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    A new AD carry. Possibly jungler.


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    A new AD carry. Possibly jungler. Empty A new AD carry. Possibly jungler.

    Post by ploki122 on Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:18 pm

    Right now, theme-wise, I'm thinking of a mix between a mad poison scientist like Singed or Warwick, and someone more innocent, like teemo.

    For gameplay, I'm currently going toward a ranged ADC kit, although, making him a bit bulkier/short-ranged to be able to jungle isn't out of question.

    Its signature move would be that on-attack, he would leave behind a puddle of acid, reducing armor and/or mr and dealing DoT. This could either be on every single attacks, but weak (and little AoE). Either Ziggs' or Noct's style, where it's 1 every X. Or simply Kayle's or Ashe's method, where it's an activated ability.

    Right now, how I see each possiblities :

    • Passive Innate : The puddle is his innate ability, it procs on every hits.

      • Pros : Reinforces the theme heavily, permanently up.
      • Cons : Low gameplay, low power.

    • Active Innate : The puddle is his innate, it has a cooldown.

      • Pros : Adds genuine gameplay, access to greater power.
      • Cons : May feel frustrating to accidentally waste.

    • Passive Ability : The puddle is a toggleable ability (Think Ashe's frost shot)

      • Pros : Reinforces the theme heavily, more control.
      • Cons : Low gameplay, uses up an ability slot slot.

    • Active Ability : The puddle procs for a limited time (Think Kayle's Righteous Fire)

      • Pros : Access to big power, Lots of gameplay/counterplay.
      • Cons : Weak theme.

    Other skills could include :
    1. Next attack bounces on the target once or twice more, or basically, 1/2 other delayed weaker hits that could proc on-hit at full effect or not.
    2. The champion breaks a flask to blur his image, he receives reduced damage and is untargettable (only unclickable) by minions and champions.
    3. Shrapnel bomb, a bit like Galio/Heimer's bomb, but sends 4-12 projectiles in a circle around the explosion.
    4. If I go with an active for the puddle, the innate would probably be something like a shred probably... or maybe increased potion effect/potion generation

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    A new AD carry. Possibly jungler. Empty kit #1

    Post by ploki122 on Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:52 pm

    Attempt at a kit :

    Innate : Bipolar
    After not casting spells for 4s. POISON_DUDE's next attack or spell will leave a pool of acid behind dealing damage over time and ignoring half of their damage mitigation (applied after penetration/reduction). ~~Scales on levels and AP.

    Q : Rebound
    POISON_DUDE's next attack will bounce up to 2 times prioritizing champions. Bouncing on a champion that has already been hit will reduce the hit's damage by 50%. On-hit effects applies on every hits, including his passive if it's up. ~~Scales on total AD.

    W : Miasma Lotion
    POISON_DUDE coats himself with a potion and for a limited time, monsters, enemy champions and minions cannot target him. The cooldown is slightly reduced when a unit dies close to POISON_DUDE. (Unlike Vlad's trollpool or Fizz' trollpole, he can be hit by skillshots and such. Also anything that has already been targeted at him will still hit.) ~~Doesn't scale

    E : Shrapnel Bomb
    POISON_DUDE throws a flask at target location. It explode upon landing, sending shrapnels outward leaving units hit bleeding. Multiple shrapnels can hit the same target. ~~Scales on AD

    R : Arsenic
    Passive : While standing in a brush, POISON_DUDE gains (either flat HP5, or enhanced healing).

    Active : POISON_DUDE's next basic attack will poison the target for a strong but short DoT. Uses up charges.

    So this is my 1st rough concept, he would have a fairly short AA range, comparable to Sivir maybe, and would be focused around trading blows. His DoTs and AA resets will allow him to win short trades, but lose out efficiency in longer fights due to his cooldowns.

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    A new AD carry. Possibly jungler. Empty Re: A new AD carry. Possibly jungler.

    Post by ploki122 on Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:43 am

    Fleshing out a bit more, I'm trying to plan out a bit his gameplay and background/bio to basically flesh him out and make him more cohesive.

    Pros :
    - Excellent trading
    - Good AoE
    - Good defense mechanism

    Cons :
    - No escape
    - lacks extended fight dps

    I want him to feel a bit psychopath, so I'll probably make 1 ability not-so-fitting with the others. Also, I want him to have 2 clear phases for his kit: Attack and Defense. That should reinforce the mentally unstable nature of his. Otherwise he's meant to be pretty frail, so no way of tanking anything.

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    A new AD carry. Possibly jungler. Empty Re: A new AD carry. Possibly jungler.

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