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    Polaris, The North Star

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    Polaris, The North Star

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    Polaris, The North Star



    female looking, but very similar particles.


    North Aspect:

    The quick-silver eyes drew in the light like fireflies to a flame. Standing out from the opal white skin showing on his face, and between the gaps of the wide, ice-blue ribbons that encompass his body. His hair glows a pale blue, to flash a midnight beneath the sun falling short of his neck. His nails glint like jewels under any light, and his feet walk upon a road only they can feel. Twisting, changing, flowing runes dance across the ribbon cloths which float under an endless, unseen breeze.

    Star Aspect:

    Burning with the light of a raging fire, his eyes spark even the wettest wood to dryness. His amber skin caressed with the white-orange flames flickering here and there. Yellow-white hair burns brightly as it falls in a cascade of light upon crimson and gold armor. Upon which sharp, solid glyphs burn hotly as his hand presses upon the hilt of his ancient blade. His heavy, armored foot steps land heavily upon the ground leaving a trail of his passing in their wake. Ruby ribbons dance out from his shoulders to create a wing-like effect in the fading rays of the morning sun.


    A flash of light was seen in the northern sky of Valoran, and League observers at Summoner's Rift witnessed the flash crash into a nexus with devastating force. The resulting explosion of raw magic brought rapid reactions from the summoners who were there. Working quickly they bound the chaotic force, and tried to transfer it back into the nexus. The summoners were surprised when the magic solidified into a humanoid being. It's eyes and skin glowed with a frozen light, and when they approached they ignited into a searing orange light. Uncertain on how to proceed they brought the bound being back to the League. It would say nothing beyond it's name to the researchers, so it was decided that they would use it in League conflicts until something was uncovered about it's origins.

    Upon hearing of Polaris's forced binding to the league. Many of the heroes came to see this new being, and see him before they might have to battle him on the fields of war. Among those, Soraka, the Starchild saw the vast powers of the stars within the wrapped form. Yet, as she moved to speak to him, his cold eyes flashed hot, and she knew that he recognized her. She felt fear in her heart as she left, and knew that if he saw her in battle, he would hunt her.

    "I remember being among them, and they were so close to one another. Yet, those frozen eyes terrify me. Like the ice of the north burning with the wrath of the sun." - Soraka, Starchild



    Star of the North:
    Polaris pulses with the raging powers of an ascended being. Granting him the ability to shift into his Star aspect or North aspect before selecting his first ability. When you begin the game you are given two abilities in your skill bar. Star Aspect and North Aspect. Clicking on the ability will reveal the skills for a brief time. Putting a point into either of the Aspects will lock in that form, and change your appearance accordingly.

    North Aspect: Polaris's basic attacks apply diamond dust. Diamond Dust amplifies the next damaging ability by 5/8/10/12%. Can refresh, but doesn't stack.
    Star Aspect: Polaris's basic attacks apply starlight. Starlight reduces the damage of basic attacks by 5/810/12%. Can refresh, but doesn't stack.


    1st Ability:

    North Star [ 15 (-1) CD || ?? (+?) Cost ] [ 700 Range || 80 width || 150 radius AoE ]

    Polaris throws a bolt of light and cold in a line. Each enemy it passes through are dealt 60/80/100/120/140 (+55% AP) as magical damage, and marked with Diamond Dust. The bolt releases a nova of cold air dealing 10/20/30/40/50% of the damage of the bolt, and marking all hit with Diamond Dust, or refreshing the mark.

    A line skill shot with a circle in it (Like hecarim's ultimate).

    Guiding Stars [ 12 (+1) CD || ?? (+?) Cost ] [ 150 radius (Self) || 175 radius (Enemy) ]

    Polaris summons two small stars to float around him for 10/12/14/16/18 seconds dealing 20% of his AD per second as physical damage. This ability can be activated again to send one of the stars to attack the target of his next auto-attack dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+25% AD) in initial physical damage, and 1% of their max health as magical damage to themselves, and everything around them for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds. Can be cast twice before duration ends before going on CD.

    The stars are untargetable, and spin around Polaris or target affected. The max health damage is the target that is affected, and not each hit by the AoE.
    2nd Ability:

    Northern Lights: [ 25 (-1) CD || ?? (+?) Cost ] [ 250 radius AoE ]

    Polaris bends light through ice crystals to create field of shifting color dealing 50/60/70/80/100 (+65% AP) magic damage to all hit. The colors then dim, and create a field of 20/25/30/35/40% slow for 7 seconds. All enemies hit by the initial cast, or who cross over it are infused with Starlight for 10/12/14/16/18 seconds. If a target is affected by Diamond Dust is affected with Starlight they are frozen (Root) for 1.5 seconds and both Diamond Dust and Starlight debuffs are removed. Starlight increases all debuff effects by 5% stacking 5 times.

    None yet.

    Flare Star: [ 15 (-1) CD || ?? (+?) Cost ] [ 300 radius AoE (Self) || 1200 radius AoE (Refresh Stars) || 250 radius AoE (Stars)]

    Polaris flares brightly, blinding enemies for 1 second, and marking them with Starlight for 10/12/14/16/18 seconds. Using this ability reveals all nearby stealth/hidden enemies and objects. Any enemy affected by Guiding Stars reveals all stealth/hidden enemies and objects around them as well, refreshes the duration of the Stars, and marks them with Starlight for 10/12/14/16/18 seconds.

    3rd Ability:

    Cloak of the North: [ 30 (-2) CD || ?? (+?) ] [ 250 radius AoE ]

    Polaris pulls even the heat from the area around him. Decreasing attack speeds of enemies by 8/12/16/20/24% passively. Activating this passive will enact any of the following effects. The attack speed debuff is removed while this ability is on cool down.

    Grip of Winter: If an enemy is affected by Diamond Dust within the 250 radius AoE they're movement speeds are slowed for 35/45/55/65/75% for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds instead.
    Frozen Calling: If an enemy is affected by Starlight within the range. They are dealt 80/90/100/110/120 (+70% AP) magic damage, and rooted for 1 second.


    Sword of Stars: [ 20 (-1) CD || ?? (+?) Cost ] [ 250 radius AoE (Self) ]

    Polaris releases 5 stars from his body to circle him. The stars travel up to 800 units over 8 seconds still circling him, and lasting for 2 seconds afterwards. If they make contact with an enemy champion they will deal 10% (+1% per 50 bonus AD), and reveal the target for 5 seconds. If there is an enemy within 800 units of a Guiding Star at anytime during the duration of the spell. The star will fly to the target dealing 1/2/3/4/5% (+1/2/3/4/5% per Guiding Star) of their missing health as damage, and refreshing the Guiding Star Debuff. Polaris gains 1 armor and magic resist for each star that detonates through either effect.


    Blazing Star: [ 180/160/140 CD || ?? (+?) Cost ] [ Channel: 300 radius AoE || Release: 350 radius AoE(Self) ]

    Polaris pulls light from the sky dealing 300/400/500 (+50% AP) magic damage, marking them with Starlight, and shifting him into Star aspect. After a 2 second CD you may cast it again for up to 4/5/6 seconds if you don't you remain in Star Aspect until this ability is used again. Upon second activation, Polaris releases the Starlight in an Aoe dealing 200/300/400 (+65% AP) magic damage, and marking all affected with Starlight for 12/14/16 seconds.

    None yet

    Frozen Star: [ 200/180/140 CD || ?? (+?) Cost ] [ Throw: 700 radius Target || Beam: 50 from center width || Return: 25 from center ]

    Polaris charges up for a mighty throw (1 second channel), and hurls his sword to target location dealing 80/100/120 (+25% AD) physical damage to all in it's path. Then he transfers all his energy into the sword dealing 100/200/300 (+60% AD) magic damage to all between him and the sword, marking all enemies hit with Starlight, and then enters North aspect. After 2 seconds this ability can be activated again within 4/5/6 seconds. If it is his sword returns to him dealing 100/200/300 (+60% AD) physical damage, and marks all enemies hit with Unstable Light for 12/14/16 seconds. If it is not then Polaris remains in North Aspect.

    None Yet


    Range: (Moon) Ranged 575/ (Sun) Melee
    Primary Role: Mage / AD Caster
    Secondary Role: Unknown
    Tertiary Role: Unknown
    Theme: Ice / Fire / Light


    Base Stats:

    Attack Damage: 43 + 3.4 per 1
    Ability Power: 0
    Attack Speed: .57 + 1.68% per 1
    Move Speed: 320
    Armor: 18 + 2.7 per 1
    Magic Resist: 20 + 1 per 1

    Health: 420 + 65
    Mana: 330 + 45
    Health Regen: 4.3 per 5
    Mana Regen: 6.0 per 5


    Upon Selection:

    1.What is it mortal?

    Upon Aspect Selection:

    North The north light beckons.
    Star I will burn them to the ground!


    1. The stars are so far from here.
    2. This world is without light.
    3. I will bring the winter.

    1. We will burn them summoner.
    2. Quickly I don't wish to remain here.
    3. Purified by the stars.

    Q Use:


    W Use:


    E Use:


    R Use:

    North to Star:
    1. Roar (sound / entering)
    2. The night grows cold. (Returning)

    Star to North:
    1. This world... (Sword throw)
    2. Will burn by my light. (Beam)
    3. So, will you challenge me? (Return)


    Come let me brighten your day.


    1. Did your mother call you sunny? Because you sure are bright.
    2. I took two chill pills this morning.





    On Death:

    I feel...warmer...

    The light is fading!!!


    None Yet

    Creator Notes:
    The original concept of Polaris began when I was thinking about how blind was only used by Heimerdinger and Teemo, and fear was only used by Hecarim, Fiddlesticks, and Nocturne. So, I thought about the elements that generally create such effects. Light and Darkness. So, I created Polaris to be a dark/light dual type, but when I decided on the name (Polaris) I felt that fire/ice would do something similar if I used the Moon/Sun aspect.

    My reasoning was that a star sits in the total darkness and cold of space. As well as being a blazing ball of intense fire and light. So, I remade the design, and changed the elements of the abilities. After some forum viewing of other champion concepts I managed to add in the ratios and get a reasonable lore for him. And that brings us to the present, and me just waiting for more comments or questions about Polaris.

    2nd Phase: After reviewing the responses to the champion, as well as the views, and long discussions with my group. I have decided to rework this champion in a closer-to-complete format. How exactly you chose your aspect is still under discussion, just like the costs of the spells, but it would allow for an up in the air coin come game. In normal games you could play ranged or melee carry, depending on what the enemy team chooses. Where as in draft you would have to make your decision early, but it would still make it hard to counter pick.

    Just like it says on the passive. You have to choose what aspect you are going to be playing as for the duration of the game. No take backs. I would like if it was a bit like the system that is currently used to place points into skills. You get Night Aspect and Star Aspect with the little plus over them. Clicking on one will give you a 10 second view of the skills and their scales. Then you hit the plus to select your Aspect. Then of course your first skill. That's the idea, but maybe a review will change that.

    3rd Phase:

    This is the hardest part of the four phases that make up my design process. Here I must decide on art, quotes, death animations, animations in general, and a host of other facts about this champion. The completion of the phase may take a while. Personally a couple days or so to iron out the issues. Reviews would be most appreciated during this time, as it is going to take a lot of them to move onward to the final phase of construction.

    After Note: Please feel free to leave actual thoughts on the design of the champion.

    Additional Note: "M" is Moon "S" is Sun. 10+2 CD means 10 second base with +2 seconds per skill level. 60+20 MP is 60 mana base with +20 mana per skill level.

    Edit: Added Sun Sword Scaling.

    Edit: Modified CD for Q and E. Added Moonlight duration.

    Edit: Added to lore.

    Edit: Changed Moonlight stacks.

    Edit: Added Creator Notes, and ability damages per level. Tweaked some ratios.

    Edit: Reworked. Special thanks to Pethrax and Solromthepants.

    Edit: Reworked and entered Phase 3. Special thanks to all the reviews posted.

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