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    Nora, The lights assassin


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    Nora, The lights assassin

    Post by TheMadHatter on Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:39 pm

    Nora, The Light Assasin


    Professor Stanwick Pididly was in his labratories one day, experimenting with different chemicals to create the perfect fighter. He thought he had finally created her until the Demacians invaded his lab and started throwing everything arround. All the sudden his creation came to life when a neon light exploded and fell on top of it.

    When the sheet covering the form fell, a young girl that was pieced together from different people was reveled. She snapped her head up and started attacking the demacians who were trying to hurt her maker. The demacians had fled seeing this girl taking down men three times her size.

    Seeing is creation come to life and defend him, he sought out a tutor for the young girl. Talon was that tutor. She learned quickly how to get in and out of situations, but she found out that she could mark her enemies with a small amount of neon. Talon slowly started to pick up that this was no ordanary girl and urged her to join the League of Legends to find the Demacians that attacked her maker.


    When Picked- “Hm, I want to be....Green”

    "Im going to light you up...With poison."
    "Oh did that hurt Im sorry"

    "Pst. I can see you...Oh I lost you."

    "Oh thats new!"
    "Oh trees, and bushes"
    "Oh was that a red buff?"
    "Colors everywhere"

    Death (her) – “OWWIE!!!!”

    Q-"Oh pritty colors"
    W-"Ha HA Missed me"
    E-"Poke poke"


    Weapon- "Wind and Fire Blades"


    Health-440 (+85)
    Health Regen- 7.25 (+.75)
    Mana-260 (+50)
    Mana Regen- 6.25 (+.75)
    Range- 125
    AD-65 (+3)
    Attack speed-.6 (+2.8%)
    Movement Speed-325
    Amour-17 (+4)
    Magic Resist-30 (+2)


    Assasin, Melee

    Recommended Items:
    Wriggles Lantern
    Berserker Greaves
    Blood Thurster
    Hextech Gunblade
    Infinity Edge
    Black Cleaver


    Passive- "The Mark of Nora"
    Every third ability cast she gets a mark to use on the fourth ability. When the fourth ability is casted targeted enemy will be visible to all allies for 5 Seconds.

    Q ability- "A Light?"
    [40/45/50/55/60 mana]
    Her Blades light up with a red hue and she gains [.5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3] Attack speed and every third use her hue bursts and deals [80/85/90/95/100](+.2AD) True Damage.
    Cooldown- [5/9/13/17/21]

    W Ability- "Missed me."
    [40 Mana]
    She dashes into an enemy with in 750 range and deals [75/90/105/130/145](+.6AD) physical damage and when used on a minion she gain bonus movement speed[30%](if this procs "The Mark of Nora" she gains 50%)

    E Ability- "Blade Toss"
    [60/65/70/75/80 mana]
    She throws her blades in a single line dealing [75/125/175/225/275](+.5AD) Physical Damage to all enemies in 600 Range.

    R Ability- "Poof your gone"
    [90/120/150 mana]
    She throws (500 Range) a small bottle containing the most highly concentrated for of neon and it turns into a gas the is 1000 diameter range and deals [200/275/350](+.5AP) Magic damage and shows no map vision for 3.5 seconds.

    How to build (abilities)

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