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    Ikorin, the Swordsage Empty Ikorin, the Swordsage

    Post by Dyslexai on Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:05 pm

    Hello everyone. I had this idea a while back and decided I'd go ahead and post it. Constructive criticism is welcomed, if you completely hate it I want to know. I'll work on getting some lore/appearance/quotes stuff up as well, so this is still a work in progress.

    All stats given are placeholders, cooldowns will hopefully be on the shorter side, but long enough to discourage spamming.

    But first, a few notes on his playstyle and inspiration. Ever since I first played as Setsuka in soul calibur, I loved the "fight from the draw" style. Ikorin carries a sheathed blade, and his autoattack animations would consist of him drawing his blade, making a quick strike, and returning it. The idea behind his character is that while his blade is sheathed, he is able to bind magical effects to it and unleash them on his foes.

    Ikorin is designed to be able to function in lane as an AD fighter, or hybrid assasin. He should also function quite well in the jungle. Spamming abilities can easily rob him of half his damage output if you aren't careful with the timing and execution, as being able to properly Echo your procs is a large part of his gameplay. That being said, his abilities are designed to allow him to pick a single target and stick with that target until one of them dies. He loses a large amount of his potential if he switches targets partway through an assault, so hit and run tactics are less effective.


    Passive - Chillblains: After not attacking for 12 seconds, Ikorin's next attack will deal 20/40/60 true damage and apply a 20/25/30% slow to the target for 3 seconds. The damage and slow percentage increase at levels 11 and 18.

    Notes: Chillblains is intended as a ganking and single target lockdown tool to be used with Echo Blade to maximize the effect. Great for jungle ganks, as you can Echo the slow and damage to assist with taking down the enemy champion.

    Q - Echo Blade: Active - Upon activation, Ikorin's next attack applies the Echo Blade debuff on an enemy. In 9/8/7/6/5 seconds, the marked opponent will be hit with a copy of the attack that applied Echo Blade, copying on-hit effects (except the Echo Blade debuff), and dealing 15/22/24/30/35% of Ikorin's total attack damage as bonus damage. The Echo Blade debuff will fade if the target has not been attacked by Ikorin within the last 2.5 seconds.

    Q - Echo Blade: Passive - Every fifth attack will reduce the target's armor and magic resistance by 5/5/6/6/7% for 3 seconds. This effect can stack with itself once.

    Notes: Echo Blade is Ikorin's bread and butter attack. While it starts out very weak, with levels, items, and damage, you will be able to cause a lot of damage to your target while keeping them under the effects of your other abilities. Echo Blade's cooldown will also scale with level, so it will be easier to chain echo effects for maximum damage. Because the Echo is an exact copy of the attack that applied the buff, there are a few cases such as Sion's passive that will interact with the Echo. If the damage of the initial attack was reduced by Sion's passive, it would still deal full damage with a chance to be reduced by the passive or any other effects that may be in place, such as shields or mitigation effects.

    W - Gurren: Ikorin lunges at his target and thrusts with the hilt of his sword, striking a vital area of his opponent dealing 15/30/45/60/75 + (.3*AD) physical damage and stunning them briefly. This counts as a basic attack. He also gains a temporary damage shield that blocks the next 50/70/90/110/130 + (0.4*AP) damage and lasts for 3 seconds.

    Notes: Gap closer, similar to abilities such as Jax's leap strike. The range will be somewhat on the short side, and the stun duration will be akin to Riven's ki burst.

    E - Burning Conviction: Passive - Ikorin has 5/10/15/20/25 bonus movement speed, and generates a stack of "Determined" with each basic attack on the same target up to 6. Attacking a different target clears stacks. Each stack of "Determined" gives Ikorin 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 bonus attack damage and 1/2/3/4/5 bonus movement speed. When Ikorin reaches 3 stacks, he can activate Burning Conviction.

    E - Burning Conviction: Active - Consumes all "Determined" stacks to cause Ikorin's next attack to deal 50/55/60/65/70 + (0.3*AD) + (0.5*AP) magic damage per second for 3 seconds.

    Notes: Burning Conviction adds another on-hit effect that can be Echoed. The activation will not reset Ikorin's autoattack timer. Ikorin players that build AP should be able to use this ability in conjunction with Echo Blade to cause significant damage to a single target. In addition, the cap on stacks is less than the amount needed to activate the ability, so players who are more focused on attack damage can ignore the activation and instead use the activation effect as a finishing move.

    R, Ultimate - Elemental Release: Ikorin draws out and concentrates the latent energy from his last ability used, gaining one of three distinct effects and disabling his other abilities for the duration of the effect.

    Echo Blade // Swiftness of Wind: For 5 seconds, Ikorin gains 20%/30%/40% attack speed and 10% movement speed, but suffers a flat 20% reduction in damage for the duration. In addition, Ikorin's next attack will apply Echo Blade, regardless of if it was on cooldown or not.

    Gurren // Strength of Earth: Ikorin recieves a burst of vigor, stunning surrounding enemies for .5 seconds and regaining 200/350/500 + (0.3*AP) health. He also gains 20/30/40 armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds.

    Burning Conviction // Wave of Fire: Ikorin sends out a line of flame from his blade, dealing 150/240/320 + (0.7*AP) to the first target it encounters and gives Ikorin 5 stacks of "Determined".

    Notes: The intention of this ultimate was to give the player more versatility in combat and the ability to choose what branch of the ultimate to use in a given situation. To reinforce the choice, Ikorin is silenced for the five second duration of the ultimate, regardless of the effect chosen, and is unable to use abilities unless otherwise noted. If the last ability used is Echo Blade, your ultimate will be Swiftness of Wind, if the last ability used was Gurren, you get Strength of Earth, and Burning Conviction would give you Wave of Fire.

    Our victory is inevitable.

    My path, clear.
    On my way.
    I'll see it done.

    Swift retribution!
    Like wheat before the scythe!
    Retribution comes!
    They'd best run now..
    Fear me, for I am a demon!

    Using Echo Strike:
    The past haunts us all..

    (He struggles to draw his blade for a moment, finally pulling it free and slashing the air in front of him quickly)
    The frost.. sometimes it makes the blade stick.

    Violence is but a means to an end.. Yours. Pray I'll meet you there.

    If you lay down your weapons now, that'll be the end of it. You may run, and I will not pursue you. But if you persist, know that I will find you, and I will kill you.

    Soul calibur 3 - Setsuka weapon exhibition.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the idea, let me know what I can do better. I know the numbers are probably way off, but they should give you at least an idea of what I have in mind for the character.

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