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    Nemhain rework (in progress)


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    Nemhain rework (in progress) Empty Nemhain rework (in progress)

    Post by Katsuni on Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:35 pm

    My original character, Nemhain, is currently undergoing a rework (again =P ); I figured I'd make use of this forum as a place to write things out while I toy around with the ideas before finalizing them into the main champion concepts forum. As this will be fragmented into pieces and not a complete design, as only small parts of her are being fixed at a time, this is going into "basic" champions as no one section will be complete =P

    To see the original, base design, look here:


    New concepts: Due to the adjustments to tanking items, there are a few matters which need to be dealt with.

    1: Nemhain's no longer intended to heal DURING combat, but rather, is now intended to heal remarkably well OUT OF COMBAT. After the changes that have gone through in Season 3's itemization, I've simply learned that Leona and other tanks (but Leona's especially bad for it) flat out have no way to regain health after taking damage, and health regeneration items just flat out don't cut it. If she survives a fight, she shouldn't have to run to base, but rather, she should be able to jump right into combat again fairly quickly, letting her be a roamer. Yes, I want her capable of roaming pretty much as soon as she hits level 6.

    2: Nemhain is to be further encouraged to stack HEALTH, more so than other defensive stats. She's not really intended to eat large amounts of damage and simply live forever, so much as to draw fire away from other targets who are more squishy than she is. To this end, she can't be near-invulnerable, so in order to benefit her fury generation, she'll require stacking health to boost her attack speed stat (since tanking items simply lack for such). This also further discourages her from stacking items which benefit from crit, such as on-hit items, or crit items, both of which tend to be loaded with critical hit %.

    3: Roaming requires movement speed out of combat, as well as a capacity to return to one's lane quickly. This needs to be addressed. "Wild Running" of the BETA Tauren of WoW, and later the Worgen, show a perfect way to do this; moving rapidly on all fours when not in combat. I rather like this concept, and though it's a bit similar to Miss FourChan, I think it'll work nicely by having a buff where her movement increases if she hasn't attacked anyone in awhile, making her hungry for blood. This helps her similar to Rammus with simply being everywhere she's needed.

    4: As she's intended as a jungler originally, and the jungle has changed significantly, the movement speed may need to ignore non-champions, to allow her to clear faster due to faster movement. Additionally, it may be better to have her heal quickly off monsters in the jungle, letting her feed up in the jungle then appear out of nowhere in a lane.

    5: It'd be better to list the effects I want her to have specifically, and then go through and figure out how each ability should display such.

    - The capacity to gain attack speed based off of her health. This makes her itemization make more sense, and encourages her to avoid stacking overly high defenses. It also encourages her to pick up an Atma's, but that's going to happen to anyone who stacks health so no big deal. Account for this by reducing the scaling on her abilities significantly.

    - The ability to mark targets by autoattacking them so that her other abilities have a beneficial effect; I love the idea of her abilities being more effective based on whether she's hit a target recently or not.

    - Increased fury regeneration out of combat, and having fury regenerate in larger amounts based on her COOLDOWN REDUCTION. This means CDR is still a useful stat to her, and especially works nicely with her utilizing a spirit visage.

    - Some method of healing off of MONSTERS in the jungle, but preferably not minions. This makes her ideal for jungling and healing BETWEEN battles. Minions would be problematic since minions could show up during a push, so shouldn't be that helpful.

    - A strong benefit towards hitting new champions who haven't been hit before. The whole Jarvan dealie is a good idea still, and her intended strength is to piss off everyone on the enemy team, and set them up for kills, not to focus on a single target.

    - Move quickly when out of combat; needs to roam very fast and show a strong lane presence in all lanes as needed; needs to be a highly aggressive play style.

    - The capacity to enhance the damage her team deals to a single target of choice; she's supposed to set up kills, not take them. Personally, I think a damage amplification that deals true damage based on the % of damage taken would work well as it ensures a 100% steady increase to damage taken.

    - A dash towards an enemy champion; land BEHIND them! Go through them, dealing damage? (per champion cooldown)

    - A knockback (per champion cooldown)

    - A slow effect to keep an enemy from chasing her allies and keeping them from moving back into position after she knocks them out of position.

    - A silence to prevent enemies from just flashing/teleporting back into range; too many enemies now have exceptional mobility and dashes, even ranged champions, so this needs to be addressed by a tank who's setting people up for kills.

    - The ability to intercept attacks and get into range of her allies ASAP. (per champion cooldown)

    - Able to eat CC meant for her allies instead of her.

    - Able to shrug off CC that WASN'T directed at her (tenacity VS matronage spells)

    - Shielding to absorb some of the damage taken; base this off of AD rather than AP, since she'll want an Atma's anyway, so may as well make it useful so the shield technically scales off her health =P

    - Reduced damage taken from enemies who are bloodied; this makes her only as tanky as her player makes her good at irritating enemies. CC-locking her prevents her from keeping her passive up, making it an easy counter to kill her.

    - A way to soak damage off of an ally by setting them as her "watched" target, so that she can keep a close eye on one person who needs help ASAP. This should be cooldown based on champion watched, so she can swap targets quickly as needed, encouraging the enemy team to swap targets as well. This is primarily intended to sew chaos into the enemy team's targeting, which is her prime feature.

    - Specifically able to better guard a target she is watching with matronage.

    This is a LOT of stuff! Still, I think I can cram it all back into her with some tweaks, even though it's actually more stuff than she originally had. Fortunately, her healing in combat is being removed, so this eases the burden a bit.

    Updates to abilities to follow this post.

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    Nemhain rework (in progress) Empty Re: Nemhain rework (in progress)

    Post by Katsuni on Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:19 pm

    Nemhain now has two extra effects per ability; one is HUNGERED, which encourages her to be more aggressive; the other is SATED which affects her when she bloodies an enemy unit or kills them.

    Additionally, costs are now ONLY in rage! Nemhain does not lose health any longer when casting her abilities to make up for the fact that she doesn't really regain health in combat any longer.

    For people who are confused about some of this, Nemhain has no cooldowns; her abilities all have a 0 second cooldown (not even global limitation). The reason for this is that her abilities all apply an immunity to the given ability to the target that the ability was used on, preventing her from recasting the same ability repeatedly upon a single target.

    Additional information can be found in the original post, here:

    Updated Passive: Battlelust

    Nemhain is addicted, pure and simply, to combat. When not actively tearing someone apart, she grows impatient, her desire to kill rising rapidly. When shedding blood, it only heightens her desire to kill, and she feeds directly from her enemies.

    Nemhain gains 5 Fury per second and does not lose Fury outside of combat. Additionally, each melee hit causes the "Bloodied" effect upon the enemy damaged, applying all currently learned Fresh Blood effects for 6 seconds.

    Fresh Blood: Attacking a non-bloodied target grants Nemhain 25% of her Cooldown Reduction Fury on hit. If a bloodied target is attacked, Nemhain gains only 10% of her Cooldown Reduction as Fury on hit.

    Hungered: Nemhain gains unit vision of Bloodied targets.

    Sated: Killing a monster who is Bloodied restores 5% of Nemhain's missing health.

    Q: Feral Charge
    Fury: 25
    Cooldown Marker: 10 seconds
    Charges at the target, dealing 60/70/80/90/100% of Nemhain's attack damage, and lands behind them.

    Fresh Blood: Attacking an enemy who is not Bloodied deals 4/5/6/7/8% of the target's current health as true damage and heals Nemhain for the same amount.
    Hungered: If Nemhain is not near a Bloodied target for more than 5 seconds, she gains 10/20/30/40/50% faster movement speed.
    Sated: Bloodying a target removes her movement speed boost. Additionally, using Feral Charge on a Bloodied target slows them by 35%, deals 50% increased damage, and removes Bloodied status.

    W: Matronage
    Fury: 10
    Cooldown Marker: 7 seconds
    Leaps in front of target allied champion and the effect of the next enemy champion ability within 2 seconds is instead directed to Nemhain. Damage from the attack is reduced by 30/60/90/120/150 +60% of her AD and she gains 20/40/60/80/100 tenacity vs abilities intercepted in this manner.

    Fresh Blood: Bloodied targets have their magic resist and armour shredded by (X). X = the number of stacks of Matronage Nemhain has.
    Hungered: Nemhain gains 5 stacks each time she intercepts an ability using Matronage and can have up to 10/20/30/40/50 stacks maximum.
    Sated: Each time Nemhain dies, she loses half her stacks.

    E: Decimation
    Fury: 25
    Cooldown Marker: 12 seconds
    Backhands the target, knocking them back 475 units and dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.6 AD) damage.

    Fresh Blood: Anyone attacking a target Nemhain has Bloodied gains 15/20/25/30/35% increased attack speed on their next auto-attack. Nemhain, herself, gets double this effect.
    Hungered: Striking an enemy who is bloodied only makes Nemhain more hungry for blood, increasing her Attack Damage by 1.25% of her maximum health.
    Sated: Using Decimation on a bloodied target silences them for 2 seconds and removes Bloodied status.

    R: Overwatch
    Fury: 40
    Cooldown Marker: 12 seconds
    Marks an allied champion as being protected by Nemhain, splitting up to 30/40/50% of damage the overwatched target takes from all sources with Nemhain for up to 12 seconds. If Nemhain dies, or she casts Overwatch on another target, the mark and all benefits are lost.

    Fresh Blood: Bloodied targets deal 30/40/50% less damage to Nemhain.
    Hungered: If the overwatched target loses 25% of their health or more, Matronage is able to be recast upon them free of charge, and clears the target's Matronage immunity.
    Sated: Being stunned, suppressed, blinded or pacified (autoattack disabled) temporarily removes her hungered damage reduction.

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    Nemhain rework (in progress) Empty Re: Nemhain rework (in progress)

    Post by Katsuni on Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:51 pm

    With this potential update, I'm thinking I should list the pros and cons of this design, as she has an awfully large number of things she can do, and I need to ensure she's not flat out overpowered due to "doing too much stuff".


    - Can be almost anywhere on the map in short order
    - Able to move around a team fight with high mobility
    - Some strong, mostly-reliable CC
    - Great tanky supportive abilities to keep 1-2 targets at a time safe
    - Able to act as fast as the player's reflexes and resources allow so she's not boring
    - Practically (and eventually totally) immune to CC if stealing it from allies
    - High capacity to regenerate health unlike most tanks, though only out of combat
    - Strong synergy between abilities
    - Excellent at setting up kills for allies


    - No true AoE presence
    - Easily shut down due to focus fire/CC
    - Lacks non-targeted dash for escape mechanics
    - Resource system requires attacking in combat
    - No real capacity to defend self from focused fire beyond itemization / player skill
    - Relatively weak on her own without allies for support

    Play against her:

    Focus fire on Nemhain; she's prone to CC and unlikely to build tenacity; her damage reduction shuts off when CC focused. Relatively squishy with no escape mechanics means she's pretty easy to bring down and kill if the team focuses on her fully.

    Play as her:

    Great for drawing fire from more important allies and encourages the enemy to do so. So long as she's alive, her team is harder to kill than she is, and they'll gain considerable benefits on the offensive, making her very dangerous to ignore.


    Currently not emphasizing building health nearly enough I think. The nerf to her AD ratios may be problematic due to this... unfortunately, Atma's combined with her own damage boost means she can stack pure health and get 350+ AD far too easily with a respectable attack speed VS bloodied targets, making her damage output higher than intended. May need to adjust her scaling significantly. Up AD ratios, severely reduce % health AD.

    EDIT: Adjusted from 3% max health = damage, to 1.25%. With an Atma's, this is about 3.25% and assuming she stacks health, she'll easily get about 5,000 health in a longer game. This comes out to about +162.5 bonus damage, which is a pretty high amount, but not ridiculously high to the point of absurdity. Atma's would be worth +100 on it's own at that point anyway, so not that huge of a boost, it's just the combination is too dangerous when combined.

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    Nemhain rework (in progress) Empty Re: Nemhain rework (in progress)

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