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    Libara, Balance Incarnate Empty Libara, Balance Incarnate

    Post by Drake_O`Dagger on Tue May 28, 2013 6:09 am

    I am literally copy and pasting this from the LoL forums. The original version from before I stripped out the numbers and bad effects can be found here if you're at all interested: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xZLvzAH6zLxhfFGPRS8Y1nmzouR3LBI7WSz-zY3KPKU/edit?usp=sharing

    At the time I reposted this here, I was half-asleep, so that explains why I forgot the original was a Phys/Magic Hybrid XD


    This is a Champion Repost. I made this champion over 2 years ago, but I like to revisit old concepts occasionally to try and make them better. This was made as one part of a team of 5 champion concepts, most of which I didn't take too seriously as it was inspired by a rather crazy conversation with the people who later helped me make them. That said, this is probably the best out of all 5 of the concepts as far as a realistic champion concept, so it's the one I chose to remake. It is currently mostly still unchanged at this time, but I have started working on it. I'm gonna go to bed now, and probably continue working on it tomorrow. Ideas for changes are welcome, but please do understand I won't just remove the core concept of the champion. This, like many of my champions, is an experiment for a concept. I'm not aiming strictly for balanced, just workable. Number balance is the lowest priority right now, as I want to get skills on here that work first.


    Libara, Balance Incarnate

    Also, credit for helping me make this champion (and coming up with half of the skills) goes to SilvakShadower and ShadowSister.

    Appearance: A being mostly in a humanoid feminine form made up of a constantly shifting black, white, and gray energy. The color shifts to be more predominantly black or white based on the passive, but is never fully one color.

    Image drawn by Dragonslover1/Pamlady of Deviant Art.


    Lore: Long ago, legend says Runeterra was visited by strange, god-like beings of great power, each representing certain aspects of the world. Among those beings, the legends say, was a being who represented the delicate balance between all things, light and darkness, good and evil, hope and despair, love and hate. It is said the beings eventually tired of the races of Runeterra trying to control them for their power, and shattered their physical bodies, turning into pure energy and leaving our plane of existence for all time.

    During the time before the League of Legends was formed, five of these powerful beings were forcefully Summoned into bodies constructed to contain their awesome power, to force them to help their Summoners in whatever tasks they were needed for.

    Demacia was one of these places. They Summoned Libara, mistranslating the legend from its original language and believing she was a being that represented upholding good and punishing evil, which goes against her very nature. She was meant to help them spread their influence to enforce their laws, but by her very nature, unbalancing the world in such a way weakened her when they tried to force the issue. Finding her too weak to be of any use, they locked her up until they could find another use for her, for the means they had to use to focus her power into a body was all but irreversible.

    Some years later, after the League had been around for a period of time, she felt it. The call of her brothers and sister who had also been bound during the time before the League. Reaching for eachother, they combined their powers to free eachother and themselves. Upon getting freedom, together they sought out the League's aid in returning to their previous, unbound forms. In exchange for researching ways to do this, they would join the League as Champions, and aid the League wherever they may be able.



    Health: 360 (+75 per level, 1710)
    Mana: 0 (Cooldown Champion)
    Damage: 60 (+2.5 per level, 105)
    Attack Speed: 0.6 (+0.025 per level, 1.05)
    Armor: 28 (+2.4 per level, 71.2)
    Magic Resist: 30 (+1.2 per level, 51.6)
    Movement Speed: 340
    Range: 125


    Passive - Scales of Balance: Libara starts with 0 Balance. Using her skills, she gains Balance toward the good side (positive numbers) when she uses her skills on an ally, and loses Balance toward the evil side (negative numbers) when she uses her skills on an enemy. Balance can go down to -75 or up to 75.

    While Libara?s Balance is below -25, reduce all numeric effects of Ally targeted abilities by 1% per 1 below -25, and increase all numeric effects of Enemy targeted abilities by 0.5% per 1 below -25. While Libara?s Balance is above 25, reduce the numeric effects of Enemy targeted abilities by 1% per 1 above 25, and increase all numeric effects of Ally targeted abilities by 0.5% per 1 above 25.

    Every 5 Spell Casts, while Libara's Balance remains between -25 and 25 for all 5 casts, ??? (suggestions appreciated)

    Before anyone else asks or complains about it, Balance is not a resource. It is a mechanic.

    Q - Wheel of Fate:

    Enemy: Target enemy takes Moderate Physical Damage. If it lands a killing blow on a champion, refresh it's cooldown and take 5 second off of the other skills cooldowns.

    Ally: Heal target Ally by a Moderate amount of damage. If they are healed to full health, they also gain a Shield that absorbs damage equal to the amount healed. Otherwise, they gain scaling minor Movement Speed.

    Cooldown: 18/17.5/17/16.5/16

    Cost: 20 Good for targeting Ally, 20 Evil for targeting Enemy

    Range: 350


    W - Mark of the Martyr:

    Enemy: Target enemy gains the debuff Mark of the Martyr. Allies who attack a marked enemy gain minor Attack Speed (stacks upto 4 times, lasts 4 seconds). (Possible additonal effects?)

    Ally: Enemies within 450 units of Libara are forced to attack her for a very brief time. Upon the end of the duration, allies within 450 units gain some minor effect, suggestions welcome.

    Cooldown: 17

    Cost: 15 Good for targeting Ally, 15 Evil for targeting Enemy

    Duration of Enemy effect: 7 seconds


    E - Burden of Balance:

    (Needs complete rework, ideas welcome. I'm not happy with any part of this skill anymore. If I come up with a new idea, I will replace this with it at that time.)

    Cooldown: ?

    Cost: 25 Good for targeting Ally, 25 Evil for targeting Enemy

    Range: 400


    R - Harmonized Crux: For the duration of this skill's effect, reduce the cooldowns of all your skills by 50% (before CDR) and the numeric effects by 75/62.5/50%.

    When the duration ends, the following effect happens, based on your Balance.

    Balance below -25: Inflict Moderate damage to all enemies within 400 units, then heal allies within 200 units of each of those enemies for the next 4 seconds for a minor amount per second. Increase the damage and decrease the healing by 1% per 1 Balance below -25. If Balance is -75, stun all enemies effected by this for a brief.

    Balance Above 25: Heal all allies withing 400 units by a moderate amount, then deal minor damage per second to enemies within 200 units of each of those allies for the next 4 seconds. Increase the healing and decrease the damage by 1% per 1 Balance above 25. If balance is 75, increase the Armor and Magic Resist of the healed allies by 25% if your Ability Power for the duration of the DoT.

    Balance above or equal to -25 and below or equal to 25: Inflict moderate damage to all enemies and heal all allies by a moderate amount within 400 units. Increase both damage and healing by 25% minus the amount of Balance Libara has, treating negative numbers as positive numbers.

    Balance is 0: Inflict major damage to all enemies within 400 units, and heal all allies within 400 units by a major amount. Fear the enemies effected by this for 2 seconds, and increase the Movement Speed of allies effected by this by 40% for 2 seconds.

    Cooldown: 180

    Cost: switch your Balance from negative to positive or vice versa, or no change at 0

    Duration: 10 seconds (for the very first part of the effect ONLY)

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