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    C'theeb, The Sand Mage


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    C'theeb, The Sand Mage Empty C'theeb, The Sand Mage

    Post by Icraig33 on Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:24 pm

    C'theeb, The Sand-Mage (ver. 4.1.1)

    Combat Role: AP Caster
    Tags: Mage, Ranged

    --- (Defensive)
    HPoints: 470 +77/lvl (1779)
    Armor: 16 +3/lvl (67)
    MResist: 30
    --- (Offensive)
    ADamage: 50 +2/lvl (84)
    ASpeed: .6 +.02/lvl (.94)
    ARange: 550
    --- (Utility)
    MPoints: 250 +53/lvl (1151)
    HP Regen: 1.4 (7/5s) +.12/lvl (3.44, 17.2/5s)
    MP Regen: .8 (4/5s) +.1/lvl (2.5, 12.5/5s)
    MSpeed: 335

    Ability Legend:
    Name of ability (hotkey position): thematic description of the ability for people who don't care about actual balance/numbers and just want the general description of what the ability does

    In-depth description of the ability with actual numbers for the people who want to give in-depth feedback
    Mana Cost

    Erosion (Innate): C'theeb and Illan's magic becomes more powerful as it damages enemies, granting him spell penetration against targets he has recently hit with his spells.

    Damage from C'theeb's spells inflict "Erosion" on targets they hit. His spells additionally penetrate 2 MResist on a target for every Erosion stack already on them. Erosion stacks last 5s and stack up to 15 times, ranking up at levels 8 and 15. [NOTE: stacks are placed AFTER the tick of damage is dealt. 1 stack = 2 MR from target ignored]

    Desert Blast (Q): C'theeb launches a blast of highly compressed sand at an enemy, dealing an initial burst of damage, followed by damage over a duration, followed by a final burst of damage as he tugs the sand back to himself. This spell can be pulled back early to deal the final burst of damage sooner, but with reduced effectiveness.
    C'theeb launches sand at an enemy champion, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+35% AP) initial damage, 6/12/18/24/30 (+30% AP) damage over 3 seconds (costing an additional 10 mana per second), and finally deal an additional 80/105/130/155/180 (+35% AP) instant damage at the end. The spell can be toggled during the DoT to cancel the rest of it's duration/mana cost and deal the final burst -17% for each second activated earlier. if C'theeb and the target break the tether range, the rest of the spell will completely cancel itself.
    Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110/120
    Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6s [NOTE: the cooldown begins once the final burst is dealt.]
    Cast Range: 600 units - Tether range: 1000 units
    Cast Time: .5s
    Missle Speed: 1400 units
    [NOTE: running out of mana during the DoT will completely cancel the rest of the spell. This spell has a potential of inflicting 5 Erosion stacks: 1 initial, 3 from DoT damage and 1 during the final burst]

    Dehydration (W): C'theeb sacrifices a bit of his own health to infuse his sand with water-leeching magic. He then launches the magic-infused sand at an enemy, dealing damage and hydrating himself for a portion of the damage dealt.
    C'theeb dehydrates an enemy, dealing 70/125/180/235/290 (+50% AP) magic damage and returning 50% of the damage dealt as mana. [NOTE: managain is calculated after mitigation]
    Health cost: 10% current
    Cooldown: 6s
    Cast Range: 600 units
    Cast Time: .3s
    Missle Speed: 1200 units

    Illan (E): C’theeb's spells travel farther and faster whenever they are within the proximity of Illan (his pet Wadjet). In addition, he can command Illan to fly at a location and damage all enemies on the way there. Enemies damaged by Illan are inflicted with a strange toxin, slowing their movement slightly.

    Passive: C'theeb's projectile abilities will travel 25% faster whenever they are within a 300/325/350/375/400 unit radius of Illan. In addition, C'theeb's spells will also gain range on targets within a 125/150/175/200/225 unit radius of Illan [NOTE: The aura range of Illan and the original spell range must at least be overlapping slightly to get the bonus range. This ability will additionally increase the leash range of Desert Blast by the amount increased by this effect. Double the numbers if you want the full diamater of Illan's auras]
    Active: C’theeb sends Illan to a target location, dealing 50/75/100/125/150 (35% AP) magic damage to all enemies it passes through, dealing 10% less damage to subsequent targets up to a minimum of 30%. In addition, all enemies hit will be slowed by 15% for 3s. Illan will then remain at that location until repositioned or until C'theeb walks 1500 units away. Targets cannot be slowed by this spell if the have already been slowed by this spell within 6s. [NOTE: Utilizes a targeting system/behaviour similar to Orianna's Ball. Does not deal damage to enemies around the initial landing spot]
    Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
    Cooldown: 4.5/4/3.5/3/2.5s
    Cast Range: 800 units
    Missle Speed: 1000 units

    Mirage (Ultimate, R): C’theeb creates sand-clones around him that will follow him around, mimicking his spellcasts with reduced damage. These clones can be destroyed by enemies.

    C’theeb creates 2 sand-clones around him that will follow him around and rotate around him depending on the position of your cursor. These clones will mimic any of C'theeb's ability casts, the mimicked projectiles dealing 50/75/100% damage, adding their own separate stacks of Erosion and not costing additional mana. These mimicked abilities can be intercepted by enemies, including minions. Consecutive abilities that hit the same target have their damage reduced by 50%. Enemies can target and destroy these clones by auto-attacking them 6 times. These clones last 10s or until destroyed.
    Mana Cost: 150/200/250
    Cooldown: 130/110/90s [NOTE: cooldown sets off after clones expire/are destroyed]
    Cast Time: .3s
    [NOTE: Mimicked E's will cause the clones to shoot out mirages of Illan at target location. Unlike the real Illan, these mirages will only affect the first person they hit.]

    Recommended Items:
    - Dorans Ring (Prospector's Ring on CS)

    - Archangel's Staff
    - Sorcerer's Shoes
    - Rabadon's Deathcap (Wooglet's Witchcap on TT/CS)

    - Void Staff
    - Liandry's Torment (blackfire Torch for TT/CS)
    - Deathfire Grasp

    - Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    - Abyssal Scepter
    - Rod of Ages
    - Zhyonia's Hourglass

    Playing as:
    - While Desert blast deals great damage at all stages of the game, consider starting with Dehydration or Illan instead at the first level for better mana conservation.
    - Although Illan has good damage potential later on, it also becomes less mana efficient at higher ranks and should primarily be used as a tool to set up your other abilities.
    - Mirage is a great way to quickly stack up erosion on multiple targets at once.

    Playing against:
    - C'theeb can run out of mana very easily early on in the game. Try to bait him into spending health on casting Dehydration.
    - C'theeb is very fragile and melts quickly to any form of focused fire.
    - Items such as Ruunaan's Hurricane or Ravenous Hydra can make quick work of C'theeb's clones

    Upon selection:
    - We have arrived. *hiss*

    - Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.
    - Come, Illan. *hiss*
    - A sound plan!
    - Fear is the mind-killer. *hiss*

    - Long live the Sand-mages!
    - Weaklings. *hiss*
    - They are foolish.
    - The sands are with us.

    - You think sand is harmless? *laughs* think again. *hiss*

    Joke: (Credit to Shadow Blitzer for adding elements to it)
    - I make the best sand sculptures in all of Runeterra! *hiss*

    - Sand dance (credited to MrSlipperHat and KyokiTaly for thinking of the idea/adding elements to it) [NOTE: Illan will dance alongside him if he is currently at his side. If Illan is somewhere else, A sandclone will stand in.]
    For those of you who don't know what it is:


    C'theeb originated from a small tribe of nomads in the Shurima Desert. He, as with each member of the tribe who is found to possess magic in their veins, was trained in the art of combat at a very young age in preparation for what is known among his tribe as "The Great Bond", A test where the child is left in a secret valley, whose location is known only to the tribe, to survive without any food or water in an attempt to tame and create a bond with a Wadjet, a rare breed of flying snakes with powers similar to the mages themselves. Legends say that those who can control and manipulate sand are secretly bonded to a Wadjet by some unknown god at birth and that this test brings the two entities together, without any form of conflict between the two whatsoever. Like all those before him, C'theeb was trialled, deemed worthy of The Great Bond and sent into the valley, where he spent the days just barely managing to survive the extreme conditions and predators. Returning back to the tribe empty-handed meant an eternal shame that is considered by the tribesmen as a fate worse than death. On the fifth day, after losing all hope of surviving, let alone finding his Bond, woke up to find a particular Wadjet staring at him

    C'theeb slowly crept up to the creature as it stood there without moving. If this was not the one, it meant that one false move would equal death. He lifted his hand towards the creature and watched in astonishment as the Wadjet happily slithered onto his arm and rested on his shoulders. C'theeb decided to name it Illan and returned to his tribe successful. As with all those who passed the test, he was given the title of "Sand Mage" and became a man of great power and wealth among the tribe. This life of riches and fame, however, quickly grew tiresome for C'theeb, as he began to miss the survival and the fighting he learned growing up. With that, he and Illan left the tribe and headed up north, into the unknown, in search of adventure. He eventually stumbled across the League of Legends, after many years of strange events and encounters, where he volunteered to let himself and Illan be summoned as champions on the Fields of Justice. He now fights to show the strength and prowess of his people. So far, he has yet to dissappoint.

    "No matter who summons Illan and I, whether it be Ionia, Demacia, Noxus or any other city-state, The people I truely fight for are the people of my tribe." -C'theeb

    Or, if you want a really detailed version of his backstory, go here. It's currently unfinished, but has enough to have people read it imo (warning, mediocre quality may enrage lore-maniacs):

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