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    Post by MobytheWhite on Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:51 am

    Please take a few minutes to fill out the following surveys. These will provide insight not only in what you want to see from this forum in the future, but also what you want to see from us as a Council! =D

    Rate Your Council!
    What Do You Want to See More Of?

    Your Council members are:

    - Moby the White - Specialty: Lore
    - FlamesofTerror - Anything and Everything
    - Bergmeister - Specialty: Ability Synergy
    - Wulffe - Specialty: Organization
    - Icraig33 (newest member) Specialty: Ability Balance/Ability Creation
    - Gen Mad Hatter - Specialty: Numbers

    - iZianni (On Leave)

    Unknown Involvement:
    - Havoc202 (unknown)

    - Jaykoboy (inactive/mia)
    - Gundenspand (Inactive)
    - TheDeathstalker (Inactive)

    - Poet Ultima (Retired)

    Our Pledge to You

    Our goal, put simply, is to make this forum a better place. True, we aren’t Riot, we don’t get paid for this, but we all share a passion and a knowledge for champcrafting and hope to share that with all of you and help this forum grow.

    While we will be working to put together community activities and contests, our primary modality is to teach and tutor. If you feel that you're stuck, you need advice, you've hit a wall, come talk to us. We'll help in any way we can. We will also be hosting separate AMA's based on our various strengths in champ design (i.e. stats/balance, lore/character, abilities/mechanics) to help answer more particular design questions. Please do not post review requests in this thread! We have a separate thread for organizing review/requests here.

    While this thread will serve primarily as a place for Council members to gather and communicate with each other, it will also serve as a conduit between the Council and the Community. I will try to update this as often as I can as the Council moves forward to ensure that everyone stays in the loop. Feel free to provide any suggestions or ask us any questions; improvement is fostered by the individual voicing his or her thoughts to the whole.

    Regarding Trolls:

    Many of us have found this forum as a sort of haven away from General Discussion; a dystopian cesspool of trolls, rage, and malcontent. (It isn't a positive forum, to put it nicely.) Our vision for the Player Concepts forum is to rise above such behaviors and ensure that this forum remains a productive and constructive place for Summoners to ply their craft, to help others grow, and to grow themselves.

    Unfortunately establishing such an altruistic society on the Internet is.... difficult, to say the least. Trolls do wander in to our little Utopia from time to time. But what can we do about it?

    While we can't change the behaviors of others on the Internet, we can control our own. We as a Council promote a zero-tolerance policy against trolls and abusers. If we all can adopt this mindset, trolls will find no fodder here and take their obnoxious behavior elsewhere.

    Remember; we have no control over the behaviors of others. You cannot reason with trolls. Diplomacy and logic are in their eyes only resources they can warp and manipulate into ammunition for their own purposes. They cannot be disarmed. Frustrating others is their sole purpose; the best thing you can do is take away that purpose.

    But you do have control over your own behavior. So, just don't respond to them. Downvote and move on. Trolls thrive on attention, be it good or bad. Make no effort to chastize them or point out flaws in their statements because they simply don't care. Don't acknowledge them, don't give them the satisfaction. They are petty and have nothing to offer here.

    Contests and Activities

    If you are hosting a contest or activity and would like to help spread the word, let us know and have it promoted here!

    Monthly Champion Creation Contest: The MCCC is a long-standing forum tradition, and we encourage one and all to take part! February's contest is open as of 02-02-2013! Contact ObscureClockwork or Moby the White for further details.

    Guides and Resources:

    Here is a quick rundown of valuable guides and collections from throughout the forum. We strongly encourage Summoners of all experience levels to utilize these wonderful tools!

    Council Review Thread

    A re-link of our review thread. This is where you can post your concept for us to review. Please make sure to follow the guidelines listed there.

    Champion Concepts Compilation Thread

    A list of concepts contatined in the forum. Great for finding a concept to review before requesting your own review, or just for browsing.

    katsuni’s Champion Creation Tips Vol. 3

    If you want to hone a basic concept to perfection or just immerse yourself in the deepest depths of champcrafting theory and philosophy, this is for you. (The Player Concepts Council is not responsible for any minds blown upon the reading of this guide.)

    Wulffe's Building a Better Champion for Dummies

    Champcrafting made easy. Think of this as a trusty step-by-step checklist as you design your concept. The only dummies are the ones who don't read it!

    Alenena’s Numbers Guide

    A powerful yet easy-to-understand outline of base stats, scaling, and even crowd control values! Not only great for Champcrafters who are just starting out, this guide remains a tried-and-true reference point no matter your experience level.

    DarkPercy's guide to champions base stats!

    A slightly more in-depth numerical guide of base stats and scaling, this guide also covers the logic behind why these values are balanced. Very insightful.

    ZIleas’s list of antipatterns

    Huge monster post on the inner-working of game design and balance by Riot’s own Design Director Zileas. Click the link, be enlightened. This stuff is invaluable.

    Bliztron’s Role Guide

    This guide is great for understanding the ins-and-outs of what makes each role/class tick and guidelines to follow for designing a champion of any specific role. Great for deciding what direction you want your design to go.

    Lore Tips

    Councilman Moby the White has put together a handy guide filled with strategies that can help you improve your lore (and prose in general) no matter your present skill level. Be you a novice ink-slinger or exalted master wordsmith, there is wisdom to be found within.

    Jaykoboy’s Review Guide

    Guidelines for writing reviews on another Summoner’s concept. Writing great reviews is what keeps this forum thriving and growing; we can’t support this thread enough. We have also included a more concise guide to writing reviews below, but Jaykoboy provides a bit more depth.

    AMA Topics:

    Members of the Council are now hosting Q&A sessions on various aspects of design. You've got questions? We've got answers!

    Lorecrafting - Moby the White
    Ability Synergy - BergMeister
    [URL="http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2930282]Character Development/Design[/URL] - Poet Ultima

    Balance Sources:


    A great tool for comparing/contrasting stats of existing champions to your own. You can also use the champion links to find in-depth stats on that champion’s abilities, or use the links for the stat categories themselves to learn more about how certain stats like movement speed or health regeneration operate in the game on a principle design/mechanic level.

    Art Sources


    Artists from across the world upload their work to share. Great stuff in here. Utilize the filters on the left side of the site to find a piece of work in a medium of your choice. Some works may contain adult content.

    Google Image Search

    Another good resource for tracking down concept art. Please note however that some pictures may lead to unsafe sites or contain adult content. I typically recommend DevianArt as a safer if somewhat more time-intensive resource, but Google Images can help you find general conceptual art quickly if you have faith in your Internet security provider.

    Hive Workshop

    A great database that has a vast collection of icons that you can use to spice up your abilities. Just type in what sort of spell type you want and pick from the list, or you can narrow down your options through the filters.

    Other Resources:

    Some general broad-spectrum inspiration sources for you're reading pleasure!

    List of Weapons

    [URL="http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2859544]List of Character Archtypes[/URL]

    History of the Champion Concepts Forum

    Champion Creation Template:

    Champion Conceptualization Example Format


    - "Core" Information is information required to convey a champion clearly. Without it, the reader has an incomplete picture of what your champion is like.

    - "Optional" content isn't necessary, it just makes for a more interesting read and gives your concept depth and character. Remember that you can always include this later on if you want.

    {Champion Name} - {Champion Title} Core.

    {Overview} Core.

    -Gender (Male/Female/Other)
    -Race (Human/Yordle/Other)
    -Origin (Where they came from)
    -Alliance (Good/Evil/Unknown)
    -Class: (AP Caster, AD Carry, etc.)
    -Subclass: (Same as above.)
    -Weapon: (Type/description)
    -Attack Type: (Melee/Ranged)
    -Energy Source: (Mana/Fury/other)

    {Appearance} Core.

    -Physical Build (Brawny, skinny, fat, ball of void energy, etc.)
    -Hair style and color (If applicable)
    -Eye color
    -Other: (General notes about distinguishing features such as facial hair, extra limbs, pets, etc.)

    The list format could of course be substituted by actual concept art, if available.

    (Secondary Skins) Optional.

    Brief details as to how this skin differs from the basic appearance. Again, could be substituted or supplement by actual concept art.

    Description: Include here a very brief (2-3 sentence) snippet concerning what this champion is all about in terms thematically and mechanically. This is where you can organize your TL;DR and draw the reader in. (Example: “Arthur is a tanky AD bruiser who uses his sword and shield to excel in 1v1 trades. His toggle ability “Shield” is unique in that it allows him to block a large portion of incoming damage while sacrificing movement speed and attack power.”

    {Base Stats} Core.

    For those not comfortable with detailed numeric work, using simple terms such as Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High would be acceptable. You can similarly make a direct comparison to an existing champion (e.g. for a tank's health stats you could simply say "comparable to Singed.") But plotting out specific stats is something that we encourage once you feel comfortable.

    -Base Health (+/level)
    -Base Resource (+/level)
    -Base Health Regen (+/level)
    -Base Resource Regen (+/level)
    -Base Attack Damage (+/level)
    -Base Attack Speed (+/level)
    -Attack Range (Or simply ranged/melee for beginners.)
    -Base Armor (+/level)
    -Magic Resistance (+/level)
    -Movement Speed

    {Lore} Core.

    300-500 words. Should include the basic plot points of where the character originated from, the source of their powers, and the inciting incident that drove them to join the League.

    {Abilities} Core.

    Passive (Name): Description of ability.

    Q (Name): Description of ability.

    -Type (Single target/skillshot/Aura/etc.)
    -Buff/Debuff Type (if applicable)
    -Buff/Debuff Value (If applicable.)
    -Duration (If applicable)
    -Target Type (Ally, Enemy, Minion hit, etc.)
    -Any special notes concerning ability synergy or conditional effects.

    Repeat format for W, E, and R.

    {Dialogue} Core.

    -Champion Selection
    -Movement Quotes
    -Attacking Quotes
    -Q Use
    -W Use
    -E Use
    -R Use
    -Champion Interactions (Optional)

    {Particle Effects} Optional.
    {Recommended Items} Optional.
    {Gameplay} Optional.
    {Additional Notes/Content} Optional.

    *This template will be undergoing revision in the near future.

    This is a simple format you can use as a guide while creating your champions to organize your ideas and ensure that you don't omit any crucial information. Note that it's the information that's important, not necessarily the order in which it is presented; feel free to mix up this format to suit your own personal style. This isn't by any means set in stone, just a good template in which you can organize your ideas.

    Tips on Writing Constructive Reviews

    This forum thrives on reviews; reviews are instrumental in fostering progress. Providing reviews not only helps the Summoner you are reviewing, but you would be surprised at what you can learn in the course of conducting a review.

    However, a surprising number of people are unsure how to go about writing productive reviews. The common theme seems to be "nice champ, now review mine." Nothing is gained from this, no one benefits. One of the things the Council has been discussing a lot internally is what makes a good review, and what makes a bad review.

    Some key points:

    - Tone: This is paramount. Think carefully about how you phrase things; do not condescend, do not mock. Yes, an ability that deals 5,000 true damage in an 1100 unit AoE is.... a bit much. But there is a civil way in which you can word your review to advise the summoner that their numbers may be off. If a summoner makes such a major oversight, it could simply be that numbers are not their strength; provide examples to existing champions with similar abilities so that the Summoner may have a reference point.

    - Neutrality: The purpose of a review is to help a fellow Summoner's idea grow, not to force your opinion upon them. If you provide a suggestion for improvement and it is denied, do not take offense or try to press the issue; in the end it is the Summoner's choice to accept the help they are offered.

    - Coverage: No worries! You don't need to write an essay. =P All you need to do is touch on the basic points, outlined in the format below.

    Once again, this is just the format that we feel is most effective, but if you have a method that you feel works better we encourage you to go with it! The last thing we want are a bunch of carbon-copy reviews without any personality; give a little bit of yourself in every review you do. =)

    @Council Members

    {This section is just for Council members to be on the same page in terms of when our next meeting is and what we will be discussing.... and underhanded plots to overthrow Morello. Shh!}

    ***Next Council Meeting: Sunday February 17 @ 7:00 pm (Central Standard Time)***

    In this meeting we will discuss:

    -Council Direction - a new beginning
    - Champcrafter of the month selection/Council Member Featured Work.
    - Infiltrate Riot Games Inc. and overthrow Morello (if we have time.)


    We now offer live support through an IRC server.

    IRC - Internet Relay Chat
    Browser Based Host: www.mibbit.com
    Application: mIRC

    server: irc.ircstorm.net
    channel: #ccf

    Alternate Forum Site:
    Champcrafter Forum: https://champcrafter.forumotion.com/

    A message from Moby:

    Attention fellow Council Members and Forumgoers, with Poet Ultima's retirement it was time for a new thread to be established for the council. This is to ensure that we can maintain the thread and add new links and information as needed.

    With Poet stepping down the council fell into panic mode, what were we to do without our leader, obviously a new leader needed to arise, someone with experience in leading, someone with drive, ambition, and passion. The council got together and discussed this and we decided that the obvious choice was myself.

    Together the council will strive to fulfill its former duties, and we will re-establish the review thread as a permanent thing that we monitor. As the new leader of the council I strive to think of myself not as some dictator, but rather a director and motivator who seeks his peers opinions and is able to moderate decision making with impartial thought.

    I appreciate your support as fellow council members and forumgoers, with your help we can bring the CCF back to its former glory.

    Thank you, Moby White.

    ~Dum Temp Fin~

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    Hey Moby Is Hatter. This be my fun thing on here...Cause GenMadHatter isnt really fun

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    Post by ploki122 on Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:09 pm

    Hey just wanted to tell you I tried your PQWER rating to review... and it's clearly not my thing. I feel like too many points are overlapping while some details are missing (except those details aren't generic and applies only to certain champions). So yeah, I do see why it could/would/will be useful, but I won't be using it Razz.

    Jusy sayin'

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    Post by MobytheWhite on Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:55 pm

    ploki122 wrote:Hey just wanted to tell you I tried your PQWER rating to review... and it's clearly not my thing. I feel like too many points are overlapping while some details are missing (except those details aren't generic and applies only to certain champions). So yeah, I do see why it could/would/will be useful, but I won't be using it Razz.

    Jusy sayin'

    You actually most likely already use it

    if you review someone in this format:

    P : blah blah blah good stuff
    Q: ""
    W: ""
    E: ""
    R: ""

    The scores are a template for giving each review a grade, the grade is unnecessary. As I state in review tips this is only useful for contests. You are better off giving a written review utilizing this a guide for the points you want to talk about.

    ~Dum Temp Fin~

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