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    Introducing the Item Concept Forum!


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    Introducing the Item Concept Forum! Empty Introducing the Item Concept Forum!

    Post by Icraig33 on Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:41 pm

    After having a discussion with FlamesofTerror, I realized that There are probably a bunch of you out there with a bunch of item ideas as well as champion Ideas. So, I've decided to make make a forum for it! I hope you all enjoy it!

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    Petyr Baelish
    Petyr Baelish

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    Introducing the Item Concept Forum! Empty Re: Introducing the Item Concept Forum!

    Post by Petyr Baelish on Sun Aug 04, 2013 6:27 am

    I strongly support this. To quote myself from a thread on item design in the official forum:

    "We have an entire forum devoted to the designing of champions. We have a fair number of champion concepts complete and balanced enough to be of the same quality as champions designed and released by Riot. However, the game can only include so many champions before the barrier to entry is raised too high, and new players are scared off by the number of champions they have to choose between and know how to play against. And so, no matter how much open design space there is still remaining in the world of champion design, there is no way for every quality champion concept to be added to the League.

    For experienced players like the majority of us are, the game has nowhere near enough choices to define ourselves through, and no feasible amount of champions implemented into the game will give each of us the opportunity to have a unique ability set tailored to our playstyle. The solution (as I see it) is to have more items available for purchase in-game, specifically items with truly unique effects that change how you play after buying them, like Sheen or Tears of the Goddess. In combination with the wide spectrum of champions, having a variety of build options for each champion greatly increases the number of possibilities that players could differentiate themselves by."

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