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    Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated"


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    Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated" Empty Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated"

    Post by Kassadin on Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:07 pm

    Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord
    Roles: Bruiser / Assassin (think Rengar / Diana)

    Appearance: Dark grey hair, Black armor, a tall spear that pulses with dark energy, A torn up red cape that goes up to his belt. (originally a two hand sword. but it looked to much like an evil Garen) Always sounds angry.

    Lore: Aeyin was an Ex Noxus general who was removed from office when Swain took over, He was ordered to invade a small Ionian village. After he lead a small regiment of troops for the invasion, When he arrived, the village was near defenseless, Aeyin thought to himself that this would be just another easy task.

    The only thing that stood in his way was a tall person in white armor and a giant crest shield. He told Aeyin to leave the village immediatly if he wants to be spared. Aeyin said to the figure, you are clearly outnumbered, why resist? So the defender thought that reasoning with Aeyin was out of the question. After he destroyed all of Aeyin's troops, Aeyin decided to take matters into his own hands and destroy the guardian himself. After a long and gruesome fight, Aeyin was the victor in the end.

    After the battle, another lone figure emerged from the armory. This second person looked simmilar to the defender Aeyin just killed, but younger and had no armor, and only a small sword. The second person told Aeyin of what he just did. The lone figure Aeyin killed was his father and he was willing to fight Aeyin to avenge his death. Aeyin just laughed and responed, "If your father didn't put up a fight, what makes you think you can even chalenge me?, Anyways, I caused enough destruction here. Enjoy the remains of your home" As he laughed maniacly back to his ship.

    When Aeyin returned home, He was removed from office for showing mercy towards the child, and not killing him on sight. This was enough to anger Aeyin beyond reason, he chalenged Swain to a duel to the death. After the duel, Swain ended up winning. Aeyin managed to survive on the brink of his life. He told Swain he would get revenge for this act, no matter the cost. He joined the league as a fighter for Demacia, his reasons were "Do not think I like this, but its the easiest way to get what I need."


    Passive: Might of Noxus: Every 5 basic attacks Aeyin sweeps his spear dealing 60 bonus physical damage to all enemies in front of Aeyin. (damage increases by 100 at levels 6 / 11 / 16)


    Q: Chained Spear: Aeyin takes aim at a nearby enemy champion and launches his spear at a target dealing 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (80% AD) physical damage, Aeyin then dashes to the target hit. 21 / 18 / 15 / 12 / 9 second cooldown


    W: Countering Blow: Aeyin's next basic attack will ignore 12 / 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 of his targets armor. Aeyin will then prepare himself for a counter strike and deal 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 magic damage back to the target when Aeyin is struck by a single target ability, If an ability is succesfuly blocked, Aeyin gains 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 bonus armor for 3 seconds.
    15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 second cooldown


    E: Noxian Fury: Increases Aeyin's attack speed by 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% / 70% and slowing enemies he hits by 35% for 1 second. lasts 6 seconds or until 5 attacks are landed.
    18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 second cooldown


    R: Eclipse Strike: Aeyin suppreses an enemy champion and strikes the target with five seperate blows over 2 seconds, dealing 60 / 110 / 160 physical damage per hit Aeyin also heals 15% of his total health over 5 seconds if this ability kills a champion.
    120 / 105 / 90 second cooldown - Melee ranged


    - Better defined abilities
    - Lowered ultimate damage to not be 1 shotting people
    - Added slight damage to his gap closer

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    Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated" Empty Re: Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated"

    Post by Meherok on Fri May 31, 2013 1:51 pm

    I enjoy the fact you're interworking your lores together, as that's always a nice touch. I was wondering who the general was going to be, and my first thought was Darius, but it felt odd, cause mercy didn't fit his MO. Anyway, good on that. :P

    Mostly, since this is the skeleton of what makes the champ, I'm gonna be throwing in ideas of what you might want to do, and some of it's going to be based off assumptions. Please correct any such guesses if they are inaccurate.

    First and foremost,
    In my opinion, this kit fits much more of an "attack speed assassin" roll. Even if you built tanky, he'd still have the kit composition and output of an assassin, (albeit, low end, if you didn't build any damage stats.) He has his gap closer, (necessary for all melee, which I'm assuming he is,) his anti CC, which also adds to his output, (another staple skill in an assassin kit, to allow you to not get counter-bursted,) a consistent CC to allow him to stay on his target that also boosts his attack speed for much faster output, (something an assassin needs to help lock his target down after their initial CC has worn away,) and finally, a really strong hard CC with incredible output over a short time. The entire kit fits really well into the assassin motif, primarily because his burst output would much higher than that of a bruiser, where bruisers usually have spammy/DPS skills and generally have more survival based skills, with kits geared towards soaking damage to outlive the enemy rather than having higher output due to general damage capacity. But enough of that; On to the skeelz!

    Pretty fun addition to his kit. With the right timing, learning to initiate trades when this skill is up could give a good player lane dominance if done right. However, like Nocturne, it forces players to be mindful of using it around minions, or accidently overpush their lane. Skills that make players play smart are always good to have. One thing you might want to consider is if this has a reset timer, if you haven't attacked for too long. Most skills like these do, to allow players to reset if they need, or remind them that it needs to be used while available. I would personally suggest implementing one, for the sake of when players wish to freeze lane. Nocturne has the issue where if he wants to last hit, every so often, he's forced to hit more minions than he intends, and it makes problems for him in lane.

    You may want to put some damage numbers on this one. A spear throw without damage will feel somewhat out of place. It's one of those little, nagging features that people will catch on to subconsciously. When you think "spear hitting enemy", it's pretty second nature to think "spear punctures", which if it punctures, it damages. Other than that, good initating tool. I'm guessing by immobilize, the target is being snared? It's best to specify, because there's multiple forms of immobilize you could be referring to. (Check http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Crowd_control if you'd like to view the full list of currently implemented CC. The wikia is a great source for stuff like that.)

    His W is definitely gonna be useful for helping him stay in the fight, particularly against mages who will usually just CC and run until you've effectively become out of position against them instead. I do feel it's lacking in power though. Even at max rank, ignoring 28 armor on one attack will give you a little more damage, but not by much, and most spell shields give a pretty sexy reward if used successfully. (Nocturne's, Sivir's, etc.) And on a long cooldown like that, that little bit of extra damage is just gonna feel a bit lackluster. One other thing is that a spell shield that only blocks one basic attack is going to be incredibly ineffective, even if it does deal a little damage back. There's the off-chance that the one hit will be enough to turn a fight, but it's incredibly unlikely, especially if you're sticking with him being a bruiser. If you build him bruiser, he'll probably have enough defense that the one auto attack is going to be piddly amounts of damage against him anyway. Not to mention, against an AD user, they'll probably have enough lifesteal that the 180 damage is going to be nullified very quickly, late game. And on a 10 second cooldown, it's really not gonna be viable to increase his DPS. There's a reason the only auto-blocking shield in the game, (Fiora's,) is on a very low cooldown and does 260 damage, with a passive that increases her total AD.

    What I personally would suggest doing, first and foremost, is removing the ability to block an auto attack. It's going to be worthless against fighting skill-based characters who don't have much power with auto attacks, and it's not likely to save you against anyone who builds high AD. However, if you're adamant on sticking with the ability to block an auto attack, you should at least make it require a minimal amount of damage, (increasing with rank,) to proc the shield. Now, in addition to that, I'd suggest giving a reward for successfully using his shield against a spell; Maybe give his next auto attack after a successful block the ability to penetrate even more armor, (double?) or maybe even make it deal some true damage. That, like any kind of damage increase, would emphasize a more assassin role as well though, so perhaps a defensive bonus would be better if you wish to stick with the idea of a bruiser. Gains a health shield, or receives bonus armor/MR; Something of that nature.

    Secondly, if you do want to increase his output, there's always the option of making it an upgraded auto attack, (like Shyvana's Q,) instead of just a bonus to his "next" auto attack. This way it would reset his attack timer and allow a little more burst and dps. If you did do this, however, any bonuses he may receive after successfully blocking an attack, (if you added that to the skill,) should probably be minimalized, rather than if it were just a bonus to his normal attacks.

    Of course, there is always the option of doing none of the above and just decreasing the cooldown by a lot, (like, half.) Simpler, but less fun, in my opinion. :P Would however fit the bruiser role much better, as it could increase his DPS without adding to his burst. Just a bunch of different options to consider on how to tweak his kit, should you see fit to.

    Only thing here is that you should specify how much attack speed he actually gets. I would suggest around 30% for a first rank, ending around 60-70% at last rank, if you intend to have it scale. That way he'll be prevented from having too much early output, but will have plenty of it late game. Anything less early and he probably won't be able to actually make use of his slow, because the average attack speed won't allow him to attack once per second early level. There is always the option of boosting the slow duration by .5 seconds or something though. Also, should specify if the cooldown will begin after activation or at the end of the steriod, just to clarify it.

    Appropriate lockdown skill, (the main reason I feel he's more geared towards assassin than bruiser,) but the damage output is a little too high at level 6, especially for something that has such a hard CC built in to the same skill. That's not even including if you intend to add scaling or not to him. But in essence, 135x5 in 2 seconds is 337.5 a second, (675 total,) and that's only at level 6. You're essentially going to be 2/3's to full health killing anyone who hasn't bought a health item, and even then, still doing a lot, without any way to counter the attack. That's 270% of what a WW ult can do at first level and just over 150% of what WuKong ult can do, (and that lasts 4 seconds,) at first level. Needs to be scaled down at on all ranks, especially if you want him to be a bruiser and not an assassin. If you do want him to be an assassin, the last rank could probably stay where it is, but that's still iffy high.

    What exactly kind of range were you thinking for this skill? The distance you can use it from is gonna make a huge difference. Also, that knock back might be problematic, since you already have such large amounts of CC potential on this character. I would personally remove it entirely, but if you're adamant on keeping it, you should specify exactly what you mean by "knock back." Cause if you mean like Singed, were it tosses them backwards over him, it's gonna be one heck of a lot different than if it does what Xin's ult does and just pushes them directly away from Aeyin. In either case, a distance is also going to need to be noted for the knockback, as the distance they are knocked back on top of the distance you can use the skill from will drastically alter the way the skill is used.

    I would still opt for removing the knockback all together though, as it is somewhat counter-intuitive to the first half of the skill. You suppress them in place and damage them to follow up by... making them go away. It just doesn't really add up. Even if it is a Singed type throw, where you'll toss them back to your team, that's going to be redundant, as you're already holding them in place for quite a good duration, where your team can catch up to them and beat them silly.

    Heal part might be a little high for a bruiser, but would work well for an assassin, as they don't tend to have much health and would give him a reward for doing his job properly. If you stick with bruiser, I'd reduce it to 15%, as 20% of a bruisers health is gonna be a lot, and it's already a lot of stuff crammed into one skill.

    Kit synergizes well with itself. You have all the basic components you need and it makes it pretty obvious your choices for comboing your skills and what times would be optimal to use them outside of those combos. Very straight forward champ, as far as usage goes. I still think you need to make some changes to better define him in what roll you want, though.

    Also, I know that he's not very far developed yet, and I'm asking you to put a lot of stuff in that would obviously already be in if he were developed, but they're essential parts of the puzzle for designs and need to be there, even at as bare of a statistical point as he's at right now.

    As always, hope this helped, and ignore if you find my statements unreasonable in some way.

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    Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated" Empty Re: Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated"

    Post by Siyanor on Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:25 am

    @Meherok: I don't know if this is what he meant, but "immobilize" actually is a specified form of CC. Leona's Zenith Blade uses it. Also, it says he "unleashes a chain from his spear." That doesn't really imply that the spear itself hit anything.

    [Edit: Apparently Leona's Zenith Blade is technically a snare.]

    I was going to mention the lack of scaling, but then realized that yes, the damage is really high.

    Was that the intent? He has no scaling because he has high base damages on some abilities, and so he can build tanky and still deal relevant damage? If so, then he's more of a full tank than a bruiser.

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    Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated" Empty Re: Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated"

    Post by Kassadin on Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:57 am

    Thanks for the feedback on all these concepts I posted, I generally tend to work on them all at once after their initial creation, so i'll have them all updated with the sugestions listed within a few days or so.

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    Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated" Empty Re: Aeyin, The Noxian Warlord "Updated"

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