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    Post by Icraig33 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:54 am

    Since I want this to be a happy community, Imma have to set some ground rules for people to follow. This post will be updated often to account for unchecked problems. Breaking most of these rules will get you a warning at first, followed by a ban after repeated offenses. These bans will get longer and longer the more times you break the rules, eventually resulting in a permanent ban. There are exceptions to this rule that will get you banned right off the bat.

    1. Sexual content is absolutely prohibited. Seriously guys, there are like a million other places on the internet you can go to if you are looking for that. This is not where you should be looking. Posting this kind of content will result in an immediate ban.

    2. No racial slurs/No racist Comments. We aren't in the 18th century anymore guys. This honestly shouldn't even need to be mentioned, but I have a feeling the topic will come up at some point in this forum's lifespan.

    3. No cussing. This one isn't too bad, but It could potentially turn into a problem later on if it persists. I want this place to be a respectful community, and one cannot get respect if he swears like a sailor.

    4. Be respectful to each other. You can't have a good community if everyone is at each other's throats all the time. For example, take all feedback you get into consideration, because (in all honesty) every concept will get criticism at one point or another. Be respectful and take in what they're saying instead of raging at them because they are criticizing you. after all, the harsher reviews are usually more accurate in my experience. At the same time, be respectful when you post feedback as well. Most people tend to respond better to a review that politely states flaws as opposed to a review that just disses the concept the whole way through.

    5A. No spam-bumping/advertising. Trust me, your concept is not going to get anymore good attention if you spam-bump it to hell and back than it would if you bumped it in moderation. I understand the necessity to keep concepts alive through this fashion (I do it too), just don't overdo it. Also, We all know that guy that just advertises their concepts everywhere without doing anything in return. Please don't be that guy.

    5B. No spam-posting concepts. I'd rather see a small pool of concepts with a lot of time and effort put into them over a billion concepts with no time/effort put into them. Plus, it clutters up the place.

    6. Please post in the appropriate forums. No one wants to see a post about your 9-month old puppy in the review forum. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure your puppy is very adorable, it's just better suited for the off-topic forum.

    7. No plagiarism. This is a pretty big deal. Ripping off other people's concepts and disguising it as your own is a big no-no

    8. Don't make a champion index for your creations. I understand the utility of having something like this on the LoL forums, but around here, it just takes up needless space. Everyone innately has a champion index listed in their profiles under "Champion Index" for them to use, so there is no need to make a thread about it.

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