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    Indra, The Spell Thief

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    Indra, The Spell Thief

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    Indra, The Spell Thief




    Indra grew up in the city of Noxus, and was always the lowest on the ladder within his group. He was their errand boy, and he was put in some very dangerous situations throughout his life. When he turned thirteen he was accosted by a strange hooded figure. The figure asked him if he could stay with him for the night. Since Indra had one of the safest hiding places in Noxus, granted he was surprised the figure found it, he agreed. The figure told him tales in return for his kindness, something that many in Noxus would have taken for granted. The figure told of a young poet gifted in story who brought an ancient power back with his words alone, a mighty dragon who forged ancient wonders, and a thief who stole the spells from mages. Indra grew absorbed by the stranger's tale, and asked him if they were true. The figure simply reached into his robes to pull out an odd sheathed dagger. Indra jumped to his feet, but the stranger held the blade in both hands offering it out to Indra. Feeling a sense of caution he took the dagger from the figure. The metal of the sheath was weaved in increadible patterns, and looked like a piece of art rather then a weapon for battle. Curious, Indra drew the dagger from it's sheath, and found himself blasted against the wall.

    The stranger was gone when he awoke, but had left a message on a piece of cloth.

    "Go to the League of Legends, for what you hold is the Spell Thief's dagger, and men and beast alike hunt the cursed tool." Indra didn't believe those words until he was jumped by several men one night when returning to his gang's hideout. The dagger called to him to draw it, and as he did he saw the magic of their forms fade away. They had been elementals or something akin, and Indra realized that the stranger had been right. Running for his life he fled to the League, and plead for entrance.

    "He says the blade is cursed and has magic. Maybe once, but now it's he who is both." - Ryze, The Rouge Mage


    Arcane Power and Spell Stack Notes:
    Indra is currently using a unique resource called Arcane Power. It is generated by having abilities used around him within a 450 radius AoE. 15 per enemy cast (non-ultimate), 10 per ally cast (non-ultimate), and 5 for the first cast of his own abilities (non-ultimate). Ultimates grant him 25 Arcane power from any source. Indra's second or third cast of spells (including his ultimate) will require Arcane Power. This resource degrades at 1 per 1 seconds, and starts at 100 and gains +11.8 per level. Maxing out at 300 at level 18.

    Spells can stack a max of 10 times. They increase the damage of his basic attacks by 2.5% of his AP per stack (this is added as magic damage), and are used to fuel certain abilities. They are gained through using his abilities, each ability grants certain numbers of them, and from offensive spells cast. Gaining Spell stacks from enemy spells can only happen once every 8 seconds.



    Arcane Hunger:
    Indra reduces 6/8/10% of incoming magic damage, and stores it within himself. He also stores 6/8/10% of his own ability damage within himself. Cap of 200 (+25 per level), 625 at level 18. (Levels at 1,6,12)

    1st Ability:

    Spell Steal: [ ?? CD || 0 Cost first cast ]

    Increases magic resist by 5/10/15/20/25.

    (Active 1st Cast)
    Gains a spell shield for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds that absorbs the next enemy/ally ability, and adds 10/20/30/40/50% of the damage/healing absorbed to Indra's passive. This gains Indra a stack of Spells. If an enemy ability is absorbed Indra may activate the ability again within 2 seconds before it goes on cooldown.

    Arcane Feedback (Active 2nd Cast): [ 25 Arcane Power ]
    Indra releases a wave of magic back at the enemy caster dealing 60/70/80/90/100 (+25% AP) (+25% Stored Energy) magic damage. If the enemy is channeling when hit this interrupts the channel.

    Notes: Stored Energy is the damage stored from his passive. Certain abilities Indra uses allows him to store physical damage as well.


    2nd Ability:

    Spell Immunity: [ ?? CD || 0 Cost (first cast) ]
    Indra ignores slows, roots, and knockback effects for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds. While this effect is active this spell may be cast again. Each slow, root, or knock back effect he ignores adds a stack of Spells, and adds 10% of the damage as Stored Energy. Max of 5.

    Stoic Rebuttal:(Second Cast) [ 40 Arcane Power + 1 Spell Stack ]
    Indra cancels Spell Immunity, and reflects the next CC effect back upon it's caster dealing 50/60/70/80/90 (+60% AP) of the damage he receives from the ability, spell, or attack that causes the effect. If the CC effect has no attached damage the CC duration is increased by 5/10/15/20/25%. This adds 1 Spell stack if it procs. This cannot return Suppression or Knock backs.

    Using Stoic Rebuttal cancels the CC effect on Indra and places it on the caster. He still takes damage while either effect is in place, but not the CC effects in question.


    3rd Ability:

    Price of Magic:(First Cast) [ ?? CD || 1 Spell Stack ]
    Indra draws on the power of a target's magic marking them with Price of Magic for 3/4/5/6/7 seconds. During this time ability damage they deal is decreased by 10%, Indra gains a Spell stack for each ability used, and 5% of their damage is added to Stored Energy. Max of 5 Spell stacks. If Indra has 5+ Spell stacks and Price of Magic is still on a target he can activate this ability again.

    Arcane Burn:(Second Cast) [ 25 Arcane Power + 3 Spell Stacks ]
    Indra ignites the debuff dealing 100/120/140/160/180 (+50% AP) (+30% Stored Energy) over 3 seconds (This cancels Price of Magic when cast). While this effect is occurring this ability may be cast one more time before cooldown.

    Arcane Siphon:{Third Cast) [ 25 Arcane Power + 2 Spell Stacks ]
    Indra heals for the damage being dealt to the target as long as he remains within 250/270/290/310/330 radius AoE range.




    Spell Release: [ 240/220/200 seconds CD || 200 Arcane Power + All Spell Stacks (Min 3) ] [ 350 radius AoE (Barrage) || 100 radius AoE (Explosions) ]
    Indra channels for up to 10 seconds (1 second per Explosion) releasing all the Stored Energy and Spells in a rapid barrage around him dealing 75/125/200 (+25% AP) (+100% Stored Energy) per explosion. One explosion per Spell stack. The explosions happen in random locations within the barrage zone. Indra is slowed by 25% after the ability elapses, and is marked Exhausted for 5 seconds. While Exhausted he cannot store energy.


    Base Stats

    Attack Damage: 35 + 4 per level (107 at 18)
    Ability Power: 0 + 0 per level
    Attack Speed: .502 + .045 per level (1.312 at 18)
    Movement Speed: 320
    Armor: 10 + 3 per level (64 at 18)
    Magic Resist: 30 + 1 per level (48 at 18)

    Health: 465 + 66 per level (1653 at 18)
    Health Regen: 6.2 per 5 +.28 per level (11.24 per 5 at 18)
    Arcane Power: 100 + 11.8 (300 at 18)

    Range: 400 (Ranged)
    Primary Role: Mage (Anti)
    Secondary Role: Support
    Theme: Spell Thief

    Creator's Notes:

    1st Phase:

    After some thinking Indra has received a major reworking on his abilities. I note that his ultimate may be a bit over powered, and I'm sure someone will say so. Honestly, at this point, I don't care. I have tried to keep true to the concept of a spell thief, and I think that I have done so. Once again, I'm sure there are things that will be exclaimed about, and I'm sure there will be bashing. Just remember that this champion is in his 1st Phase of development, and don't call me a "noob or idiot" this will just prove that you haven't read these notes. In fact I will require that if you wish to be proper. Please include the next sentence in your review at the top. This is official so don't try to go against it.


    I look forwards to thoughts and comments on Indra.

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