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    Om, The Devil's Rise

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    Om, The Devil's Rise Empty Om, The Devil's Rise

    Post by Flames of Terror on Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:48 am

    Om, The Devil's Rise


    Gender: Unknown
    Race: Embodiment of Darkness
    Origin: Vinvidi
    Alliance: Chaos
    Class: Anti-AD
    Subclass: Tank
    Weapon: Greatsword and Dark Magic
    Attack Type: Melee
    Energy Source: Fury

    Om is an absolute terror upon the battlefield. He uses his sword to attack his opponents with deadly force. His dark magic forces enemies to focus him, or face a slow and terrifying death.
    {Shadow Damage Explanation}

    The difference between physical or magical damage is the way that you resist it. Shadow damage is not effected by MR or AR, but instead by AP. Shadow damage is reduced by the amount of AP in the same way that MR works for Magic damage.

    100 / (100 + AP) would be the formula for shadow damage reductions.

    Passive (Darkness Within):

    Om's physical body contains a host of dark demons and gods. When he takes physical damage the dark beings begin to escape slowly causing them to seek out enemies, haunting them granting sight, and dealing a small amount of Shadow Damage.

    Amount: 25/35/45/55 Shadow Damage per entity on enemy
    AoE: 600/700/800/900 units
    Level Up: 1/6/11/16
    Special Notes: Max of two entities per enemy. One entity is spawned per auto-attack made against Om. The entities will seek out the nearest enemy unit in the area around Om.
    Q (Dark Wrath):

    Om creates a ball of blue-white fire in his left hand, and then slams it into his blade causing it to ignite. For a short duration after Om's auto-attacks against the same target increases his attack speed. Om may activate this ability again after a short time to release the fire in the blade forwards in a line dealing magic damage.

    Type: Augmented Attack // Skill Shot
    Amount: 50/65/80/95/110 (+70% AP)
    Attack Speed Increase: 5/10/15/20/25% per hit (max 15/30/45/60/75%)
    Duration: 4 seconds
    Range: 0 // 700 units
    Cost: +15 Fury
    Cooldown: 15 (-1) seconds
    Target Type: Line
    Special notes:
    W (Cruel Instincts):

    Om's perception of his surroundings grant him a reduction to physical damage taken as well as granting additional shadow damage every third attack against the same target.

    Type: Passive
    Shadow Damage: 40/80/120/160/200 (+25% AP)
    Physical Damage Reduction: 5/8/10/12/15%
    Target Type: Self
    Special notes: none

    E (Shadow Temptation):

    Om throws a ball of dark magic at a target causing it to take a small amount of shadow damage every second. After the duration ends the target is feared for a short time. Auto-attacks against a target affected by this ability extends the duration by a small amount.

    Type: Target
    Amount: 60/90/120/150/180 (+60% AP) magic damage
    Shadow Damage: 20/40/60/80/100 each second
    Duration: 4 seconds (+1 second per Auto-attack up to 6 additional seconds)
    Cost: +10 Fury and +2 Fury per tick
    Cooldown: 18 (-1)
    Target Type: Enemy
    Special notes:
    R (Evil's Ultimatum):

    Om begins to channel releasing the dark entities within himself. The entities create a gradually growing ring of blue fire the slows all enemies within it. Upon releasing it, or reaching it's full size, a pulse of blue fire bursts from Om dealing magic damage to those within the ring. Enemies are marked with Shadowed for a short time as well. Enemies marked with Shadowed take Shadow damage over time. Auto-attacks by any ally will ignite the mark and double the Shadow damage for the remainder of the duration. Using this ability consumes all Fury.

    Type: Self AoE
    Channel Duration: 4 seconds
    Magic Damage: 100/200/300 (+75% AP)
    Shadow Damage: 150/300/450 (+1% per 2 Fury) over 3 seconds
    Shadowed Duration: 3 seconds
    AoE: 500-900 units
    Cooldown: 160 (-20)
    Target Type: Area
    Special notes: Shadowed mark also sights for the duration.
    {Base Stats}

    Base Health: 435 (+75/level)
    Fury: 100
    Base Attack Damage: 49 (+3.8/level)
    Base Attack Speed: .554 (+.021/level)
    Attack Range: 120
    Base Armor: 20 (+3.3/level)
    Magic Resistance: 30 (+0/level)
    Movement Speed: 305



    There is a place where powerful forces of nature become embodied into living beings. In this place of living gods the denizens of the world lived in violent states of war and peace. Originally the Tarot was born from the mind of a few dedicated individuals desiring a normal life. Of the original four The Devil was specialized in dealing with the truly evil deities that wander the world of Vinvidi. He fought for years against the dark entities, and sealed hundreds of them away. Due to the nature of his enemies his soul slowly became contaminated by the hatred and darkness. After a while the other members of the Tarot tried to seal him away to protect the world from the darkness contained within him. However, with the loss of The Tower, The Chariot, and Death they were unable to complete the seal. After the failure of the seal they began to fight The Devil in hopes of weakening his power enough to try to seal him again. During the intense battle The Devil drew upon the dark gods within Vinvidi and the Dream Plane to tear a hole to another world. The gateway flashed and crackled with dark magic as The Devil stood at it's threshold. Looking back over his billowing cloak he smiled at them as he stepped into the gate. A sound of thunder broke over Vinvidi as the portal slammed closed.

    On Runaterra during an intense Summoner battle a portal of darkness and crackling energies opened above Summoner's Rift. Among the champions present was Fiddlesticks, The Harbringer of Doom. All but his Summoner couldn't see Fiddle's smile broaden. When The Devil fell from the floating portal to crash into the ground sending waves of dark energy outward into the Field of Justice. Jarven the IV walked forwards to greet their unexpected visitor, and was cut down with a single swing. This broke the stunned silence, and sent the other Summoner's into a frenzy of activity. Each of the nine remaining champions attacked together against him, but were soundly defeated with minimal effort on his part. Fiddlesticks smiled broadly as he faded back to the Summoner's Platform. The Summoner's then moved to bind The Devil, and, with a few losses, managed to pull it off. When they asked him of his name he looked away for a moment, and said, "Om."

    Unable to kill Om they were forced to keep him sealed within the Institute's north most enclave. After a few weeks however Noxus requested to use Om in their battles. After a few weeks of negotiation the High Council agreed to use Om restrictively. Even in his darkened summoning room Fiddlesticks smiled as he felt the stirring of Om.



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