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    Cobus Blüdrath - The Red Bear


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    Cobus Blüdrath - The Red Bear Empty Cobus Blüdrath - The Red Bear

    Post by Meherok on Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:42 am

    Cobus is an AD support designed to act as a team steroid. The idea came as kind of a challenge to myself one day when I was scanning the forums. I noticed a couple people were attempting AD supports and whenever one would pop up, it would have serious concept flaws that would just make it blatantly OP or UP, because people were struggling with the line between how to balance a character that has damage potential, but won't end up just being a self-buffing fighter or ADC. In the end, the designs all broke down and caught a bunch of flak from others saying that the idea of an AD support won't work no matter what you try. So I decided to see how impossible it really was, and thus came Cobus. Hope ya'll enjoy him, and please leave your thoughts and constructive criticisms.
    Like many men of the Freljord tribes, Cobus' family had been consumed by the wave of steel that accompanies the struggles of war. Struck down, but not killed, Cobus survived where his tribe did not. Forced to survive on nothing but the blood-soaked snows that permeated his camp, he slowly gathered strength enough to venture forth into the cold; Weak, starving, and alone.

    For days he wandered, scavanging what little sustenance he could off of corpses and the crimson snow around them. In time, his body gave in to the hunger, and he found himself unable to continue, collapsing to the ground. But to his surprise, he awoke, rapped in pelts beside a fire. He would later find he owed his salvation to a great white bear, who walked like men; An Ursine. He had heard stories as a child, but never had he known of them to truly exist. In time, Cobus became strong enough to move and speak, learning his savior's name was Volibear, and they exchanged their stories. When all was said and done, Volibear took pity upon the man and his state of solitude, offering Cobus refuge amongst the dens of the Ursine. Accepting the offer, Cobus learned the way of the Ursine and their brutal power.

    Time and again, Cobus proved himself as a worthy warrior, fighting with the fierocity of even the mightiest of the bear-men. In honor of his strength, Volibear taught him the ways of the shamans, combining it with Cobus' potential for bloodshed, the spirits of the greatest Ursine to be his guides in combat. He quickly mastered the art, channeling the fierocity of the Ursine's ancestors into battle with him.

    When the time came that the Ursine had joined forces with the tribe of Winter's Claw, Cobus acted among the ambassadors of the Ursine, pledging his allegiance to Sejuani and her tribe. To christen their newfound alliance, Cobus followed Sejuani and Volibear into the first battle against their enemies as a single faction. His prowess and kill-count earning him the name of "The Red Bear," and an honorary kinship to the Winter's Claw. To his delight, due to his deeds and dedication, Sejuani and Volibear elected him a champion to serve with them upon the Fields of Justice.
    Physique/Complexion: Broad and muscular, Cobus tall and bulky, with strong muscle tone. His complexion is pale, but rugged; His body stained with the scars of battle.

    Head: His hair is a deep auburn, falling in waves, down about shoulder-height, and held in a thick braid at either side of his face. His eyes are a steely-grey, set above sharp cheek bones and a heavy square jaw. His chin is covered in a twice-forked beard, running about the length of his neck in braids. Running across his nose and down his right cheek is a scar left from the blade of an axe, falling off the ridge of his jaw.

    Torso/Arms: His torso is adorned with a thick bear fur vest, exposing the center strip of his chest and belly, where multiple scars can be viewed. Around his neck and shoulders is a shawl, sewn with an assortment of bear claws and connected in the back to a bear head hood, lined with a metal helm. His gloves are fingerless leather, the top of which are metal gauntlets in the shape of bear paws, bound in fur, embroidened in the center with a metal sigil, carved with a rune. His upper arms, however, are left completely exposed, from just below his elbow, up to the lowest point of his shoulder muscle.

    Leggings: His legs are covered by a long leather kilt, trimmed with fur and embroidered in sqaure criss-cross patterns.

    Feet: His boots are crafted from leather wraps, trimmed with fur.

    Accessories/Details: To save time, all leather he is wearing is medium-brown, while the fur a deep crimson. Dark red, Norse-style tattoos can be seen running along the exposed portions of his body.

    Weapon(Attack Animation): Cobus uses his bear-paw gauntlets as his weapons, sweeping them in a bashing/slashing motion when he attacks, ripping into his target. In his right hand, he carries a large, club-like totem depicting a bear with its maw open in a roar, which he will bash an enemy with on a critical. In his left hand, he holds a runestune, with a red rune constantly glowing upon it.
    "Blood runs hot in this icy land." - Cobus

    Upon Selection
    "The spirits demand blood and fury!"

    Upon Attacking
    "By my queen's command!"
    "Enthralled by battle, summoner."
    "For the Ursine!"
    "For Winter's Claw!"
    "I lust for bloodshed."
    "Strength in blood."
    "The Ursine shall teach them fear."
    "We are the true strength of the Freljord!"

    Upon Attacking Lissandra (Sometimes)
    "Ice shatters beneath us!"
    "The Freljord does not bow to the ice!"
    "The Frostguard shall kneel..."
    "Your crimes shall be paid in carnage, Witch."

    Upon Attacking Ashe (Sometimes)
    "You are an insult."
    "You would destroy us all in your imputence."
    "Your tribe is weak, Princess."

    Upon Attacking Tryndamere (Sometimes)
    "Such wasted potential."
    "The only worthy soul of Avarosan."

    Upon Moving
    "A path carved in snow."
    "By my queen's command!"
    "For my queen."
    "Long live the Wrath of Winter."
    "Their blood beckons."
    "The spirits mark my path."
    "Where the spirits lead."

    Upon Ulting
    "Awakened in fury!"
    "In crimson, I am born!" (When ulting self.)
    "Their blood is mine!" (When ulting self.)
    "Their blood is ours!" (When ulting an ally.)
    "The Red Bear rises!"

    Upon Dying
    "Forgive me... my queen."
    "I have failed you, Sejuani..."
    "The mighty live... forever."

    Upon Taunt
    "Weakness runs in your blood."
    Health: 435 (+73) /At 18: 1749
    Health Regen p/5: 4.5 (+.55) /At 18: 14.4
    Armor: 16 (+3) /At 18: 70
    MR: 30 (+1.25) /At 18: 52.5
    Movement: 340
    AD: 53 (+3) /At 18: 107
    AS: .625 (+2.1%) /At 18: .848
    Range: 125

    Fury: 100
    Gains 2 Fury each time Cobus auto-attacks or an ally, (not including Cobus,) within 1100 range takes damage from an enemy champion.
    Blood Bonding
    Cobus converts 10% of his Bonus AD into a base amount of Fury that will persist when consumed.

    Cobus heals himself and allies within 350 radius for a total of 15/25/35/45(+.4/.8/1.4/2.2 per point of Fury consumed) each time he consumes Fury.

    Animation(Heal): A burst of bright red light flows out in a particle wave from Cobus, infusing allies hit with a red glow for a moment.
    Wilderland Taint   Cooldown:18/17/16/15/14   Range:550   Duration:4 secs
    Consumes all Fury to mark target enemy. Auto-attacks against the marked enemy deal an additional 5/7/10/14/19+10%(of Cobus')Bonus AD(+.15/.22/.29/.36/.43 per point of Fury consumed,) physical damage. If the target of this ability dies while the mark is still active, refunds 50% of the Fury consumed. (Damage procs Lifesteal and Spell Vamp; Cooldown begins immediately.)

    Blood Sigil Effect: Auto-attacks made against the target reduce the cooldowns of the attacker by .5 seconds. Abilities used against the target reduce the cooldowns of the attacker's other abilities by 1 second.

    Animation: Cobus throws out the rune from his stone at the target, where it hovers over their head. If the target enemy is killed, the rune dissapears in a flash of light and is absorbed by Cobus as a glowing red mist. If the mark dissipates before the target dies, the rune has a shattering effect over their head. In either case, the runestone in Cobus' hand no longer glows with a rune while on cooldown.
    Ravenous Totem   Cooldown:20/19/18/17/16   Range:600   Radius:300
    Consumes all Fury to place down a Totem in the area for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds, revealing the area. Cobus can auto-attack any enemy within the Totem radius, regardless the range between Cobus and the target. Auto-attacks and abilities made by an ally, (not Cobus,) that are used within the radius, (rather they start, end or target within the radius,) deal additional percentile damage equal to 5%(+.1/.2/.3/.4/.5% for each point of Fury consumed.) Allies within the radius receive Cobus' Passive heal as if they were in range of it, (when it procs and when the Totem is placed.) Deals 70/100/130/160/190+80%AP magic damage on placement of the Totem to enemies within the radius. While the totem is active, Cobus cannot critically hit. (Cooldown starts after the Totem disappears. Skill may be reactivated to end it early. )

    Blood Sigil Effect: Cobus' auto-attacks slow targets by 15/20/25/30/35% while the Totem is up.

    Animation: Cobus tosses out his bear totem to the target locatiion. A ring of glowing red runes appears around the totem, indicating its range.  The totem faces whatever target Cobus is attacking. When Cobus attacks a target within the totem's radius, a pair of red ethereal bear paws swipe out at the target.
    Wrath of the Tundra Matron   Cooldown:13   Range:1100   Radius:400
    Consumes all Fury and Silences all enemies within the radius for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds. All allies hit, (not including Cobus,) receive Armor and Magic Resist equal to 10/15/20/25/30(+.15/.25/.35/.45/.55 for each point of Fury consumed,) for 3 seconds. Deals damage equal to 60/90/120/150/180+70%AP magic damage to all enemies in radius. Can be cast with either Cobus, the target of the Cobus' Ult, or the Ravenous Totem as the source of the skill radius, as long as they are within the allotted range.

    Blood Sigil Effect: The 1st second of the Silence is instead a Stun, Silencing for the remaining duration after the Stun has resolved.

    Animation: A red ethereal bear head appears over the designated origin of the skill, opening its jaws wide in a roar that causes a shockwave effect in the area around it.
    (Passive)Blood Sigil: Whenever 12/10/8 number of enemy minions/neutral monsters or any 1 champion dies within 1100 range, Cobus stores 1 Blood Sigil, up to a max of 2, consuming 1 Sigil on the next ability used to apply a bonus effect. Additionally, if a champion dies within range, Cobus gains 10 Fury. (Minions/Monster deaths stack until a sigil is gained.)

    Animation: While Cobus has 1 Blood Sigil charged, the rune atop his right gauntlet sigil will glow bright red. While Cobus has 2 Blood Sigils charged, the rune atop his left sigil gauntlet will also glow red.

    (Active)Cloak of the Red Bear   Cooldown:130/110/90   Range:750   Duration:10
    Targeting Ally: For the duration: Whenever target deals damage, Cobus gains 2/2.5/3 Fury. Target gains a +5/7/10% Movement Speed boost. Target gains 75 Attack Range. Target and Cobus heal eachother for 5/7/10% of the damage they deal. Target receives the effect of Cobus' Passive heal when it procs, regardless of distance. Cloak of the Red Bear ends if Cobus dies.

    Targeting Self: For the duration: Generates an additional +1/2/3 Fury from all sources. Receives a 5/7/10% Movement Speed boost, 75 Attack Range and 20/30/40 Armor and MR. Allies within 750 radius receive 50% of the Armor/MR Bonus. Cloak of the Red Bear ends if Cobus dies.

    Animation: The target of the skill then receives a visage of a red ethereal bear over them, which swipes at targets with its paws when auto-attacking and bites them upon criticals. (Think like Spirit Guardian Udyr's bear form when he enters the stance at max rank, only red and constant.)
    Targeting An Ally: While active, the tattoos covering Cobus' body light up bright red.
    Targeting Cobus: While active, a large ring of runes appear in a radius around Cobus, (designating the range of the Armor/MR buff,) and the tattoos disappear from his body.

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