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    Palum The Swamp Devil

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    Palum The Swamp Devil

    Post by Ubel Engel on Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:51 pm


    The Swamp Devil

    Roughly like this guy, but muddy, and not so gigantic. http://www.freewebs.com/electrofarce/Transformers%20ROTF%20Movie%20Stills/TF2Fallen2.jpg

    The Mother Earth is simple, yet complex in term of survival. One must be able to conquer its dangers. To conquest is to dominate. Such are pounded into the creatures of Kumungu and Plague Jungles, two known creatures are Udyr and Nidalee, these two survived solely off the land with no aids. Udyr and Nidalee often praises of the difficulty and fierceness of the place they fought for their life, expect for one... whom they fears the most. Known only as The Swamp Devil often said to abduct victims from the earth and devours them slowly and quietly.
    Only quite few survived its wrath, they said it was murky, dark, eyeless and is covered entirely of mud, and has appetites of an endless abyss. Told to be always devouring anything it encounters, they barely escape with their life when they threw some decoys, often their own survival packs or explorer kits to the opposite side.
    Udyr and Nidalee knew of it, and often challenged it, only to be utterly defeated and humiliated, even teaming up did not work.
    "This creature is fierce and full of guts, yet it is as empty as a plain." - Udyr


    Innate : Toleration -
    Each damage affected by enemy champion heals Palum by 2 / 4 / 6 / 8% of the damages.

    Q : Gluttonous Bite -
    Palum pushes himself forward to bite anything in front of him dealing damages.

    W : Mud Swallow -
    Palum begins to devour the earth below him causing a sink in earth for a duration trapping enemy units and allies alike inside them. After finishing the swallowing, Palum slews the mud out dealing damages to enemy units around and slowing them.

    E : Empower of Swamp -
    Passively grant bonus health regeneration while in combat. Active to double it for a duration, but passive is disabled while on cooldown.

    R : Devil of the Swamp -
    Palum merges with earth causing a small bump on the surface granting him invulnerability and swims for a duration before popping out dealing massive damages. Can be reactivated to prematurely bursts out.

    Atk Pwr : [///////....]
    Def Pwr : [///////....]
    Abl Pwr : [//////////.]
    Difficulty : [//////.....]

    Hidden Passives
    If Jarvan casted his ulti on Palum, it will increase Palum's model size for the duration.
    If Nidalee's Bushthwack hits Palum, Nidalee will yells an unique dialogue regarding her battle with Palum.
    If Udyr is killed by Palum, instead of dying usually Palum will grab him and devour him while yelling out a dialogue about how Palum failed to devour Udyr in their last battle.
    (No pause, just animation on motion.)
    If Malphite's Q (Shard) hits Palum, Malphite will states an unique dialogue regarding Palum's earth affinity.

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