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    Post by Meherok on Tue May 28, 2013 9:10 am

    Just copied and pasted from the official forums, so if anything is messed up or needs to be changed, I'll fix it as I learn of it.

    First attempt at champion creation. I may have bit off a little more than I can chew, but I was very enthralled by the idea and had to stick with it. xD Please be gentle.

    Be warned: The lore is incredibly long-winded, as I fail at compressing anything I write. >_>

    Born in Southern Ionia as Avecin Ikkia, her birth was blessed with the oversight of a Spirit of Empathy by the name of Essylis, and the being merged with the newborn babe, sensing her strong compassion for others. Essylis' powers granted Avecin great sway over the emotions of others, causing people from all across Ionia to flock to her, hoping to heal their anguished minds and find inner peace. As she grew, Essylis continued to guide Avecin on her path to helping the sundered hearts of Ionia. But it wasn't to last...

    Avecin and her family were among the first to be apprehended by the Noxian invasion. Ripped from their homes, they were thrown into the Noxian prison ships and hauled across the sea to the dystopian city-state, where execution awaited those who would not bow to the will of Noxus. Knowing their daughter could not fall in to the hands of the Noxian Elite, Avecin's parents urged her to use her abilities to escape before Noxus could discover and weaponize Essylis. Reluctant, Avecin finally relented: As she was escorted to concede her loyalty to Ionia and swear fealty to Noxus in exchange for her life, Avecin forced Essylis to pour its power into overwhelming her guard with despair and pain. As her escorts writhed in fear before her, Avecin fled, the abhorrent deed burning in her mind and soul, having gone against everything she was taught about using her powers for.

    For the next week, she hid in dark alleys and culverts, feeding off of and stealing whatever she could as she desperately tried to evade the Noxian guard. It was only when a massive crowd began to gather in the streets that her curiosity compelled her to investigate. Moving through the sea of people, she made her way to the front of the crowd to find her friends and parents standing upon the gallows. As they were finished being read their charges, Avecin could only watch in horror as the floor fell from beneath them, the ropes around their necks suspending them in the air, just a few yards away.

    In that instant, something in her mind had snapped. She no longer felt compassion; Only anger. No joy; Only pain. Sinking back into the crowd, Avecin followed the head executioner to his home. When night fell, she crept in while he slept, taking his dagger and dragging it across the mans throat. Summoning all her strength, she filled the mans dying moments with the agony she felt at the sight of her parents death, sending him into a pain induced shock before he fell silent and still.

    Once the man was dead, she retreated back to the alleys, overcome with not only the agony of the death of her loved ones, but with the sprouting seeds of corruption within her. She could feel the taint from her actions growing within Essylis, spreading throughout her body like a wave of vehement heat. When it finally had consumed every fiber of her being, she felt an emptiness; An emptiness she knew could only be sated with the torment of others, forcing them to feel the same suffering that she has known. And so she left the alleys, intent on feeding her newly found hunger. She began secretly targeting individuals, memorizing their habits and routines; Learning what she could exploit in them.

    As the body count began to rise, stories of a torturous demon started to circulate around Noxus, and with them, a name: Cynica. A name she thought very befitting, and adopted as her new alias. She quickly attracted the attention of authorities, although not all of the ones she expected. One night, as she had just finished killing a Noxian nobleman, a woman in strange garb wielding a crystal crowned staff apporached her. The woman introduced herself as LeBlanc and offered Cynica an opportunity to hone her skills and use her powers for more productive purposes. Initiatlly, Cynica rejected, but her attitude quickly changed when LeBlanc explained that she would not only be free to inflict her wrath legally, but also upon those responsible for the death of her parents: The heads of Noxus themselves. Cynica accepted LeBlanc's offer of apprenticeship, and placed admition to the League shortly thereafter.

    Role: High Mobility Assassin; Position Dependent Damage; Multi-Stance.
    I wanted to make someone who got serious rewards for being in a good position and where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. As such, she's probably on the higher level of difficulty, but could make for some very clutch gameplay.

    Health: 405 (+75) /At 18: 1755
    Health Regen p/5: 5.5 (+.5) /At 18: 14.5
    Mana: 260 (+50) /At 18: 1160
    Mana Regen p/5: 7 (+.45) /At 18: 15.1
    Armor: 15 (+3.4) /At 18: 76.2
    MR: 30 (+1.25) /At 18: 52.5
    Movement: 340
    AD: 51 (+3.3) /At 18: 114.4
    AS: .648 (+2.9%) /At 18: .986
    Range: 125

    Heartstrings Stacks: 15/21/30 Range: Sight (1100?)
    Cynica revels in the pain of her enemies, inciting the corruption within her. Whenever a unit dies within Cynica's sight range, she gains a stack of Heartstrings, increasing all damage she deals by .5% per stack. Stacks are lost on death, including execution.

    Cynica shifts between her primary and secondary skillsets based on if her last auto attack hit her enemy from in front of behind. If she has not auto attacked within 3 seconds, her skillset reverts to its primary set.

    Anima Passage(Primary) Cooldown:13/12/11/10/9 Mana:40 Range:850
    Cynica attempts to create an Anima Tether between herself and another, allowing her to enter her targets mind and manifest beside them. Shoots forth a silver strand in a straight line, creating a tether with the first champion it contacts, (or last minion it contacts if no champions were hit,) dealing 60/75/90/105/120+40%AP magic damage to enemies it contacts. For the next 3 seconds, Anima Passage may be reactivated to teleport to the target hit. Gives sight of the target hit for the 3 seconds active. (Tether will break if it exceeds beyond 1200 range; Interrupts Cynica's movement/attacking; Cooldown begins 3 seconds after contacting target or after reactivation.)

    (Animation: Projects a silvery strand forward in the target direction, leaving frayed strands floating behind in the air. If the strand contacts an enemy, the frays quickly amass into a pearlescent tether that connect Cynica and her target. If nothing is hit, the frays fade after a second or two. When reactivated, Cynica herself bursts into silvery frays, flying along the tether towards her target, dismantling the tether behind her, before reassembling herself beside the target.)

    Visceral Blade(Secondary) Cooldown: 1 Mana:10/15/20/25/30 Range: 200
    Cynica focuses her emotions into a psionic blade to fell the mind of her enemy. Deals 20/35/50/65/80+30%AP magic damage, with a +1.4% chance to deal x2 damage to target per 1% of their maximum health missing. (Does not interrupt Cynica's auto attacks; Interrupts Cynica's movement?)

    (Animation: When Visceral Blade is actived, Cynica jabs forward with the energy blade on her right hand. If this ability deals its bonus damage, the blade causes a small explosion of light on impact.)

    Mind Game(Primary) Cooldown:18/17/16/15/14 Mana:50/55/60/65/70
    Cynica draws upon her targets intent, allowing her to revert the enemy's power back upon themselves. Cynica conjures a spell shield for 1.5 seconds that blocks the next enemy spell to hit her. If the shield successfully blocks a spell, Cynica's next auto attack within 4 seconds deals 60/80/100/120/140+60%AP magic damage. In addition, any CC the spell would have applied to Cynica is now applied to the target of Cynica's upgraded auto attack. If the shield fails to absorb any skills, the cooldown is decreasd by 3 seconds. (Does not interrupt Cynica's movement/attacking.)

    (Animation: Cynica holds up her right hand, creating a silvery barrier around her. When an attack hits the barrier, it flashes into a mixture of colors as it forms around her karambit, saturating it in light for 5 seconds or until her next auto attack.)

    Incite Dread(Secondary) Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16 Mana:70 Range: 500
    Cynica overwhelms her target with a sense of horror, forcing them to flee before her as they are crippled with fear. Causes enemies in a small cone in front of her, (about the width of rank 1-4 Syndra E, but shorter,) to flee for 2 seconds and be slowed by 12/14/16/18/20% while fleeing. (Interrupts Cynica's movement/attacking.)

    (Animation: A pair of eyes and a mouth appear in the air in the targeted direction, flying out towards the enemies, disappearing at the maximum distance. The visage appears like black fire with light blue around the edges. The eyes are shaped in the same manner as Nocturne's, with the mouth being like a gaping serpent, with four fangs, the two at the top being longer. The mouth starts ajar, but it quickly opens as it travels forward until it disappears in a rolling back motion, collapsing in behind itself.)

    Myopic Euphoria(Primary) Cooldown:12 Mana:40/45/50/55/60 Range: 200
    Cynica strikes the target, creating a connection that allows her to flood her target with euphoria, rendering them oblivious of her location. Strikes the target for 60/85/110/135/160+40%AP magic damage and stealths Cynica for 3 seconds or until she attacks, increasing her movement speed by 20% while stealthed. (Interrupts Cynica's movement/attacking. Cooldown begins after stealth ends.)

    (Animation: Cynica spreads her right hand before her, and disappears in a concussive blast of silvery light, leaving frays of silver strands in her place.)

    Shatter Spirit(Secondary) Cooldown:12/11/10/9/8 Mana:60/65/70/75/80 Range: 350
    Cynica charges her blade for 1.5 seconds to deal a punishing blow to her target, calling upon their most tormenting memories and drowning them in the most vivid details of their pain and suffering. Deals magic damage to target equal to 80/130/180/230/280+80%AP. If used on a target from behind, deals +8/10/12% of targets missing health. If the target dies from Shatter Spirit's damage, the cooldown of Shatter Spirit is refreshed. (Will fail to lunge if target moves beyond 550 range, going on half cooldown; Interrupts Cynica's movement/attacking.)

    (Animation: Cynica draws her right arm back for a moment as she charges her psionic blade before lunging forward into her target, releasing a burst of pearlescent light out the side opposite that which was struck.)

    Echoes of Anguish Cooldown: 110/90/70 Mana: 120
    Passive: The suffering of Cynica's comrades and foes remain fresh in her mind. Cynica gains a stack of Anguish whenever she witnesses an ally or enemy champion die, up to a max of 1/2/3 stacks. Cynica cannot gain stacks of Heartstrings or Anguish while Echoes of Anguish is active.

    Active: Manifestations of the pain of those slain on the Fields of Justice echo forth from Cynica as she releases the raging spirit within her. For 8 seconds, Cynica is cloaked in a shadowy mass, gaining 10/20/30 Flat Magic Penetration and 15% Cooldown Reduction. (Interrupts Cynica's movement/attacking upon activation.)

    In addition, every 1 second for the next 3 seconds, Cynica spawns Lesser Enraged Spirits, releasing a number of spirits equal to 1/3 her current stacks of Heartstrings, (removes all of her stacks at the end of 3 seconds.) Cynica will also consume a stack of Anguish every 1 second, releasing 1 Greater Enraged Spirits for each stack consumed.

    (Animation: Cynica herself is encased by shadow, a creaturing of similar likeness to Nocturne replacing her cloak and covering her arms with its own variation. The edges of her silhouette are lined with electric blue flames, and a smoky trail billowing behind her. The Lesser Spirits appear as miniature versions of the creature on her back, but outline with crimson instead of blue. Greater Spirits appear as champion-sized versions of the Lesser Spirits.)

    Spirit Details
    Lesser Enraged Spirits deal 15/30/45+5%AP magic damage with each attack; 125 Attack Range, .670 Attack Speed. Greater Enraged Spirits deal 40/80/120+10%AP magic damage; 175 Attack Range, 1.0 Attack Speed. Lesser Spirits have health equal to 20% of Cynica's maximum health, while Greater Spirits have 40%. Spirits last for 10 seconds after spawning or for 2 seconds after Cynica dies. Spirits only deal 33% damage to structures, and damage to champions dealt by spirits will cause structures to target Cynica.

    Spirits focus the target of Cynica's auto attacks. If Cynica has no target, the Spirits will simply attack the nearest enemy in Cynica's vision range and follow her if there are no available targets. Spirits do no give vision and will only attack units visible to Cynica. Spirits ignore unit collision. Spirits have a movement speed of 375. Spirits benefit from Cynica's Magic Penetration, Armor and Magic Resist, but do not proc On Hit effects, (Lifesteal, Black Cleaver, etc.) Spirits apply Spell Vamp at reduced effect, (33%,) and other spell modifying effects, such as Rylai's. Spirit's will not proc Spell Shields on attacks, but will damage Black Shield. Spirits take 35% reduced damage from AoE spells. Spirits benefit from Banner of Command's active. Spirits do not refresh Cynica's Heartstring or Anguish stacks upon death.

    Probably looks like a cluttered mess, but I hope you all enjoy it. :P Constructive criticism welcome. Please note any textual/grammatical errors or things of like nature and inform me; I like to try keep a clean looking post.

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    Cynica - Avatar of Emnity Empty Re: Cynica - Avatar of Emnity

    Post by Meherok on Tue May 28, 2013 9:10 am

    Physique/Complexion: Svelte of build, characteristic of a more acrobatic nature, although on the shorter side of height. (The best comparison for her body-type would likely be Akali.) Light skinned, with a slight flush of the face. Long, wavy, auburn hair, with the bangs maintained in thin braids.

    Head: A detailless half-mask, covering the right side of her face; Matte black in color with various Ionian designs in pearlescent weaving across its surface and around the eye, the eye itself giving off a soft silver-blue glow. The edge of the mask that runs down the center of her face is jagged, as though the other half of the mask had been cracked off. Wrapping around her head and over her left eye, (presumably to hold her mask on,) is a thin, silver ribbon.

    Torso: Her top is a snugly fit, midnight-blue bellyshirt, with a single sleeve running down her right arm, ending in a fingerless glove connected to the sleeve. The collar of the shirt runs diagnal, across her chest from close end of her right shoulder, down beneath her left underarm. The shirt, like her mask, is covered in flowing, pearlescent, Ionian style patterns.

    On her left shoulder is a dark-brown, leather spaulder, made of multiple overlapping sections, that runs down her upper arm till just above the elbow. She wears a matching, fingerless leather glove on her left hand that runs half way up her forearm. A strap runs across her chest from her spaulder down to her right hip, where it connects to a leather fauld of similar make, providing her some flexible protection around her hips and waistline. In the center of the strap running across her chest is a light blue jewel, with a second one in the center of her belt. On her left hip are two curved leather sheaths, each holding a karambit knife.

    Leggings: Cynica wears a loose skirt of the same material, design and color as her shirt, running down to just above her knee on her right leg, and cutting down across to her left leg, where it reaches below her left knee, making it a fair few inches longer on the left side.

    Feet: Her footwear is comprised midnight-blue cloth that reaches up the length of her shin, with the addition of leather shinguards, end in points at the top, and encrusted with another blue jewel. On the souls of her feet is more brown leather, sewn into the clothwork.

    Back: A cloak adorns her back, its hood covering the back of her head and tail sweeping just above the ground. The cloak itself is a gradient black, transitioning into the midnight-blue towards the lower half. When Cynica's second skillset is currently active, the cloak becomes overflown with the Ionian designs that are prominent throughout her other attire. In addition, a visage of two eyes appear in the center of the cloak when active.

    Accessories/Details: Atop her right hand, mended into the cloth, is a white-gold fillagree in the shape of an eye, a blue jewel set in its center. The pearlescent patterns moving down Cynica's sleeve swirl instricately around this particular feature.

    Weapon: When using her primary skillset, Cynica wields a karambit knife in her left hand. The knife is of Ionian make, with the same patterns found throughout most of her clothing and many other Ionian weapons; A single pearl set in the pommel. During use of certain skills, the pearl and patterns on the knife will glow.

    In her secondary skillset, Cynica receives a second weapon in the form of a psionic blade, materialized from the eye on her right hand, and pointing out towards her fingertips. The blade shares characteristics of a fire or plasma, with particles often flowing off of it as it burns. The blade is pearlescent, like many of her other personal effects.

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