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    Anya, The Pearl Water

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    Anya, The Pearl Water

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    Anya, The Pearl Water




    In a world ruled by dragons. Four beasts are born from great magic to wander the world bringing disorder and chaos. Anya was the last of these four beasts to awaken to her world of destruction and darkness. Anya didn't feel anything from herself or others. Born from the tears shed by those who suffered through the terror of their demise. Yet, her existance was stagnent, like frozen water. She gathered the tears of those who remained after her sister and brothers completed their tasks. Trying to find a way for herself to move forwards. During one pass through of a village she found a young child wrapped in a tattered blanket, and held in his mother's dead arms and clutching a wreath of lilies.

    The tears the boy shed were different from the others. Not of sorrow and loss, but of fear and love. He thought he was safe in his mother's arms. Wanting to feel that difference herself. She took the child in her arms, and kept him for herself. She hid him from the others, and watched him grow. The boy kept the lily wreath with him, and Ayna decided to grow him new ones after the old ones had fallen apart. After two years of nurturing the boy and the flowers she grew she began to feal the stagnant waters within herself begin to move. Something had began to change over those years, but before the others noticed it happened. Eblis went mad, and began to tear himself apart. She covered the child with her own powers, and watched as, one by one, the Dragon sent her siblings away.

    When he came to her she rose the true power of herself to the surface. In a fierce fight, on her part, the Dragon held her back, and suppressed her easily. He then offered her a new life on another world, and a chance to change herself. She asked what would happen to the boy, and the Dragon looked at her directly. He would be sent to a place where he could be trained in the power that she gave him, and would, one day, be sent to the new world as well. She bowed her head in defeat. Unable to do much more, and the Dragon told her of the League of Legends. He told her that it would give her a chance to change herself, and bring new life to her dead form.

    Anya opened her eyes to the faces of League Summoner's. Smiling she held out her hands in a gesture of surrender.


    Lore only


    Waters Within:

    Anya flows with the presences of emotions of herself and others. When entering combat the next type of damage she recieves (physical/magic) or deals changes her state. If she deals or recieves physical damage she enters Liquid state, and if she deals or recieves magic damage she enters Frozen state. Allies within an 800 diameter range gain 4% bonus AD if she is in Liquid state, or 4% bonus AP if in Frozen. The state remains until she leaves combat for 10 seconds and re-enters.

    1st Ability (Q):

    Flowing Sorrow:

    Anya sends out a wave of water (700 x 50 line) dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+20% AP) magic damage to all hit. Each time this ability hits an enemy affected by it within 3 seconds deals an additional 15/20/25/30/35 ( times the number of consecutive times it hits the target).

    State Bonus: Liquid state grants a 5/10/15/20/25% slow for 2 seconds none stacking. Frozen state grants 25/30/35/40/45 unit knockback per hit.

    Notes: 255 damage at level 1 without ap if all five casts hit the same target.

    2nd Ability(W):

    Waves of Redemption:

    Anya creates a point of raging water that sends out waves of water towards nearby enemy champions for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds. Each wave deals 30/40/50/60/70 (+35% AP) and sends out a wave each second (600 x 100).

    State Bonus: Liquid state grants 10/15/20/25/30% movement speed to allies that are hit by the waves, stacking 2 times for 2 seconds. Frozen state grants 10/15/20/25/30% attack speed debuff on enemies hit for 2 seconds.

    3rd Ability:

    Sorrow's Garden:
    Anya scatters flowers around herself marking enemies and allies alike for 5 seconds. All allies will recover 20/30/40/50/60% increased health regen. All enemies take 1/1.5/2/2.5/3% of their max health per second.

    State Bonus: If Liquid then allies gain 5/8/10/13/15% cooldown reduction. If Frozen then enemies lose 5/8/10/13/15% health regen.


    Fury of Sorrows:

    Anya unleashes her own sorrow to encase target area in a bubble of water for 5/6/7 seconds. Enemies have 10/15/20/25/30% reduced move speed and attack speed. Allies have increased move speed and attack speed instead. This ability can be used again to knock back all enemies 350 units. This occurs as long as they are within the bubble.

    State Bonus: If Liquid enemies are rooted within the bubble for 1 second can only happen once. If Frozen enemies take 10% of the damage their abilities deal.


    Creator's Notes:


    Anya's theme is field control with water and ice, and from the way I set up her abilities here. She is best used when at full health. Though she is usable in situation either way. If you use her abilities alot she enters Frozen mode which is effective for dealing damage. If you play her more of a tank she enters Liquid mode which is effective for field control. Playing her as a support would allow you to maintain her Harmony mode which is the most effective.

    The other kit is using the flow theme. Water is the most destructive force in out world over time. So this idea was implimented in her design. Much of her damage/healing is over time effects. Her ultimate in this one isn't fully worked out, so a place holder was put there instead.

    These two kits work with two different, and unique ideas. I hope that readers of this concept will read all the way through my rantings as well as through the information above.

    Of course this being the Pre-Phase there is much to be changed and worked on.

    Phase 1:

    Combining the benefits from her two kits with a different twist from the original this kit was born.


    Please leave honest thoughts and reviews.

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