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    Heliotrope, The Undying Balwark

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    Heliotrope, The Undying Balwark

    Post by Flames of Terror on Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:25 am

    Heliotrope, The Undying Balwark





    When the harmony of the Monolith was disturbed the song of the earth was left with a missing piece. Something powerful had disturbed the peace and balance of the world. So, was the birth of Heliotrope, and his duty to return what had been lost. He wandered far from the harmony of the Monolith seeking his purpose, but no no avail. When he was called back to the song of his people he felt the pull of summoner's magic. Feeling that his mission and purpose could be completed. He rushed to the source of the dimensional rift. Another of his kind was being taken within it. Heliotrope pulled his being apart, and flung himself on them. Recreating his arms, he pushed the other from the grasp of the rift, but he felt the tug of the magic on himself.

    He fell into a heap of rocks and stone. Unable to recombine his form he lay there slowly fading away. Suddenly he was alive again, and he looked around to see he form floating in a nexus of magical power. He looked to see Malphite standing before him. The knowledge of his success blinded him to the gravity of his position, and he took a step forward to almost fell apart. Malphite explained that the summoner's were keeping his body together using summoning magics, and that to keep it that way he would have to participate in there battles for order in Runaterra.


    Blood for Blood: For every X damage dealt in 4 seconds to Heliotrope (5% of max health as X) he gains 2/3/4/5% damage (abilities and attacks) for 4 seconds. Stacking 10 times, and is refreshed every time a new stack is acquired. In addition all attacks made against Heliotrope reveal the attacker for 3/4/5/6 seconds refreshing on each hit made. (1/6/12/18)

    1st Ability: [ 10/9/8/7/6 CD || 600 Range ]

    Returning Grasp: Heliotrope extends the shards that make up his arms forwards to target location, and then pulls himself there. All enemy champions in the path are pulled with him, and are dealt 80/90/100/110/120 (+75% armor) physical damage.

    Rage(100): Heliotrope pulls a section of the ground with him as he travels. Creating a wave of earth and rock. That pulls enemies in an 80 degree (300 Range) cone inward upon reaching target location. The wave deals the damage from above to all it hits. A 2 second shield is created upon resolution of the ability for 3% of max health (+1% per 50 MR).

    Damage Note: At Ability level 5, with 200 armor the max output of this ability is 588 physical damage (at level 18 with full stacks of passive).

    2nd Ability: [ 15/14/13/12/11 CD || 650 Range ]

    Falling Punisher: Heliotrope pulls apart his body and jumps to a targeted location pulling enemies and allies alike with him. Enemies take 90/110/130/150/170(+80% MR) physical damage upon impact. Allies take 5/7/9/11/13% damage reduction for 2 seconds.

    Rage(100): Creates a shockwave of identical damage in a 200 radius aoe around the landing location instead. The area becomes covered in pieces of Heliotrope, and slows enemies by 35% while giving allies (Not himself) 5/10/15/20/25 armor and magic resist for 3 seconds.
    Damage Note: At ability level 5, with 200 Magic resist, the max output of this ability is 735 (at level 18 with full stacks of passive).

    3rd Ability:[ 15/14/13/12/11 second CD ]

    Arranged Body: Heliotrope's body can be re-arranged at will, and grants 5/10/15/20/25 armor passively. If activated the armor bonus is doubled for 5/6/7/8/9 seconds. The passive armor is remove while it is on CD. CD doesn't start until after the activation ends.

    Rage(100): Grants 10% damage return passively, and doubles both return and armor when activated.

    Re-occurring Wrath: If Heliotrope dies he is reborn for 3/4/5 seconds, and is invulnerable. If he kills a champion he is brought back to life with 10% of their max health. Fury occurs normally, but stacks of Blood for Blood are locked in. This can only occur once every 5 minutes.

    Rage(100): Heliotrope can return if he assists for a kill. Same amount of time to acquire one.


    Activation of any ability consumes all fury, and fury is generated by basic attacks and by being hit by basic attacks. Also on the Rage version of Falling Punisher affects minions otherwise Returning Grasp does not. Rage(100) means full fury is reached. Also, being invulnerable doesn't mean he can't be targeted or affected by cc.


    Range: Melee
    Primary Role: Tank
    Secondary Role: Support
    Tertiary Role: Unknown
    Theme: Earth / Rock


    Base Stats:

    Attack Damage: 62 + 2.3 per level
    Ability Power: 0
    Attack Speed: .64 + 2.04% per level
    Move Speed: 300
    Armor: 21 + 4 per level
    Magic Resist: 30 + 1 per level

    Health: 540 + 43 per level
    Health Regen: 5 + 1.2 per level


    Creator Notes:

    I found myself wondering about the world of Malphite for a while, and decided to immerse myself in it's lore. To try and understand the concept of him. While doing so I began to wonder about the closeness of the creatures, and about how they would react to one of their own being taken. I decided that I would attempt to create a solution to the problem by making Heliotrope.
    The name is a special kind of quarts that is often called the bloodstone, which is the birthstone for March. There were many different ways I could have used the name, and theme to which it applies. Yet, I decided to create a champion who wasn't a pusher or fighter, but a tank with the ability to return to life. Now I'm still torn between whether or not a kill will be rewarded upon the first death or the end of his resurrection, but that is a matter for future comments.
    Upon thinking of his abilities I created a fairly interesting lore as well. A reason for his abilities, and a reason for him to remain faithful to the summoners. Being a true tank I scaled his powers off both armor and magic resist. In the hopes that it would keep his output decent while allowing him to be that truly needed tank without having to sacrifice an item for Ability power or Attack damage. Of course comments and suggestions will have an effect on this champion, so I will await them all.

    Please don't troll, and give actual thoughts and opinions to help make this champion concept as solid as rock.


    Also, if you make a review please post any concepts you have made, and I will review them as well.

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