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    Jarojon, Eye of Uncertainty

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    Jarojon, Eye of Uncertainty

    Post by Flames of Terror on Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:33 am

    Jarojon, Eye of Uncertainty


    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Origin: Vinvidi
    Alliance: Noxus
    Class: Jungler
    Subclass: Support
    Weapon: Eyes
    Attack Type: Range
    Energy Source: None

    Jarojon uses long range stacking effects to immoblize his targets, and move in for the kill.


    Passive (Unwavering Gaze):

    Each auto-attack against neutral mobs or minions deals 200% physical damage, and infects them with Plague. Plague deals magic damage to nearby enemies, and has a chance of fearing itself for a short time.

    DoT Amount: 10/20/30/40 magic damage (Levels 1/6/12/18)
    DoT Duration: each second for 3 seconds
    Fear Chance: 20% per auto-attack
    AoE Range: 450 units

    Q (Piercing Eye):

    Jarojon strikes an enemy from incredible range causing them to be slowed, the slow increasing the longer this ability is channeled. If channeled for more then 3 seconds Jarojon moves swiftly to the target dealing them physical damage and rooting them. If used against neutral creeps and champions below 50% life it's damage is increased by 25%.

    Type: Target
    Slow Amount: 15/20/25/30/35% (+1% per 1% of target's missing health)
    Damage Amount: 80/110/140/170/200 (+50% Total AD)
    Buff/Debuff Type: Slow
    Range: 1100 units
    Cooldown: 10 (0)
    Target Type: Enemy
    Special notes: The bonus slow is based on the base slow's number (50 + 50% = 75)

    W (Visions of Doubt):

    Jarojon uses each eye he possesses to create a magical field around target area. Enemies passing into this field receive a small percent of the damage all others receive, and have a chance (upon taking damage) of being feared for a short time. Upon leaving the field in any way they are slowed by a large amount.

    Type: Target AoE
    Damage Amount: 5/8/10/13/15% (+1% per 50 AD)
    Fear Chance: 10 (+.5% per 1% missing enemy life)
    Debuff Type: Slow
    Debuff Amount: 50/60/70/80/90% for 1 second
    Range: 600 units
    Cooldown: 15 (0)
    Target Type: Location
    Special notes: None

    E (Misplaced Guilt):

    Jarojon causes an enemy to take steadily increasing amounts of damage every time they deal damage. Upon reaching max stacks this ability consumes the affected enemy causing them to be rooted for a short time. Casting this ability on the same target increases the stacks by 1.

    Type: Target
    Damage Amount: 10/15/20/25/30 (+5% Total Enemy and AP AD) damage per stack per attack
    Buff/Debuff Type: Root
    Debuff Amount: 2 seconds
    Stack Duration: 4 seconds
    Range: 1100 units
    Max Stacks: 5
    Cooldown: 5(0)
    Target Type: Cone
    Special notes: dealing damage refeshes and adds stacks.

    R (All-Seeing Eye):

    Grants Jarojon an additional eye per skill level. Jarojon can use other abilities while channeling, and places an Eye upon any enemy champion dealt damage by his abilities, up to number of eyes. These eyes reveal things around the affected champion, and increase the range of Jarojon's abilities by an amount.

    Type: Active
    Total Eyes: 2/3/4
    Range Increase: 100/150/200 units
    Eye Duration: 10 seconds
    Eye Range: 500 units
    Channel Modifier Duration: 30 seconds
    Cooldown: 100 (-10)
    Target Type: Enemy
    Special notes:

    {Base Stats}

    Base Health: 300 (+50/level)
    Base Attack Damage: 53 (+2/level)
    Base Attack Speed: .557 (+.019/level)
    Attack Range: 600
    Base Armor: 16 (+2/level)
    Magic Resistance: 30(+ 0/level)
    Movement Speed: 345



    Jarojon roamed the world for ages. Watching the Tarot perform their rites and bind many. He slowly fed them lies and cultivated their fears. One day they drifted apart and their mighty kingdoms along with them. Yet when his plans to watch them all die were interupted he became agitated. Some of the Tarot had vanished, and he was unable to watch them suffer. So, he felt along the paths of magic and dream until he found the path they had taken. A path that led to the world of Runaterra, and a path that only made him make new plans...for them.

    "I've come only to observe." Jarojon, Eye of Uncertainty

    To be determined

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