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    Zeras, Calamity's Edge

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    Zeras, Calamity's Edge

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    Zeras, Calamity's Edge


    Appearance: Tall, pale skinned wearing silver armor. Has some long, black and white ribbons trailing off his arms attached to his large, buster blade.
    Art: http://wings-of-art.deviantart.com/art/Twilight-Swordsman-170036697?q=boost%3Apopular%20Light%20swordsman&qo=27
    Auto-attacks: Slashes with his blade.
    Death: Bursts into light or fades into darkness.


    Long ago a blade master of ancient Ionia set out to craft the perfect blade. He sought to use two opposites within the sword to bring about perfect balance. Upon his travels he met the Solari, and took from them the knowledge of the sun's power. With the power of the sun in hand he wondered how he could obtain the opposite power, the Moon. However, an answer waited for him within the Barrier mountains. On his trek through them he met a tall, hooded man who told Zeras that he was a blacksmith. Zeras questioned him about uniting magic within weapons, and the stranger replied that it was possible and asked him what he had in mind. Zeras mentioned the idea of combining the Sun and the Moon's power within a blade to create a balance of the forces, and the stranger laughed. Why use the moon? The stranger asked, and suggested that he use the light of day, and the dark of night.

    Intrigued Zeras asked the stranger to show him what he meant, and the man replied by bending the light outside the cave in which they slept. Then, making the shadows in the cave dance about. Zeras said he would desire very much the powers he was shown to be present within the blade he sought to make. The stranger warned him that combining two opposites could have unintended consequences, but Zeras insisted that it be done. The stranger went about setting up his forge, and the dawn of the next day was greeted by the birth of a sword as black as night. The stranger said he had done all he could, and that the rest was up to Zeras. As the sun's light filled the cave the stranger vanished, and the sword flared to life.

    For months Zeras learned to master the sword's power, and wield the blade with a master's care. Upon returning to Iona, however, he was met with shock and horror at what he had done. They named the blade Calamity as the magics within the blade could destroy everything they touched, and bound both Zeras and the sword in magical chains.

    Decades after the priest of the shrine where he was sealed away decided to bring his successor on his rounds. Wherein the boy saw Calamity sitting in it's bonds. The boy continued to follow the priest about his rounds each day until his desire for the sword had reached it's limits. Sneaking into the shrine late at night he unlocked the heavy chains from it's hilt, and the sword buried itself into his chest. It through the twisting tunnels of the shrine until it reached it's master bound in an ancient cell. It broke through the door, and fell lightly into his hand. That night a fountain of pure light shot into the sky, and in the morning the shrine was gone.

    After travelling for a few days Zeras heard of the Institute of War, and the unending battles that were waged within it. He thought it would be the prefect place to test his powers after years out of practice. Pulling the light from Calamity into himself, he enhanced his body, and began to run.

    "The thrill of endless battle awaits me." - Zeras, Calamity's Edge

    Attack Damage: 48+3/level (99 at level 18)
    Attack Range: 110
    Health: 460+60/level (1480 at level 18)
    Health Regen/5 secs: 5+.25/level (9.25 at level 18)
    Mana: 460+60/level (1480 at level 18)
    Mana Regen/5 secs: 5+.25/level (9.25 at level 18)
    Move Speed: 320
    Armor: 15+3.5/level (74.5 at level 18)
    Magic Resist: 30

    Innate - Unstable Force

    Zeras has two different modes, Light and Dark. They switch if stated. Upon entering Dark mode Zeras enters stealth (.25 second fade) for 6 seconds. Upon entering Light mode Zeras flares dealing 20/30/40 true damage to all enemies with 600 AOE.

    {levels up at 1,6,12}
    Animation: Zeras' blade changes particle colors.


    First Ability - Sear/Shroud

    Passive: Zeras gains 25% AS in Light mode, and 25% Armor in Dark mode.

    Light: Zeras pulls the light into himself dealing 50/60/70/80/90 (+100% bonus AD) to all hit, and reducing players sight to 700 units for 1 second. If it doesn't hit an enemy champion Zeras enters Dark mode.

    Dark: Zeras throws out a sphere of light from his blade dealing 80/100/120/140/160 (+100% AP) magic damage to all hit. If it intercepts an enemy champion this ability may be activated again to teleport to them. Using the second activation enters Zeras into Light mode.

    Cost: 40 (+5) mana
    Cooldown: 15 (-1) seconds
    Range: 700 units
    AOE: 250 units

    Animation: Swings blade sending out a burst of intense light. Swings blade creating a dark well around him.

    Second Ability - Light Blade/Dark Edge

    Zeras flares the powers within his blades granting them increased powers for 5 seconds.

    Light: Sets Zeras into Dark mode, and decreases the damage of those hit by auto-attacks by 5/10/15/20/25% for 3 seconds. Upon activation deals 30/40/50/60/70% of AD as physical damage in an AOE around him. If next attack breaks stealth it applies a .5 second fear.

    Dark: Deals additional 20/30/40/50/60 (+25% AP) magic damage on auto-attack. After the duration Zeras enters Light mode.

    Cost: 50 mana
    Cooldown: 8 (0) seconds
    AOE: 550 units

    Animation: Swings the blade in a circle changing the particles from white to black, and vice versa.

    Third Ability - Dark Offering/Light Dash

    Light: Zeras jumps onto target enemy unit, and slices at their throat dealing 10/15/20/25/30% of their max health over 4 seconds. If this is an enemy champion Zeras's AD is increased by 5/10/15/20/25 for 4 seconds. At the end of the bleed Zeras enters Light mode.

    Dark: Zeras dashes to target location dealing 50/70/90/110/130 (+100% Bonus AD) to the first hit, and 10% less to each target after that (Max reduction of 50%). Upon reaching the end he enters Light mode. If at least two enemy champions are hit the cooldown is refreshed.

    Cost: 80 (+5) mana
    Cooldown: 20 (-1) seconds
    Light Range: 900 units
    Dark Range: 300 units

    Animation: Blade glows bright, and then he moves to target area. He jumps onto enemy slashing them with bright red line.
    Ultimate Ability - At Calamity's Edge

    Light: Zeras fuses dark into the blade for 2 seconds (Channel), then slams the blade into an opponent dealing 200/300/400 (+75% AD) physical damage to them, and marks them with Brink. Auto-attacks for the next 5 seconds mark enemies with Brink. This ability may be activated again within 6 seconds to detonate Brink for 100/150/200 (+70% AP) magic damage in an AOE. This enters Zeras into Dark mode.

    Dark: Zeras infuses light into himself granting 20/25/30 increased Armor and Magic Resist. Auto-attacks for the next 5 seconds mark enemies with Brink. This ability may be activated again within 6 seconds to detonate Brink for 50/100/150 (+70% AP) magic damage, and heal him for 50% of the damage. This enters Zeras into Light mode.
    Cost: 100 (+20) mana
    Cooldown: 120 (-5) seconds
    Light Range: 200 units
    Dark Range: 0 units
    AOE: 300 units

    Animation: Holds a fist of light, and then pushes it into his blade causing it to burn with white fire. Then dashes forwards to target slamming it into their body. Zeras pulls the light from his blade into himself causing him to burn with a silvery fire. White explosions occur at detonation.

    Creator Notes:


    This champion was designed to be a re-work of the Midnight Star to be the Jungler for our Battle of the Concept tournament. Our focus was elements, so I took Light and Dark to be my own. Loving the idea of dual side champions I created Zeras. His light side excels in dealing high damage, while he dark side excels in healing and tanking. I think these ideals are shown through the abilities, and passive very well.

    Please note that all abilities and numbers are subject to change.

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