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    Yara, Chains of Memory

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    Yara, Chains of Memory

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    Yara, The Chains of Memory



    Rumors of a strange fog that came to the villages north of Piltover were discarded as fairy tails by the rulers of the City-State. Until those fairy tails fell upon the City of Piltover itself. A rolling fog wreathed itself around the walls of the City, and didn't move even when the sun rose high in the sky. Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover, was called home to investigate the problem after it claimed the lives of two regiments of soldiers. Caitlyn brought a small group of Summoners with her to help. The Institute of War was curious about this strange fog themselves, especially recalling the case of Nocturne. They decided to air on the side of caution when approaching this anomaly. After a few days within the dense fog the party returned with a strange entity bound to them.

    It appeared to have shadows for clothes, but had definitive human features. It's body appeared small and weak, but was bound by large, thick chains crisscrossing her, subtle, female form. The eyes held the most peculiar attraction to the people of Piltover. They didn't reflect like eyes normally did. Instead they showed painful memories of anyone who looked into them. Caitlyn returned to the League, and as they entered into the courtyard of the League Yara seemed to change. So did another who was waiting within the courtyard, Cho'gath. As the High Council stood to deliver their decisions to the League. Cho'gath requested that the Summoner's use their magic to return her to her world. The Council then turned to Yara, and asked her if she would join the League. Her face turned towards Cho'gath and nodded. When they asked her why her answer was short and simple.

    "I've come to collect." - Yara, The Chains of Memory



    Sealed Chains:

    Yara's powers are contained by the chains around her. Causing her to be less effective outside of combat, and making her stronger the longer she remains in combat.

    Yara enters the game with 5 stacks of Chained. Each stack reduces her ability damage by 1/2/3%. A stack is removed every second she is in combat, and they all return if she leaves combat after 3 seconds (Similar to Grave's Passive in method). Using abilities reduces the number of stacks by 2, and if they hit an enemy champion another 2 (Total of 4). After the last stack of Chained is removed she starts to gain Unleashed, up to 5 stacks, in the same manner that she lost Chained stacks. Each stack of Unleashed grants 1/2/3% increased ability damage.

    Upon reaching 5 stacks of Unleashed all abilities gain bonuses.

    1st Ability (Q)

    Presence of Anguish

    Aura AOE: 500 units
    Range: 700 units
    Chain Length: 800 units max
    Cooldown: 5 (0) seconds
    Cost: 40 (+15) mana

    Yara is a manifestation of a nightmare of anguish and suffering causing those around her to take additional magic damage when hit by her auto-attacks. Actively throws out chains to up to 5 enemies in range dealing magic damage, and ending the aura effect while on cooldown. Deals magic damage with chains if you have 5 stacks of Unleashed.

    (Aura): All enemies within the effect will take an additional 10/15/20/25/30 (+15% AP) magic damage on auto-attack.The aura effect ends while on cooldown.

    (Active): This ability can only be activated if there are enemies in range (visible). It sends out up to 5 chains (Priorities Champions) dealing 40/80/100/140/180 (+35% Bonus AD) physical damage. The chains remain for 3 seconds. If targets are already effected by chains they take magic damage instead.

    Bonus: Slows all effected by 20%.
    Notes: None.

    2nd Ability (W)

    Dream Harvest

    Range: 650 units
    Cooldown: 14 (-1) seconds
    Cost: 50 (+20) mana

    Yara enters a shadow state and moves to her target dealing a portion of their health as magic damage, and fearing them if they are chained to her. Additionally reduces CC duration, and fears for 1 second without needing to be chained to her. If she has full stacks of Unleashed.

    Yara moves to target dealing 4/8/10/12/15% (+1% per 75 AP) of the target's max health as magic damage, and fearing for .5 seconds if chained.

    Bonus: Reduces CC effects by 20% (Not Tenacity) for 3 seconds after, and fears target for 1 second, doesn't need to be chained.

    Notes: None

    3rd Ability (E)

    Nightmarish Impulse

    Range: 650 units
    Cone Degree: up to 360
    Chain Knockback: 200 units
    Chain Length: 800 units max
    Cooldown: 18 (-1) seconds
    Cost: 80 (+10) mana

    Yara lashes target area with a chain dealing physical damage, and knocking them back in the direction of the moving chain. If they hit terrain they take additional magic damage, and have their armor reduced by a small amount. If enemies are chained to Yara they are pulled to her instead. Increases the knock back effect if you have 5 stacks of Unleashed.

    Yara swings a chain in a cone (Click drag around to create custom degree of hit) dealing 50/100/150/200/250 (+40% Bonus AD) physical damage, knocking enemies in the direction of the chain (Moves once), and chaining them to Yara. If a target impacts terrain they take 20/30/40/50/60 (+20% AP) magic damage, and have their armor reduced by 15. Enemies effected by chains are pulled to Yara instead.

    Bonus: Increases knockback by 150 units.

    Notes: Pulling targets brings them the same distance of the knockback. This can be used in conjunction with Jarvan's Ult for increased effect. All chains on enemies last 3 seconds.

    4th Ability (R - Ultimate)

    Unbound Memories

    Attack Range Increase: 250 units
    Chain Range: 800 units
    Cooldown: 100 (-10) seconds
    Cost: 120 (+20) mana

    Yara unlocks the heaviest chains from herself using the nightmares in her opponent's minds. Granting her ranged attacks, chaining un-chained enemies to her dealing physical damage, and surging magical energy to enemies already chained dealing magical damage instead. Additionally it reduces damage taken from chained enemies at 5 stacks of Unleashed.

    Yara gives herself 250 bonus attack range, and removes Chained stacks for 7/8/9 seconds. Upon activation applies chains to all enemy champions within range, and deals 100/150/200 (+100% Total AD) physical damage. If enemy champions within range already have chains it deals 150/200/250 (+60% AP) magic damage to them instead.

    Bonus: Passive: Decreases damage taken by Yara from chained enemies by 20%.

    Notes: Removing Chained stacks means that she will only gain Unleashed stacks while in combat (Still max of 5).


    Base Stats:

    Attack Range: 150 (Melee)

    Attack Damage: 50 (+ 2.75 per level || 100 at level 18)
    Ability Power: 0 ( +0 per level)
    Attack Speed: .664 (+ .024 per level || 1.1 at level 18)
    Movement Speed: 310
    Armor: 20 (+2.3 per level || 39.1 at level 18)
    Magic Resist: 30

    Health: 460 (+70 per level || 1720 at level 18)
    Mana: 300 (+60 per level || 1380 at level 18)
    Health Regen: 5 per 5 (+ 1 per level || 22 per 5 at level 18)
    Mana Regen: 5 per 5 (+ .6 per level || 15.2 per 5 at level 18)


    Creator's Notes:


    Yara came to mind when writing "Chains of Nightmares". A collection of short stories about children, teens, and adults that are put in a coma due to varying circumstances. The Dream Collector is the main character who is a guardian angel of sorts. Who protects them from their own fears and nightmares while they sleep. Yara is a nightmare given physical form who fights the Collector in Story 4. She is the embodiment of an old women's feelings of betrayal and lost time. The Collector manages to bind her using his powers, and she is forced to help him fight others like her. The chains she wears are the memories of those she kills. The theme behind her is chains and the Seal effect.

    Phase 1:

    After much reasoning I decided to completely change the way Yara would be played in the game. Her style now more accuratelly displays her design. Dealing with the fact that she is a Nightmare her abilities should reflect this trait. Therefore, I made major modifications to her abilities and core to allow her to play more to the style that I intended, Bruiser. Her ability to gain permanent health gives her an innate tankiness that I feel suits her background. Also giving her a innate reduction to her output gives her a better feel of a bound being. I am still holding true to the above, the idea of the Collector and his stories, but I decided that her abilities in the stories are far too powerful to be practical for a balanced champion of the league. In conclusion, Yara has entered the Phase 1 re-work.

    Phase 2:

    After a few well written reviews I feel confident about moving this champion into Phase 2. Her design hasn't changed as much as before, but still has some unique methods of skill required to play her. I hope everyone will enjoy this incarnation as much as I have.

    Please leave comments, questions and reviews. Thank you.

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