+35% AP) magical damage.
    Dragon Form:
    Ormr breathes in slowing all enemies in a cone (250 range, 60 degree cone) by 35/45/55/65/75% for 1.5 seconds. This ability can be activated again within 4 seconds to release a burst of fire dealing 100/110/120/130/140 (+20% AP) damage on impact, and 5% of this damage as a DoT over 3 per target hit by the slow (cap of 30%). For 5 seconds after the spell, if it hits an enemy champion, Ormr gains 5/10/15/20/25% bonus AD damage to his auto-attacks.

    Draconic Empowerment: Ormr churns the heat energies of the air around him absorbing the next spell. If it's an enemy ability Ormr gains a shield equal to 20/40/60/80/100% the damage that would have been dealt. If it's an ally ability the effect is doubled for 2 seconds (Heals heal for double, Buffs only last for 2 seconds max but are doubled.)

    None yet.


    Archmancy: [ 100/110/120 CD || 200 (+50) Cost ]

    Human Form:
    Ormr gathers a vast amount of power, and sends it as a large bolt to a targeted location on the field. Dealing 100/200/300 (+50% AP) to any enemy caught in the 150 radius AoE. It leaves a space (200 radius) of fire dealing 5% of the max life of enemies who stand in it, per second for 5 seconds.

    Dragon Form:
    Ormr flies up into the sky for 3/4/5 seconds, becoming untargetable, and fires three bolts of pure dragon fire at targeted location/locations dealing 150/250/350 (+60% AP) magic damage per bolt during this time. After the final bolt is fired or the duration ends, Ormr lands back where he flew up from.

    You have until 3/4/5 seconds are up to fire your shots.

    Range: Ranged 500 (Human)/ Melee (Dragon)
    Primary Role: Ranged Caster
    Secondary Role: Carry
    Tertiary Role: Jungler
    Theme: Pure Dragon


    Base Stats:

    Attack Damage: 60 + 2.2 per 1
    Ability Power: 0
    Attack Speed: .57 + 1.3% per 1
    Move Speed: 335
    Armor: 24 + 2 per 1
    Magic Resist: 30 + 0 per 1

    Health: 430 + 40
    Mana: 510 + 60
    Health Regen: 4.3 per 5
    Mana Regen: 6.0 per 5

    Creator Notes:
    Made to add a new idea for Dragon concepts. Fantasy dragons have the powers of the greatest mages, and so I decided to create a concept following this idea.

    After Note: Please feel free to leave actual thoughts on the design of the champion.


    Changed Passive and added empowerment.

    Edited Passive again, and changed abilities slightly.

    Fixed scaling issues.

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