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    Skruhm, the Frozen Warlord


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    Skruhm, the Frozen Warlord Empty Skruhm, the Frozen Warlord

    Post by Veragoot on Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:45 pm

    Hey guys, just doing a little quickie here, just to get some ideas down on paper (or web paper I guess). Lemme know what you think and maybe I'll pump some more thought into it.

    Lore: In the mysterious land of Lokfar, the brutal rule of life is not to live but to survive. By tooth and nail, every breath must be fought for as the residents struggle to scrape out the most meager means of subsistence. This is the rule for all of Lokfar to follow, save one. The hardest, and strongest of the frozen wasteland's inhabitants, the self-proclaimed Lord of Lokfar, Skruhm. Wielding a massive warhammer chained to a giant and deadly steel ball and armed with evil frost magic, his arrival on any battlefield spells utter slaughter for his foes. His malice is surpassed only by his might, neither of which any could hope to contest. With his inhuman strength, he dominated any who opposed him and claimed all of Lokfar for his own. As time passed, however, Skruhm grew bored of his unchallenged rule and life of leisure. His heart yearned for battle and bloodshed, but none could stand before him long enough to quench his thirst. One day, however, he felt a strong force from afar, calling out for true strength. Skruhm felt such power behind the call, that he set out that day to heed it, eventually arriving at the doors of the Institute of War.

    Passive: Soulfreeze- Every 7 seconds, Skruhm's next auto attack will apply the Soulfreeze debuff, stunning the enemy for 1 second, and slowing them for 3 seconds. Soulfreeze marks last for 4 seconds. Consuming a Soulfreeze mark immediately ends any negative effects of the mark.

    Q: Decimate-

    Description: Skruhm slams his hammer down upon his foe, dealing single target damage and slowing. If target does not have the Soulfreeze debuff, deals physical damage and applies the Soulfreeze debuff to target. If target does have Soulfreeze debuff, Decimate deals bonus physical damage and consumes the debuff.

    Ability Stats:
    AD ratio: .7
    Bonus AD: 60

    W: Glacial March- Skruhm stomps forward in a line applying Soulfreeze to anyone he stomps over and leaving a trail of ice behind him that slows any enemies walking across it. If he encounters an enemy champion on his march, he stops and smacks them with his hammer, dealing physical damage and applying Soulfreeze.

    E: Steel Maelstrom/Bonecrusher- Skruhm swings the steel ball chained to his hammer around and around, dealing short range physical AoE damage around him. At any time while swinging, Skruhm can activate this ability again on a target to let the ball fly at the target, dealing physical damage that increases based on how long Skruhm swings the ball around. Bonecrusher deals bonus physical damage if the target has Soulfreeze.

    R: Blood of Lokfar- Skruhm calls on his Lokfarian ancestors to empower him with even greater strength, increasing his attack damage, attack speed, health, movement speed, and armor dramatically and reducing CC duration.

    Pretty quickly done. Just a really barebones concept. Thoughts? I think he kinda came out pretty boring myself. I can't decide if I want him to use fury, mana, or CD only system.

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