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    Typhon, The Fallen Tower

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    Typhon, The Fallen Tower Empty Typhon, The Fallen Tower

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    Typhon, The Fallen Tower


    Gender: Male
    Race: Imprisoned God [Humanoid]
    Origin: Vinvidi
    Alliance: Chaotic-Evil
    Class: Mage
    Subclass: Anti-AD Carry
    Weapon: Magic/Self
    Attack Type: Ranged
    Energy Source: Modified Heat [Renekton's Half Style]

    Typhon is a moderately strong and mobile mage with the power to shut down AD carries with well timed movement, innate, and passive effects. He uses the heat generated by his abilities to liquify his body gaining increased movement and changing his abilities. Starting at 0 heat would leave you in Stone state.


    Passive (Molten Body):

    Typhon's body is in a constant state of change, and changes state depending how much heat he has unlocking new abilities, granting bonus movespeed and reduced cool downs with more heat, and increased armor, magic resist, increasing cool downs, and reducing speed with less heat.

    Heat Amount For Change: Anything below middle is in Stone state. Anything above middle is Lava state.
    Movespeed Amount: 1/1.5/2/2.5 MS per Heat Point [Lava] // .2/.3/.4/.5 MS per Missing Heat Point [Stone]
    Cool Down Amount: .3/.4/.5/.6% per Heat Point/Missing [+/-]
    Armor Amount: .3/.5/.8/1 Armor per Missing Heat Point [Stone Only]
    Magic Resist Amount: .2/.3/.4/.5 MR per Missing Heat Point [Stone Only]
    Level Up: 1/6/11/16
    Special Notes: The php wording means above or below middle. 100 heat total, so 50 on each side. Meaning that Costs and CDs will increase or decrease by the amount shown. Remember that Stone state INCREASES cd while Lave DECREASES, and works towards
    Q (Stone Slide // Lava Wave):

    Typhon lifts up the earth beneath his feet throwing rocks forward dealing small physical damage in an AoE, and slowing all affected by a small amount for a moderate time.

    Typhon sends himself forwards as a wave of magma dealing moderate magic damage and damage over time equal to a portion of their max life. Enemies affected by the burn also have their armor reduced by a small amount for the same time.

    Type: Cone // Staggered AoE
    Amount: 40/50/60/70/80 (+30% Total AD) per rock // 75/90/105/120/135 (+65% AP) on hit + 1/2/3/4/5% of their max health over 5
    Debuff Amount: 20% MS reduction for 5 [Stone] // 5/10/15/20/25 Armor [Lava]
    Number of Rocks: 2/3/4/5/6 rocks
    Range: 800 units [Stone] // 550 units [Lava]
    Degree: 80 // 60
    Cost: +10 / - 10 Heat [Stone/Lava]
    Cooldown: 20 (-1) seconds
    Target Type: Area
    Special notes: Cool down is at base numbers. Staggered Aoe means a cone with a gankplank Ulti-like effect. The stones have a chance to hit anywhere inside the cone with conditions.

    W (Earth Tear // Lava Bounce):

    Typhon rips up the earth around him allowing him to throw it at target location dealing a moderate amount of damage, and rooting. This creates a short duration impassible terrain. The longer you hold the rock the less distance it can travel, but the more Heat is generated.

    Typhon becomes lava and jumps to target location creating a pool of lava at both starting and ending locations dealing small amount of magic damage. Additional levels allow for more jumps before going on cool down.

    Type: Target AoE
    Amount: 80/95/110/125/140 (+40% Total AD) // 35/55/75/95/105 (+25% AP) per jump
    Number of Jumps: 1/1/2/2/3
    Range: 800 (-30 per second) units (min 650 units) // 400 units per Jump
    AoE: 350 units // 250 units
    Cost: +10 (+2 per second) Heat (max of 20) // -5 Heat per jump
    Cooldown: 20 (-1) seconds
    Duration of Hold: 7 seconds
    Root Duration: 1 second
    Target Type: Target AoE
    Special notes: lava pools do stack on hit, so hitting the same spot would apply the damage again.
    E (Molten Blood // Fiery Venom):

    Typhon passively burns enemies that attack him and gains heat.

    Typhon infuses magma into the target that burns them for magic damage over time. If a target is killed by this effect up to three fire serpents will spawn from their corpse, and seek out the nearest champions dealing magic damage upon contact.

    Type: Single Target
    Amount: 20/30/40/50/60 (+5% of his Max Health) // 60/70/80/90/100 (+70% AP) over 5 + 90/100/110/120/130 (+50% AP) per serpent.
    Range: Any damage // 650 units + 700 seek range (Will find stealthed)
    Cost: +5 Heat on auto-attack hit // +20 Heat
    Cooldown: 0 // 15 (-1)
    Target Type: Enemy Unit/Champion
    Special notes: Molten Blood will not proc on Summoner spells, but will on all other damage spells (overtime and flat). Serpents will spawn based on the number of champions near.
    R (Molten Star // Infernal Bond):

    Typhon cracks his own skin unleashing a massive amount of magic and magma to all those around him dealing high amounts of magic damage. All those hit by the burst burn for a percent of their max health increasing based on their attack damage. This maxes Typhon's Heat.

    Typhon channels all his dark magic and heat into a single target dealing insane magic damage. If the target is killed four sepents spawn from their corpse, and seek out the nearest enemy targets marking them with Intimidation. Enemies marked by Intimidation are sighted, and if they enter within a certain range of Typhon the mark is consumed and they are feared for a short time. This reduces Typhon's heat to 0.

    Type: Self AoE // Single Target
    Channel Duration: 1.5 seconds
    Amount: 200/300/400 (+25% AP) (+5% His Max Health) Inital damage + 4/5/6% (+1% per 100 Enemy AD) Enemies Max Health over 3 // 300/400/500 (+60% AP) (+1% damage per 2 points of Heat)
    Range: 900/1000/1100 units to target [Lava] // 1000 unit seek range [Serpents]
    AoE: 800 units [Stone]
    Cooldown: 160 (-10)
    Target Type: Self // Target
    Special notes: None
    {Base Stats}

    Base Health: 420 (+75/level)
    Heat: 100
    Base Attack Damage: 53 (+4/level)
    Base Attack Speed: .647 (+.021/level)
    Attack Range: 300
    Base Armor: 14 (+4/level)
    Magic Resistance: 30(+ 0/level)
    Movement Speed: 310



    There is a place where powerful forces of nature become embodied into living beings. In this place of living gods the denizens of the world lived in violent states of war and peace. A few groups sought to be free from these personifications, and knew a secret about them. Only one personification could be alive at a time. Knowing this and ancient rituals of binding and control the secret group known as The Tarot sought to find and suppress the most dangerous personifications that roamed their world. After centuries of work they had managed to find, and seal some of the most dangerous of the creatures. However soon they found themselves face to face with the father of all monsters in their world. He was a major project of The Tarot, and they knew that peace could truly bloom if they could manage to seal him. However, their greatest and previous successful rituals and spells proved useless against him. Finally one of their number was selected to fight him head on as the prepared a forbidden rite. Unknowing of what this rite entailed the member known as The Tower fought the personification with all his strength.

    In the end his brothers and sisters betrayed him. The rite was one that would seal the personification within a host, and bind it's powers to a more mortal plane. He realized their betrayel as the magic binding wrenched at his soul, and the chain of magic turned the black-red of Typhon's rage. Screaming as his soul was forcibly melded with that of Typhon's he swore to himself of revenge. If they had asked, he told himself, if they had asked he would have done it, so why betray him like this. The mind of Typhon whispered of blood and suffering he would bring him, and as the rite completed he was no longer The Tower of the Tarot. As his powers began to flow from his newly formed, stone-like body he felt the pull of another magic, and this one promised freedom that he knew would not await him from The Tarot. Accepting the magic's pull he fell into the world of Runaterra, and as he was told of their reason for bringing him there he could only smile to himself. A perfect place to test his power, and the perfect place to plot revenge.

    “Here I will spill false blood and seed pain. There I will slaughter those who sought to betray me. Agony eternal to those that stand in between.” Typhon, The Fallen Tower


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